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Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund New

Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund New (CLM)

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Current Price
7.66 Day's Range 7.74
6.25 52 Week Range 8.84
Market Cap
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Financial Volume
$ 7,236,835
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About Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund New

Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc is a closedend management investment company. The Funds investment objective is to seek longterm capital appreciation through investment in equity securities of U.S. and nonU.S. companies. Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc is a closedend management investment company. The Funds investment objective is to seek longterm capital appreciation through investment in equity securities of U.S. and nonU.S. companies.

Unit Inv Tr, Closed-end Mgmt
Unit Inv Tr, Closed-end Mgmt
Lutherville Timonium, Maryland, USA
Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund New is listed in the Unit Inv Tr, Closed-end Mgmt sector of the American Stock Exchange with ticker CLM. The last closing price for Cornerstone Strategic Va... was $7.72. Over the last year, Cornerstone Strategic Va... shares have traded in a share price range of $ 6.25 to $ 8.84.

Cornerstone Strategic Va... currently has 220,419,299 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Cornerstone Strategic Va... is $1.70 billion. Cornerstone Strategic Va... has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 4.31.

CLM Latest News

Cornerstone Funds Announce Continuing Monthly Distributions

NEW YORK, May 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund, Inc. (NYSE American: CLM) (CUSIP: 21924B302) and Cornerstone Total Return Fund, Inc. (NYSE American: CRF) (CUSIP:...

Cornerstone Funds File Their Annual Reports

NEW YORK, March 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund, Inc. (NYSE American: CLM) (CUSIP: 21924B302) and Cornerstone Total Return Fund, Inc. (NYSE American: CRF) (CUSIP:...

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CLM Discussion

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bar1080 bar1080 7 months ago
Another year of underperformance partially due to high management fees. S&P is up about 20% for 2023. Portfolio is the usual Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon. Pretty much a closet index fund with much higher fees. At least the unwarranted premium has mostly vanished.

AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 7 months ago
Yup, and the NAV fluctuates depending on the value of the funds holdings. The funds holdings will appreciate during an interest rate cut environment. The next year or 2 will be spectacular for particular sectors of the market. The banking sector and real estate. Big board stocks. CLM will appreciate.

As long as it swings.
👍️ 1
blackcat blackcat 7 months ago
Each year's divvy is calculated on a percentage of the NAV on 10/31.
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 7 months ago
Once they start cutting interest rates this stock will start to appreciate again. Maybe even raise the divvy back to where it was.

As long as it swings I'm in.
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 7 months ago
As long as I can make a minimum 15-20% capital gain after withdrawing distributions I really don't care if you consider it gimmicky. I need CLM to get to $8/share in order to make over 20% excluding the distributions . While past performance is not indicative of future results, the market price was about the same -the 7.20s and 7.30s last December. I think $8/share is a low ball estimate. Paying attention,not gimmicks, is what is responsible for a successful trade in CLM/CRF, which both outperformed the S&P for anyone who bought at the 2022 lows and sold at the 2023 highs
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 7 months ago
How's that Boeing treating you?
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 7 months ago
Sit & Associates reduced their stake in CLM and CRF by over 40% according to the beneficial ownership report on the SEC Edgar search website
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 7 months ago
Thank you. Of course that was ideal circumstances. I had my breakeven down to the 6.50s but under a 10% premium is a buy so I've raised my avg to 6.8 and 6.90 depending on the account. I can only drip the 6.80 position at nav ..if it goes up just $1/share from 6.90 thats a 14.7% capital gain after spending the distribution-I think a target of $7.90 is an underestimate, considering the nav performance has improved. We have about the same nav as last year so Im not ruling out 8.84+.especially if the Fed officially pauses.

It can take an expensive lesson to figure out CLM or CRF but once you get the formula down,it's an easy trade.
I also don't do rights offerings because the market price can drop below the RO price. It's a low maintenance,easy trade. The speculation starts on whether the premium is going to 25% or 50%. Next year, I'm taking profits off the table when I feel that it's topped out..I was caught off guard this year
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 8 months ago
Easiest trade on the planet premium maxed at 25% to 26% this year but look at how that nav is coming back. CLM was pounded in 2022 and now it looks like they're trying to recover the nav organically with a smaller premium.
Market price up,premium still below 10%.

