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Renee Renee 2 years ago
AASL: inactive security. FINRA deleted symbol:
TenKay TenKay 6 years ago
AASL Forward Split 1000 for 1 effective March 12, 2018
Renee Renee 8 years ago
AASL: effective July 27,2016 a one for 10,000 reverse split. Last PPS is .19 at 3:42 P.M.
bb72mo bb72mo 9 years ago
MajorGainz MajorGainz 10 years ago
Very quiet around here
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
They will still trade. Thing is they will not file reports.
LouisDesyjr LouisDesyjr 10 years ago
Not sure why directors/officers keeps buying

At first I thought that something must be wrong, but I did find at
It shows a number of buys are prices higher than what it is trading at today.

Also found an 8K report where they are going to delist later this year.

If they stopped taking such a large salary, they might break even, but they are never going to be any profits for shareholders, plus it is not clear if they can ever cut expenses to the break even point.

Even Amazon (AMZN) is still not turning a profit on operations according to the latest quarterly report.

At best, I expect the company will continue on providing jobs for its employees, but it is never going to grow because there are no profits to grow with. I expect that at some point the company will just 'fade away', as the lack of profits make the company unable to replace old equipment or invest in any new equipment.

I expect that over time that something will happen where they need more capital to replace something lost or worn out, and not be able to.

Louis J. Desy Jr.

bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
Why chairman keeps buying shares if this is dead????
LouisDesyjr LouisDesyjr 10 years ago
Looks like it is dying

The company look like it is dying. Equity is negative, sales are flat and payables are starting to build up.

I would recommend that the company be closed before any more money is needlessly lost.

Louis J. Desy Jr.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
Me too. I am wiling to wait and see what happens. Looks like shares below 50 cents is very hard to get.
Big Brother Big Brother 10 years ago
Seems like pretty thorough well thought out response, not sure I agree with this 100%, because this strategy clearly hasn't been working for em', however, it's still nice to see they communicate directly with shareholder inquiries so well. I wish more OTC companies communicated this well, I've lost count how many times companies have completely ignored my calls and actually the norm anymore, I'm more surprised when I do get a response.

Since I have been following this I kind of got the impression that they are one of those companies that thinks if they keep doin' what they are doin' that the stock price will take care of itself. Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way, especially on the OTC.

Whatever the case I do like this company, just wish they would issue a PR every now an then to at least try to get the word out.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
Here is reply that I got!

Benjamin -

First off, I'd like to thank you for reaching out to Marc and myself (I know you originally were attempting to contact Mike Moore, but I replaced Mike in July of 2013) and we appreciate your interest in America's Suppliers. It is the company's philosophy to let our performance be our selling point; we believe that as we strengthen our core business and develop new concepts that take advantage of the constantly evolving world of e-commerce that our results will speak for themselves.

With that said, there are a number of ways the company goes about promoting itself to the public. For example, you've already mentioned Dollar Day's strong presence on Facebook and our President, Marc Joseph, is a regular contributor on the Huffington Post (here is a link to his most recent article). We also run several programs throughout the year that give back to the community, either directly to those in need or by partnering with any of the many non-profit organizations that we are proud to call our customers.

While none of this adds up to direct promotion of the stock, we do feel that the approach of engaging the community and focusing our efforts on driving business results will ultimately drive more permanent and meaningful value for our shareholders. We like to think that some folks are beginning to take notice given the performance of our stock over the past 6 months, and we're confident that this approach will continue to resonate as we move through 2014.

Thank you,

Jeff Dorsey
VP, Finance and Operations
DollarDays International, Inc.
480-922-8155, Ext 105
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
I will. I'll let you know how he responds.
Big Brother Big Brother 10 years ago
Maybe you should try touching base with their CEO Marc Joseph, (Marc(AT)dollardays(DOT)com) ask him why they do not communicate with shareholders or do anything to try to raise awareness for the company, if I had any shares here I would have.

Seems like they are missing a good opportunity to promote the stock itself by not at least reaching out to their FB followers.

A little communication of any kind would go a long way here I bet.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
I agree. I hope they hire pr firm and communicate better with shareholders. I can wait. Real company and growing.
Big Brother Big Brother 10 years ago
No kidding, at this rate they will prob have 250K likes on Facebook within the next 6 months, extremely popular company.........unfortunately the stock not so

Very thinly traded, large spread and no communication beyond filings, if they had a decent IR/PR firm this would be over $1 pps pretty easily IMO.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
This could have huge sales with all that attention to Dollar Days website. Huge following group on Facebook as well and keep growing.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
Where are shares? Ask @ .49.
bb72mo bb72mo 10 years ago
Really like this co.
temp luvs amy temp luvs amy 11 years ago
Nope. Only if it's a microcap with less than a few hundred million O/S and a price under $5.

How do expect to attract any reputable talent with such a small market cap?

Pay them a higher fee than the company makes in a year?
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Pretty much every decent small and mid cap, public company in America, that gives a crap about their shareholders or creating an active market for their stock, has an IR/PR firm.

For that matter even those large corporations who do not have their own in house, dedicated IR/PR personal, outsource their Investor Relations.

For example Ruder Finn in an Investor/Public relations agency who works with clients like...

Caribou Coffee
Johnson & Johnson
Kraft Foods

I guess you would be 'suspicious' of them as well??
temp luvs amy temp luvs amy 11 years ago
All they really need is an IR firm who knows how to generate awareness and investor interest through legitimate channels and/or tactics, ones that we would not consider to be too 'promotional'.

I would be suspicious of anyone in that business.

Why waste shareholder money on such nonsense?

Just sell the products and grow the company. It's not rocket science
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
All they really need is an IR firm who knows how to generate awareness and investor interest through legitimate channels and/or tactics, ones that we would not consider to be too 'promotional'.

They don't need to do promos or get pumped on penny stock newsletters but they do need to spread the word in some way, like I said even reaching out to their FB followers would be a good start.

There are clearly a LOT of folks out there who like this company and their products, especially small businesses and non-profit organizations.
temp luvs amy temp luvs amy 11 years ago
I'm with you.

So many pennies are about selling stock. This one seems to be about growing a company.

Let the earnings do the talking. You don't have to promote the stock unless you need to raise money.

The penny game is full of shills and conmen. No need to join that game.
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Yeah, I like these companies like this that are 100% real and 100% verifiable, those that operate out of an actual office and not just a mail drop, virtual office, somebodies house, etc, etc like the majority of other penny stocks out there.

Unfortunately in pennyland it's all about awareness and AASL has none and makes no effort to generate any. They have no IR firm to speak of, they release no news, hell they don't even try reaching out to their 150K Facebook followers to create awareness.

Fact is the company doesn't care about the shareholders or the stock price whatsoever. I guess they think that the share price will take care of itself as their financials improve but when no one knows about the company, no one is looking at the balance
1center 1center 11 years ago
I like it, but very little volume to be buying
anything but a smaller position, it need exposure.
I noticed the bid came up. Only watching for now.
Saw this on e-ore's board. Thanks
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Another 15K likes on FB in 1 1/2 months, now up to 142K. Too bad no one actually likes the
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Corporate Office

Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
BBB Accredited Business since 7/1/2009 with an A+ Rating
Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Company getting some grief on FB for selling this morbid Halloween product on their website. Wonder if Michael Vick is a company officer...hmm...??

Big Brother Big Brother 11 years ago
Looks like a decent company here, low o/s and float, doing around $14M in revs annually.

128K likes on FB..!

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