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Solar Energy Initiatives Inc (PK)

Solar Energy Initiatives Inc (PK) (SNRY)

Closed July 16 4:00PM

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SNRY Discussion

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JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 2 months ago
I’m hoping so too
lambchops lambchops 2 months ago
Hope so!


BurgerKing82 BurgerKing82 2 months ago
Any life left in this former high flier
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 3 months ago
Come on Carey, do something guy
👍️ 1
Casper311 Casper311 4 months ago
Did some more investigating…here’s all the information for Tyrus Young the person that does all of Cooleys OTC filings…Maybe worth reaching out to as well in case you get no response from Cooley…

I found his phone number from the BNI site to be 727-470-8684…
Casper311 Casper311 5 months ago
First off Gelmon has nothing to do with company anymore he had sold this to Carey Cooley. Secondly here is contact information from his OTC filings.

2245 Texas Drive, Ste 300
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
281-566-2500 (Website) (Email)

This is his personal information found online….

Good luck trying to get a hold of him he won’t answer emails or phone calls in the past when I’ve tried to reach out to him…Let me know if you have any luck!
ManSax ManSax 5 months ago
I know people who would like to get in touch with Cooley or Gelmon, if there is a contact or address?
floridaboy floridaboy 5 months ago
One of these days?
👍️ 1
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 6 months ago
Great let’s do it
Penny2Dime Penny2Dime 6 months ago
mineanddine mineanddine 6 months ago
Don’t think so. Cooley is a loser.
ManSax ManSax 6 months ago
Something is in the works
gdog gdog 6 months ago
No !
Mike / 79 Mike / 79 6 months ago
16.67% increase. Could this be the beginning of we have all been waiting for ?
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 6 months ago
Show us the money Cooley
Casper311 Casper311 7 months ago
Agreed we need filings which I’m not sure we are going to get with Cooley as the CEO…Cooley likes to talk a big game about his mergers in social media but when it comes down to filings and his alleged timeframe I don’t trust him…His track record speaks for itself…So until we get filings that’s all we can do is hope something happens with SNRY…
👍️ 2
ManSax ManSax 7 months ago
Sorry, but Hope will do nothing for us
Casper311 Casper311 7 months ago
We can only hope something good happens here…Cooley has been awfully quiet…Another thing that concerns me is Cooley doesn’t have the best record with his previous mergers…Hopefully that’s not the case here…This shell has a lot of value considering it’s a Delaware and their courts are not approving custodianship of other failed companies…Hopefully we get some news from Cooley in the new year!
ManSax ManSax 7 months ago
Possible angle for sure Casper, but there might be something of value for SNRY....don't blink
ManSax ManSax 7 months ago
Might be something on the horizon here, stay tuned. Volume and someone is willing to suck it up, good sign
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 8 months ago
Man let’s see something happen here
benjaminc1100 benjaminc1100 8 months ago
Thanks for the heads up.
Casper311 Casper311 8 months ago
I’d say neither there is an agreement to sell ThreatGen software however this is only a ploy to avoid the OTC 18 month shell status rule to keep it trading in the OTC market rather than the expert market…I believe they are looking for a company to merge into this and take over the business operations…Time will tell again the ThreatGen software is merely a way to avoid this security being traded on the expert market…
benjaminc1100 benjaminc1100 8 months ago
Is this company in the solar business or cybersecurity?
Casper311 Casper311 9 months ago
Looks like Cooley filed the annual report yesterday with OTC Markets…Looks like nothing new I see from the annual report…The wait continues….
Arxidi1 Arxidi1 9 months ago
Looks like time to start new position in this one
Arxidi1 Arxidi1 9 months ago
Yiiikes !!
lambchops lambchops 10 months ago
????Why's the ask at .25????
Probably just a fat finger.


mineanddine mineanddine 10 months ago
FML what a turd 💩
ManSax ManSax 10 months ago
Stay tuned, the sun's gonna rise again!
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 11 months ago
This can’t go any lower can it? Lol
Come on, let’s see something
Bobinsd Bobinsd 11 months ago
I dont feel like doing any DD or searching previous comments, but did we ever find out from Cooley who the proposed merger was with?
If not, why not?
mineanddine mineanddine 11 months ago
Dangled carrot syndrome.
Bobinsd Bobinsd 11 months ago
Anyone know why the .0012 has held for so long? It's been much lower in the past.
Casper311 Casper311 1 year ago
His timeframe on a lot of other posts he made haven’t been done on their alleged timeline…With that said I’m not surprised the timing of his posts aren’t punctual to his timeline…My confidence level with Cooley as CEO is very low the only good thing he’s done with this stock is keeping it current with his filings for now…Again I hope he proves me wrong but my expectations are low here based on how he has conducted himself as CEO here and other botched mergers he conducted with other stocks…Time will tell if we are profiting as shareholders or on the losing end…
mineanddine mineanddine 1 year ago
His timeframe for updating shareholders on financing has come and gone.
Mike / 79 Mike / 79 1 year ago
Holding on. Still hopeful Cooley comes through
Casper311 Casper311 1 year ago
Still here holding as well…My confidence in Cooley finding a suitable merger here is very low…I set the bar low here hopefully he can prove me wrong…Either way I’m holding my shares either it will be profitable or a tax write off…
gdog gdog 1 year ago
Still here and holding no idea whats going on.
mineanddine mineanddine 1 year ago
Anybody still here or have all bailed?
mineanddine mineanddine 1 year ago
Update on financing?
mineanddine mineanddine 1 year ago
I don’t think he answers the phone. Still hiding under desk from FBCD debacle.
ManSax ManSax 1 year ago
Trying to find out if Cooley moved to the Bahamas and this deal will never happen? Anybody hear anything or talk to Cooley??
Bobinsd Bobinsd 1 year ago
7% today. Where is everybody?
GR8 Dad GR8 Dad 1 year ago
A short lived and small price pump and dump.

Once an obvious POS crook like Cooley screws you multiple times, it is very difficult for him to get any traction on his new more ridiculous pumps.

You can only pump a leaky tire so much.

BUYER BEWARE this serial stock swindler.

GR8 Dad GR8 Dad 1 year ago
Yes read my prior post.
mineanddine mineanddine 1 year ago
I dunno about this. So it’s moved from an RM to Cooley heading up, getting funding, and acquiring “aggressively”.
JMC$ JMC$ 1 year ago
A little green today was nice for SNRY Steve
Steve1978 Steve1978 1 year ago
A sign of life is always good.
👍️ 1
GR8 Dad GR8 Dad 1 year ago
False accusations?

You don't need to be a long term investor in the OTC like me or even an investor at all to know that when an individual pumps and promises multiple reverse mergers over multiple years - all fake; he is a scumbag criminal stock manipulator like many on this board.

Now all of his prior criminal stock manipulating frauds have disappeared without explanation. He has gone radio silent for a year and now that it is down 90% from his pumped high he is attempting to fleece a new generation of investors with the latest criminal pump. He is hoping that none of the past investors will warn new younger investors of his criminal fraud.

Another point of interest from being a long term otc investor. ANYTIME a criminal like Cooley engages in a new pump that he is going to create a business by distributing AND acquisitions... run for the hills. These criminals are criminals because they are incompetent at everything else besides penny stock scams. Does he have warehouses, does he have employees, does he have trucks, office space, insurance, intelligence or are we just investing in this one criminal business and hoping he will sell a lot of someone else's product and give us all the profit??? You insult any prescient investor.

And AGAIN where do you think he will get the money for his acquisitions???

Enough said.

Penny stocks are a gamble, not an investment.

Be very careful with this crook and pay no attention to the pumpers on this board.


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