While I dislike the fact that I belive market manipulation combined with market conditions led to the recent flush to the 6 range, it was a buying opportunity of a lifetime

The nav is in the same range as throughout the last quarter of 2022 and throughout 2023.

Interesting to note the smaller.CRF has a higher premium. For all we know know,we may be entering an era of smaller premiums,but with less coming out of the same nav, better nav performance with less c each month next year makes CLM sound bullish to me
From a nav of 6.09 to 6.65 in a month(6.77 without 0.1228 removed)-thats an 11% increase in nav after you've calculated the distribution with a premium under 10%.

Someone knew the price was going down-why else would one of the principals of the the firm sell near the top right before the premium evaporated? Sit &Associates reduced their stake by over 40% in CLM and CRF is you review the beneficial ownership reports on 2/7/23 vs 10/26/23
Quite frankly,I don't care if there is manipulation-as long I can still make money from it-when the premium to nav gets to 25%-26%,time to take some off the table even if it means missing thr top,in my opinion.
Without a rights offering this year,CLM is actually covering its distribution. When the nav was eroding and the premium expanding to 50 to 80%+,everyone was buying. Now the nav performance from 2022 to 2023 has improved and you have less people buying.
ChuckD-MSB ChuckD-MSB 8 months ago
I trade CLM pretty much your way as well. It's not hard once you understand how it works.
👍️ 1
monte379 monte379 8 months ago
Great post
👍️ 1
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 8 months ago
Anyone who purchased CLM at 7/share in Dec 2022 and sold at 8.84/share made a 26% capital gain with a perfect 21% yield on cost or a total return of 34%
That was an outperformance of SPY in 2023.

It doesn't matter if the price is higher or lower every year, it's about paying attention to the premium to nav.
When the premium to nav is 10% or less,CLM/CRF are buying opportunities
When the premium to nav is 30%+,its time to to exit most or all of one's position. This may mean giving up the top at a 35 to 60% premium,but that's all of the speculation needed in the easiest,brainless trade in cef land.
Cornerstone takes speculation out of the market.The guesswork is determining how high the premium will expand after it hits 30%.
Obviously, this statement only applies to those who understand how CLM behaves.

Recently,anyone who sold at a 30% premium to nav at 8.84/share and bought back near the nav at 6.25/share increased his or her share count by 41% and locked in a 20.8% yield on cost after the distribution cut for 2024.

My average price is 6.77,which is not the bottom,but close enough,locking in a 19% yield on cost for 2024. If CLM just hits a top of 7.80/share in 2024,that's a 15% capital gain excluding distributions. A top at $7.80 would be 11.8% less than the top in 2023,in line with the 11.6 % distribution cut,just like the 2023 $8.84 top was 37% less than the $14 top in 2022,in line with the 2022 40% distribution cut.

I don't want you to misunderstand me, I can make 20% -25%in about a week trading TQQQ,
I would only only put my entire portfolio in UPRO/SPXL and TQQQ under the most oversold conditions. However,it should be noted that a 51% cash 25% SPXL 7% TQQQ 17%(insert investment of choice) has the same effect as being fully invested in SPY, with a beta close to 1 with the S&P.

CLM is only a lousy investment for an investor that thinks he or she can buy and hold it forever. There is a formula. Buy when premium is 10% or less,sell when premium is 30%+,reinvest every distribution at the nav(or market price,whichever is lower). Rinse and repeat
Also,paying attention to insider and institutional transactions is helpful in determining when to enter and exit.
Whether there is a distribution cut or increase,you can lock in a nearly 19 to 21% yield if you trade it.

High yielders must be traded. They are not buy and holds. Also,this is a managed distribution,not a dividend. I'm not sure why people call it that when it's right in the prospectus that it should not be confused with yield,fund performance,or income.

It requires very low margin maintenance and as previously mentioned,less speculation than most investments.

