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Mascot Silver Lead Mines (CE)

Mascot Silver Lead Mines (CE) (MSLM)

Closed June 20 4:00PM

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betahighlander betahighlander 6 years ago
Brand - hope all is well. The market took a big tumble yesterday. maybe with the market closing due to 41 passing. Many traders just got out. took a breather. who knows
brandemarcus brandemarcus 6 years ago
Luckily you did not bite when I mentioned hgt, like sycrf in 2015 it's gone lower and lower.

1. It's now 48 cents and it was kicked off the nyse and is now hgtxu.
Got the snowball effect and dropped 20% on bad exchange listing.

2. At current natural gas prices of 4.3 distributions would be north of .50 per share easily.

3. However nobody thinks nat gas will be 4.5 for long.

4. 20 million with held from distributions for legal issue by operator.
They tried this years and arbitrator shot it down, but who knows this time.

5. Operator Exxon is going to hold the next 30-35 million plus to pay for 4 wells in Scoop Stack. Viewed like an expense but what about the chance they find more oil.

6. Let's assume arbitrator rules in trust's favor but Exxon drills a dry hole. So net 35 million held from distributions. Still at even 4.25 gas there could be as much as 30-40 cents in future distributions by mid 2020.

7. A ten bagger is quit possible here by some time in 2020. See what you think by looking at sec statements and archived research at
betahighlander betahighlander 6 years ago
how is it going?
syncora is flatish at the ceiling level of about $4
YOu called it less upside than ever.
tea leaves and mysterious court filing on the macquarie case.
Should be done soon.
Looking at overstock and ziop ziopharm as some potential future investments.
Maybe learn to short stocks as next two years could run of of octane

what are you thinking these days.
still copper in the ground? other ideas?
brandemarcus brandemarcus 7 years ago
update on #5- they trade for 20 cents ask and less than 30 cents bid. Attractive speculation even with low odds of payoff.
brandemarcus brandemarcus 7 years ago
Lots of other ideas:

1. Buy copper in the ground abacus copper, copper bank resources.

2. Buy it in production tgb taseko, or copper mountain cppmf with a lot of leverage. These have already moved. The ikn blog hates cppmf.

3. Buy us silver (usas) on there new production in mexico of zinc ,lead and silver at negative cost for silver and lead. The zinc covers the costs. Sorry this is also on the move.

4. Now some real contrary leverage. New Sandridge has warrants that don't expire until 2022. Strike price 2.5 times current stock price.

5. Silver Bow energy (better properties) has issued warrants but are not trading yet. Used to be Swift energy. I expect them to be less than a 1.50 or even lower because there is much less expiration time. Study the 10ks and see what happens to npv if there is a doubling of natural gas prices before 2019. yes -I know I am insane. However that just requires going back to 2014 levels. what about 2007 levels, 2005 or even the Enron spike in 2000.
betahighlander betahighlander 7 years ago
just looked in here and ipi
looking good even w a downgrade
Woot Woot
brandemarcus brandemarcus 7 years ago
Take a look at Intrepid potash (ipi) and a leveraged oil play that owns 2 million acres in California and actually produces water-crc. Prem Watsa is a holder of Intrepid which has now revealed itself to be a water play. If only Denny crane had a better Macro view on resources, boy would we make money when the turn comes!
betahighlander betahighlander 7 years ago
Brand- loooking to see what you have dug up in mining (other) stocks.
brandemarcus brandemarcus 7 years ago
Since 2011, a more realistic question might be why do you want to find these ? Actually , I think this stock was over 1.75 in the penny stock silver market of 1968- not 1980 ?

Now to answer my own question. There was once a stock among the penny silvers called Independence Lead Mines which actually owned property next to the Lucky Friday mine. They had a royalty agreement from 1968 with Hecla mining that entitled them to 18% royalties once certain costs had been paid back. These costs were 30 million dollars so even in 2006, the stock traded for 80-90 cents per share with 5 million shares outstanding. It was 30 cents in 2002.
A poster actually went on the yahoo hecla board to try to drum up interest in ildm and was told to shut up and stop promoting scam stocks that were on the pink sheets. In march of 2008, Hecla took over ildm for 1.2 shares of Hecla which was in excess of 10 per share. Of course Hecla almost went bankrupt in early 2009 so maybe our friend Snowball would still be right about the pink sheets.
To answer your question a nut named David Bond wrote a book about the silver jrs in 2004. I bet you could pick it up for less than a buck not including mailing costs. There are more interesting ones still around like aslm and sbum which have property claims right near the operating Galena mine of Americas Silver.

Right now I have sold a lot of my wrn and ntcpf -ncx.v too early.
Follow a guy named Dale Corman who owns a both of these companies and his friendship with Pan American silvers' Ross Beatty. One that has not taken off that he also owns some of is called copper north (col.v or us listing cpnvf )and has a market cap of about 3 million dollars. It's non economic deposits of gold and mostly copper in the frozen north of Canada. Ice cold stocks that will having you talking to yourself at the next party you are at. See what you think however be careful - I have no geologic background . This just a hunch that rising prices will make moose pasture valuable in the future!
betahighlander betahighlander 7 years ago
how do you find these things Ha ha
Happy new year brother
betahighlander betahighlander 7 years ago
how do you find these things Ha ha
Happy new year brother
brandemarcus brandemarcus 8 years ago
Back from the dead. Market cap is an enormous 75 thousand dollars.
At today's metal prices there is 5 million dollars worth of zinc, 1 million dollars of lead, 700,000 dollars worth of silver. Probably not worth it , but keep your eye on zinc. If it gets to 1.6 or 1.7 like in 2006, who knows?
With Trump as president, dealing with the Fed as a super fund site could be a lot easier!
Renee Renee 10 years ago
MSLM SEC Suspension:

SultanOfStocks SultanOfStocks 18 years ago
O/S tiny at approx. 7 million shares.
SultanOfStocks SultanOfStocks 18 years ago
Exploration in Montana
The Wickes Mining District Southwest of Helena, Montana, was one of the most productive in the Helena Region following its discovery in the nineteenth century. First settled in 1864 when placer gold was discovered in Prickly Pear Creek, the region was soon crawling with prospectors. That same year, both the Minah and Gregory lodes were discovered.