I have a feeling market manipulation will get CLM down to a perfect 21%forward yield in December 2023. At that time,I'm ready to buy in further bulk. I margin CLM in one account and typically get excellent results as the distributions reduce the leverage on a monthly basis.
Aside from margin interest,unless distributions include capital gains,the large ROC distributions are tax friendly.
One could easily say SPY was a terrible investment if he or she bought at the 2021 top. I hate to admit this,but yes-pricing and timing matter .

I trade mainly leveraged etns and 3x leveraged index funds. It's nice to have a simple 15 to 25% capital gain dummy trade that requires little brainwork to generate cash flow. Once you recognize CLM for what it is; once you understand it's an asset that requires trading acumen, it can easily outperform SPY,like it did for anyone who bought at 7/share in 2022 or anyone who purchased for under 7/share during the 2022 rights offering or recently when market manipulation evaporated the premium significantly. I don't think it was a mere coincidence that one of the principals of the firm sold 40k shares at 8.72 or the premium reduced significantly when Sit&Associates reduced their stake by over 40%.

I don't do rights offerings but I've certainly learned how to "game" CLM. Having said that, I would say it is not a stock for a retired elderly person unless he or she understands technical analysis and understands the Cornerstone formula and pays attention to the expansion and contraction of the premium to nav. CLM can make or break you At one point my average price was the low of 6.25, but I purchased additional shares at a 10% premium because I know a 10% premium is still a buying opportunity in CLM. With a 15% allocation in an account that is levered up,using about 27% of total equity for a number of trades,that represents a very small overall percentage of my portfolio,which consists of 2 accounts.
Having said that, for the individual with trading acumen,you can have your cake and eat it,too with CLM. Everyone knows CLM overdistributes.
There are much worse investment products out there now generating 50 to 77% yields in which ignorant people are putting their social security in these so-called investments and paying taxes on distributions(options premiums) as their principal continues to erode 40%+

Despite the fact that I've warned a number of people about Yieldmax and KLIP and nav erosion-and the difficulty of turning a synthetic covered call strategy into a share price, the "dividend/income strategy" has become a cult-like following. If I wanted to withdraw from my principal and see it erode over time,I certainly wouldn't want to pay taxes on the withdrawals

Overall, I am a swing trader-when a stock has topped out, it's time to cut loose-dividend or no dividend/distribution.

There is now a generation of people who now think that a 20% yield is too small if he/she wants to retire. I recently chatted with an individual who said they couldn't retire with a 20% yield. I told the individual he may want to reconsider his retirement plan. The general rule of thumb, if it's too good to be true, it usually implodes or is too good to be true.

CLM and CRF are quite docile compared to these riskier "synthetic covered call etfs" in which the fund manager has no intention of taking assignment of the stock on an atm short put position but rather uses a strategy of constantly taking losses until TSLA(insert growth stock here) turns bullish. When I criticized the Yieldmax strategy on a forum, I was told Yieldmax was for a "different" type of investor. Apparently,people don't mind being down 40%+ as long as they get their "dividend" (even though it's an options premium)

Stocks are not bonds yet I find people tell me they didn't buy this or that for capital appreciation but for the "dividend"

Personally, I dislike tumbling 40k in 3 weeks over a much smaller monthly distribution,but to each their own.
Having said that CLM/CRF are not for everyone. I use them as tools to reduce leverage as part of a greater,much more complex strategy. Simply put, as distributions pay down my margin balance, I get to retain more margined stock.
The_Free_Nebula The_Free_Nebula 11 months ago
That form N-PX shows a lot of folks being fed. WOW -
The_Free_Nebula The_Free_Nebula 11 months ago
Wow...Some news will has to be pending...what a dip
bar1080 bar1080 11 months ago
CRF falling too. News???

monte379 monte379 11 months ago
What the heck happened the pst few days? Wow.
bar1080 bar1080 1 year ago
So you're thrilled getting your own money paid back to you?

I see a stock falling continually on this chart

ChuckD-MSB ChuckD-MSB 1 year ago
4:56 0oYE
al 59%5
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
200.0 Shares at $7.13/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$131.24 (+9.20%)
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
700.0 Shares at $7.13/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$459.37 (+9.20%)
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
100.0 Shares at $7.14/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$65.12 (-+9.12%)
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
498.0 Shares at $7.13/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$329.28 (+9.28%)
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
500.0 Shares at $7.17/Share
Jnrealized Gain/Loss: +$308.10 (+8.59%)
ACQUIRED 06/15/2022
2.0 Shares at $7.18/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$1.22 (+8.50%)
ACQUIRED 06/28/2022
1000.0 Shares at $7.56/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$231.26 (+3.06%)
ACQUIRED 07/29/2022
69.449 Shares at $7.01/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$54.26 (+11.15%)
y y 8
" 59% &
ACQURED 07129/202Z
Unreatizea gain/ loss: #$54.20 (F11. 15%%)
ACQUIRED 08/31/2022
70.786 Shares at $7.20/Share
Jnrealized Gain/Loss: +$41.83 (+8.21%)
ACQUIRED 09/30/2022
81.808 Shares at $6.46/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$108.86 (+20.60%)
ACQUIRED 10/31/2022
82.281 Shares at $6.76/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$84.78 (+15.24%)
ACQUIRED 11/30/2022
84.62 Shares at $6.90/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$75.33 (+12.90%)
ACQUIRED 12/30/2022
94.41 Shares at $6.49/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$122.73 (+20.03%)
ACQUIRED 01/31/2023
62.447 Shares at $6.85/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$58.70 (+13.72%)
ACQUIRED 02/28/2023
66.173 Shares at $6.58/Share
Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$80.07 (+18.39%)
I have about the same amount of shares in another account as well. Also will be getting
more DRIP shares next week
ChuckD-MSB ChuckD-MSB 1 year ago
CLM has done ok by me since June. It's less than 2% of my portfolio but I have no complaints.
I need to figure out how to post screenshots from my account
leftovers leftovers 1 year ago
You going buy the dip?

Just think how much better your dividend percentage will be increased by buying these cheap shares!
bar1080 bar1080 1 year ago
CLM off 47% for 12 months. Yikes!!!!!
bar1080 bar1080 1 year ago
The gimmicky Cornerstone funds have gone to hell. Glad I don't own CLM or CRF.
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 1 year ago
While I am not in a position to give financial advice, I would say one does not buy these funds to spend the distributions as dividends. You buy them to participate in the discounted share dividend reinvestment program. In contrast to most cefs, CLM and CRF only work out to the investor's favor by taking advantage of the discrepancy between the premium and the nav. The longer you reinvest the distributions at the net asset value, the lower your breakeven gets. However, because of one painful all in "risk on" trade I did in September, my portfolio dropped 30% by Oct 20.

Due to lack of significant movement,I reduced my position significantly in CLM and CRF and reallocated 95% of my remaining capital to obliterated leveraged sovereign and corporate emerging market closed end bond funds like EDF,EDI,TEI,FCO,CHW,MSD, mreits, floating rate bdcs, generating 15% up to 59% returns(excluding distributions/dividends) on various positions, plus focusing on floating rate CLO debt and equity, (ECC,OXLC,XFLT,)developed world bond funds, leveraged MLP etns, leveraged etns by Etracs-UBS-that track the Solactive index like SMHB, HDLB, commodity related etns that track the performance of writing covered calls on the USO index like USOI, covered calls on silver and gold futures like SLVO and GLDI by Credit Suisse. 400 pages of trading history later, I was able to recuperate 20% of a 30% loss by January 20, excluding withdrawals. From down 30% Oct 20 to down 10% Jan 20. What would typically take 5 years or more to recover,I was able to do within 3 months. The emerging and developed market bond.funds,mreits, CLO
-related assets have topped out in my opinion, after giving back 2% of reculerated losses thus far in mid February There are, in my opinion, buying opportunities in gold and silver, so Ive cost averaged down on those positions and reallocated 13% of portfolio to CLM as a potential very short term trade,depending on whether or not an N-2 is filed with the SEC within the next 2 weeks.