Many of the ore discoveries were of such high grade that they were shipped by wagon and boat as far away as Swansea, Wales, to be smelted. However, several local smelters sprang up in the surrounding region to take advantage of the Gold/Silver/Lead/Copper/Zinc ores coming out of the many mines in the district. It is estimated that more than $50 million in ore was produced in just a few short years.

Though the majority of the mines closed around the turn of the last century, the district is by no means played out. In fact, as late as 1987, new mines were still being opened producing gold, silver, zinc, and lead, and many of the old mining dumps have been re-processed in the last two decades. It is possible that the best years of the Wickes Mining District are still ahead of us.

Our claims in the district are the Argentine-Edelweiss claims and the adjoining Silver Chief properties. Tunneling 130 feet into the Argentine vein, Mascot has exposed lenses of ore which assayed up to 18 opt silver, .12 opt gold, 11% lead, and an amazing 22% zinc across a two foot face. We believe the potential exists for significant expansion of these results.

SultanOfStocks SultanOfStocks 18 years ago
Some great potential here. Proven properties from past with potentially vast resources. This one still flying way under the radar with gold and silver prices the wat they are today and with where they are headed.

The Little Pittsburgh Mine
The Little Pittsburgh property was located in the spring of 1883 by George Augustus Smith. Though several owners afterwards mined and milled small quantities of ore, it was not until the beginning of World War II that profitable operations really got underway.

Between 1941 and 1953, Little Pittsburgh yielded up more than 300,000 tons of ore, including 15 million pounds of lead, 40 million pounds of zinc, and 350 thousand ounces of silver. Gold was also recovered in small quantities, and by the time Little Pittsburgh Mill shut down in 1953 due to low metal prices, it had processed over $5 million in ore.

Though the Little Pittsburgh remains closed at the present time, it is by no means played out. There are an estimated 30,000 tons of ore resource left, grading 3% lead, 7% zinc, and more than 1 opt silver, with significant potential for exploration.

Our ore is mainly a sphalerite which occurs in masses or in bands separated by quartz. The ratio of lead to zinc is about 3 to 7, and for each percentage point of lead, there is a half ounce or more silver per ton. The higher grade ore runs up to 5 ounces of silver per ton.

In recent decades, several companies have held leases on the Mascot Properties, including Sunshine, who discovered a 57,000 ton resource (partially mined in the 1970s), and Cominco American, who later evaluated a Sullivan-type orebody on Mascot's and the neighboring properties.

Mascot Silver Lead controls more than 250 acres surrounding the Little Pittsburgh Mine, in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District in Idaho's famous "Silver Valley". The Valley has produced more than 90 mines since its discovery in the late 1800s, and has yielded up an estimated $5 billion in metals since then.

The CDA District is the home of America's largest underground mine, the Bunker Hill, whose property line is less than a mile from Mascot's property. Further down the Valley are the Sunshine, the Coeur, the Galena, and Hecla's Lucky Friday, where recent discoveries have put to rest the idea that the Valley is played out.

Mascot Silver-Lead believes in the potential of our property to host sizeable strataform base metal deposits. With the end of the Superfund liability suit in sight, we intend to explore this potential and should conditions warrant, return the Little Pittsburgh to profitable production.

volakin volakin 18 years ago

Mascot Mines Logging to Finance Drilling and Other Projects

KELLOGG, Idaho, Apr 10, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) --
Mascot Mines, Inc. (Pink Sheets:MSLM) will be concluding logging operations on its patented mining claims in the Denver Creek area southeast of Pinehurst, Idaho. The logging commenced in the late summer of 2005 and will be concluded in May or June, 2006. Selective logging done by Miller Logging of Pinehurst has netted approximately $60,000.00 for Mascot Mines. The Board of Directors of Mascot Mines is pleased with its position as a "responsible steward of the lands" in its approach to the management of surface resources on Mascot properties.

Selective logging practices has maintained and not disturbed new growth that resulted from careful logging and reseeding accomplished in the mid 1990's, when the property was last logged. Existing roads and skid trails were used and surface disturbance was kept to a minimum during the current operations.

The proceeds of the logging operations will now be used to finance drilling operations on the Denver Creek patented claims and to begin preliminary work on other projects being considered.

U.S. Bureau of Mines exploration drilling and surface trenching and sampling in the 1940's in and around the Little Pittsburg mine had intercepts and samples with anomalous gold values. Mascot Mines plans to diamond drill from the surface to verify the USBM data and add information to our knowledge of the area. The gold intercepts and samples are believed to be in stratigraphy similar to that found in the Prichard-Murray areas of Shoshone County.

In other news, Mascot Mines, Inc. announces the retirement of longtime Secretary-Treasurer and past-Director Ronald Eggart. Mr. Eggart was one of the original founders of Mascot Mines in the early 1950's. Ron, a well known CPA in the Silver Valley, has been the chief bookkeeper for Mascot Mines and other organizations for many years. One of his favorite sayings is "I've been married to Mascot Mines longer than to my wife." Mr. Eggart's advice will continue to be sought and valued.

Kimberly Samuelson was appointed by the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy left by Ron Eggart's retirement. Ms. Samuelson has significant bookkeeping and business experience in the Silver Valley with Silvertip NAPA stores and other civic organizations.


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