While I have given back 2% of recuperated losses this February, now down 12% as of today, this excludes withdrawals. When factoring in total return, cash withdrawals from dividends/distributions, I am actually only down 9.4%. Who cares if CLM is gimmicky if you know how to game these funds? It makes a huge difference when you kow what you are investing in.
It took a 25% capital gain on the Oct 20 balance to recuperate 20% of losses within 3 months.
I am not some dumb naive investor that confuses CLM payout with income. I sit on my butt trading the stock market for a living. The fact that it took under 4 months to recuperate most of my losses should give you a good idea that you're not dealing with some naive idiot,falling for a gimmick. I managed to recuperate roughly 2/3rds of losses before a bull market is even remotely likely in the near future. I know what CLM and CRF are and how to trade them. They offer a managed payout policy that should not be confused with portfolio performance, yield or income. The Cornerstone funds are pure premium plays and of Brad Matthews, one of the principals of Cornerstone Advisors considers 8.15/share a buying opportunity,so do I. Let's not forget Sit & Associates just purchased 18 million shares in December. I don't need to buy an index fund. I have no problem doing my research and most importantly monitoring trading ranges. I also maintain a portfolio yield of 14-20%. When it drops under 14%,I rebalance.

My ultimate goal is to recuperate the remaining losses in my portfolio within the next 3 months,including any cash withdrawals. This way returns are magnified when the bull market emerges again
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 2 years ago
I bought some when the premium to nav was around 13%. Thank God for dripping at nav. Payout more like .14/share than .1225 with special drip at nav. program. I wont buy much more until I find out whether CLM and CRF file N-2s with the SEC on Feb 18 like they do almost every year. If they file Feb 18, that means CLM and CRF will do a rights offering in April. Thats the way you trade these funds. You either need to participate in or buy during or after the rights offering, drip every distribution at the net asset value and sell as soon the N-2 is filed. That is how you make money in this fund,year after year. All you have to do is Google N-2 filings with the SEC and a website called the edgar search comes up and you type in the ticker symbol CLM or CRF and select the filing type N-2 and if CLM or CRF are on there,its time to get out before it announces a rights offering . A 6 to 9 month annual trade for me. The only funds you can be up 15% with the market price right around the same price you got in at 6 months ago. If you dont trade CLM and CRF this way as well as participate in their special dividend reinvesment program, your return on the trade this year would be negative. Its is a rotational trade and taking advantage of the discrepancy between the premium and using the distribution to buy shares at the nav have been a 100% guaranteed win for me..every time. Returns are not nearly as good as last year but certainly better than any other fund during this bear market. Who else can honestly say theyre up 15% besides those of who know how to game these funds
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
LOL, I only have the bluest blue chips, preferably those with a long history of maintaining and perhaps increasing dividends. Such stocks have far outperformed in 2022. Cornerstone funds are gimmicky rubbish.
leftovers leftovers 2 years ago
You buying ?
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
Jeesh, CLM off 29.7% YTD while its payout plummets!
leftovers leftovers 2 years ago
Cornerstone Total Return Fund (NYSE:CRF) declared $0.1173/share monthly dividend, -32.4% decrease from prior dividend of $0.1734.

Payable Jan. 31; for shareholders of record Jan. 17; ex-div Jan. 13.

Payable Feb. 28; for shareholders of record Feb. 15; ex-div Feb. 14.

Payable Mar. 31; for shareholders of record Mar. 15; ex-div Mar. 14.
HCDenny HCDenny 2 years ago
Divis. next year really drop.
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
It would be helpful if you re-cast that cumbersome post using proper grammar, spelling, paragraphing and sentence structure so it can be understood easily.

New IHUB members should note this board has a generally excellent spell checker to catch errors such as "we will most mukely see it hit its peqk for the year."

Welcome to IHUB.
Michael301981virgo Michael301981virgo 2 years ago
It amazes me how these so called "sophisticated investors" call clm and crf a "gimmick" and how many ignorant people there are on how to trade this fund and make 20-80% every year on it..regardless of nav for the past 5 years it has traded from the mid 7 to the 14/share+ range 4 star rating by morningstar ...My best performing asset so I converted my entire portfolio to clm and crf. The way you trade these funds is to reinvest the distribtions at the net asset value which is usually 20-30% below market price. The chances of this fund ever trading to a discount to its nav again has been reduced by 99%. The nav is now lower then when it crashed below $6/share during the covid crash..The erosion of the nav actually helps your investment by constabtly reinvesting those distributions at a lower price...I do expect a reverse split..however...if you keep reinvesting those distributions at nav and then sell before the rights offering or shall I say between Feb18 and March 1 of every year for the past 5 with the exception of the covid crash your returns are phénoménal and the fund behaves very predictably. Regardless of nav, marke price/sharenstays in a steady range and anyone who sold before the rights offering in June last year and bought back after did quite well and is still in the green. When you reinvest the distributions at nav you get a boost to your dividend in dripped shares and if you want to the dripped shares as income you then turn around and sell equivalent number of shares for an immédiate profit. The nav is now 6.51 and the market price 7.91. For every thousand shares you get thats about 17.49 dripped shares based on current nav..the special dividend reinvestment program makes the likely .1139/share monthly distribution more like 0.13/share at current market $10 share you are looking at .17/distribution based on current nav..I doubt the accuracy thenn post split chart on this site but justvin case its correct, it traded in today's equivalent range of $5 to $14/share since inceptipn so a 9/share profit isnt good enough? You have to drip the shares at nav...I have already calculated that if the nav goes up to 7.8 but the market price stays the same by next March I will recuperate at least 10k of losses..even though I bought clm from 8.80 to 10.65/share..after 6 months of dripping at nav I only need the market price to get to 9.90 to make back the 47k i lost from other etfs ,etns and cefs. By the time you have doubled the number of shares you own just by dripping at nav and trading around the RO the value of your position would be up 100% and your breakeven reduced by 50% at todays low market prices. Get a calculator out naysayers who bash this fund but have no experince with it.CLM and CRF holders who have dripped every distribution at nav qince the last RO are still in the green as long as they kept accumulating their discounted dripped shares...besides crf I dont know of any other fund that can do this..this is why I got rid of the real garbage and reallocatd my portfolio to 53% crf 47% clm dripped at nav...if you make 20% off your cornerstone investment and sell before the rights offering, you will be able to buy up to 20% more shares after the rights offering and that also makes up for the dividend cut. I use one account for income and another account as a buy and hold both sold before the rights have to know how to trade this will never trade a discount again..well highly 9.90 for clm and 8.75 for crf I make back 47k and then some simply by dripping at nav over the next 5-6 months...if you want your capital to grow 20-80% every year you drip at nav sell before ro and buy back..and I think market prices of 9-10.50/share are very realistic targets...currently with over 14000 shares of both cornerstone funds combined...people say the chart looks ugly..well nothing goes straight up every chart is ugly today and these funds have withstood every financial disaster..if clm gets back to 10.50/share and crf 10.30/share the value of my account will be higher than the last time both funds hit those prices simply from accumulating all those shares dripped at the time youve increased the number shares you own from dripping at nav(or dripping at the avg market price of the last 5 trading days,whichever is lower) and trading around the righs offering youve reduced your breakeven. If you increase your shares by 30% then youve offset dividend cut by 30% lowered your breakeven by 30% and need the larket to go up 30% less to make a profit CLM and CRF both rated 4 star by morning star and youd be up 5% since inception if you simply bought and hold. The chart does not show total return nor does it show that the more shares you accumulate the less it has to go up for you to mae a profit. The price could stay the same and you are in profits but you have to drip the shares at nav to maximize your dividend and/or reduce your breakeven. The Cornerstone Funds Are the only funds I know where the market cqn go below your inital buy price but your investment can actually be worth more than when it was above your initial buy price simoly by accumulating sharrs dripped at nav. If you dont reinvest at nav then you need to learn how to read a basic chart. You buy these funds in the 7-8 range and sell from the 10-12.50-14/ dont hzbe to tile the market...all you habe to do is monitor N-2 filings with the cqn Google that..when an N-2 is filed with the SEC Cornerstone is getting ready to announce another rights offering and that means both Cornerstone Funds are getting close to their annual highs for the year..If bought after every RO or when the fund was trading in songle digits and sold the dqy the N-2 form was filed you woud make a killing every year. If you bought at the top at 14 you didnt know what you were doing..easy to make 20-85%+ on this fund every year by trading..and then once youve finally doubled your shares your breakeven is reduced by 50%..over the course of several years even if you bought at 14 as long as you sell before the RO and buy back after and continue to drip until youve doubled your shares your breakeven is now $7/share. By the time youve quadrupled your shares your breakeven is 0 and youre in pure profits...if you take the cash dividend you are leaving money on the table on the form of dividends and capital gains. Btw Cstone usuqlly files an N-2 on Feb you wouldve made out well and got out just before the covid crash in March and had qn opportunity to buy under 6/share...its a very predictable eqsy fund to make money but you cant just sit there and throw money at really cqnt do thqt with any to always buy low and sell higher...hope that clarifies how the fund works for those of you bashing it unable to read a chart. On that note, we have a huge buying opportunity in clm and crf right now...between feb 18 and March 1 we will most mukely see it hit its peqk for the year...i doubt it will get to 14 but 8.85-10.30 is a very realistic number for it to hit in the future. Ive allocated my portfolio so thqt when it gets to 10.50 I will have recuperated all my losses from crap like slvo and usoi..and ra..and if I continue to drip at nav i only need crf to be qt 8.75 and clm 9.90 by March 1 to recuperate my losses and mqke q profits...8.85 crf is a dollar below where i got in. Dont underestimate dripping at nav
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
ChuckD-MSB ChuckD-MSB 2 years ago
Weekly NAV values are not hard to find for CLM

I'm a happy camper at the moment with over 7300 shares at 8.50ish average. Neat note that is if you do DRIP shares for your divs you get them at NAV which is a significant discount to the pps. Current div is set until Jan.
hotdawg hotdawg 2 years ago
Good morning yall
TGOO TGOO 2 years ago
Still green here.....

If you bought SVOL at $28 and now it is $22 even with that $0.32 per month DIVI you are still under water by $5.00 per share. Where with USOI the share price has been around $5.50 for the last 3 years and the DIVI is now increasing and I expect it to continue to climb as CRUDE OIL is showing no sighs of dropping due to the Europe war with Russia.


The_Free_Nebula The_Free_Nebula 2 years ago
Thanx for the tip. Been riding usoi
Scotttrader80 Scotttrader80 2 years ago
take a gander at SVOL
The_Free_Nebula The_Free_Nebula 2 years ago
Meanwhile the bottom is still not in...I am open to ideas though...
Scotttrader80 Scotttrader80 2 years ago
Between that and the FED rate raise, opportunities are endless across the board
The_Free_Nebula The_Free_Nebula 2 years ago
The market loved that news
IanWhitfield IanWhitfield 2 years ago
Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund, Inc. Announces the Suspension of its Rights Offering
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
I'm a "big boy" certainly by IHUB's modest standards. Much of my money is in Vanguard Index funds. Heck, even Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns VOO and SPY.

Understand that IHUB is about gambling addiction, not intelligent investing.
Porterhouse10 Porterhouse10 2 years ago
And really like be able to buy Fractional shares, others are doing that, but stuck with M1
Porterhouse10 Porterhouse10 2 years ago
It's ok, it just has dividend payer and hopefully the Growth that comes with it, it's not an actively traded account to swing, just have the big Boys in there and buy any perceived dips cause you cant really time a particular price like the other Platforms.
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
I'm a retired lawyer, decades-long investor; one of my sons is a CPA. When I was young, magic interested me. In recent years, I've been intrigued by financial engineering used by lower grade stocks. For example, how to take ordinary blue chips and display a double digit yield. Just another form of illusion or flim-flam.

"only 2 trading windows per day 9:30 am and 3pm" Interesting. Are you happy with M1, otherwise?
Porterhouse10 Porterhouse10 2 years ago
M1 is an App, can buy fractional shares, but only 2 trading windows per day 9:30 am and 3pm, treat like a savings account personally, yeah that account is decently diversified. Yeah chasing Yield is horrible invest strategy, learned that many years ago
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
What's M1? An app? It may be ok if it's well diversified. You seem to have the right idea about risk/yield. Many ihubbers are clueless on that. They're trying to make up for years of not saving enough.
Porterhouse10 Porterhouse10 2 years ago
Somehow I have some of this POS in a M1 Divi account, lol, high yield rarely pays off
bar1080 bar1080 2 years ago
Ugliest chart ever... seriously!


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