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Freight Technologies (FRGT)

Freight Technologies Inc
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2:07PMiHub NewswireFeatured1847 Holdings Engages Spartan Capital to Pursue Spinoff or Strategic Transaction for 1847 Cabinets Inc.
02/26/20246:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8App Awarded Key Routes with Envases UniversalesNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
02/21/20246:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8Tech Regains Compliance with Nasdaq’s Minimum Bid Price Listing RuleNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
02/15/20246:16PMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8App Showcased at Geotab Connect 2024NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
01/29/20244:53PMEdgar (US Regulatory)Form 6-K - Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
01/24/20246:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Announces Key Leadership ChangesNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
01/19/20245:08PMEdgar (US Regulatory)Form 6-K - Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
01/16/20249:30AMAllPennyStocks.comFreight Tech Company Steals Premarket ShowNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
01/16/20246:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies Inc. Secures Contract with KawasakiNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
12/27/20238:35AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Announces Conversion of $3.55M Convertible Debt to EquityNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
12/26/20235:20PMEdgar (US Regulatory)Form 6-K - Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
12/22/20235:00PMEdgar (US Regulatory)Form 6-K - Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
12/14/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Selected for Amazon Mexico BusinessNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
11/14/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Announces Strong Q3 Preliminary EarningsNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
11/06/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8Tech's CEO Shares Open Letter Addressing Shareholders' ConcernsNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
10/25/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies Inc. Secures Major Win with Leading Global Pharmaceutical GiantNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
09/26/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8App Announces New Integration with Geotab’s Open API for Improved Shipment VisibilityNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
09/05/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies Inc. (FRGT) Reports Record Capacity Levels from Fr8FleetNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
08/23/20232:00PMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. (FRGT) Bid Price DeficiencyNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
08/14/20236:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Reports Strong Q2 Earnings with 29% Revenue Growth and 93% Margin IncreaseNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
07/25/20238:32AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies’ Fr8App Platform, Joins AMACARGA, Strengthening Its Position as a Leader in the Logistics IndustryNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
07/06/20237:09AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Completes Trucker Tools Integration, Significantly Expanding Network Scope and ReachNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
06/22/20238:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Recognized as Outstanding Service Provider by K-FLEX de México, Securing Contract RenewalNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
06/07/20238:30AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Fr8App Announces New Integration with Samsara to Enhance Real-Time Freight TrackingNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
05/23/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Appoints Umberto León-Domínguez as Director of AINASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
05/18/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies’ Platform Fr8App Cited in Google I/O 2023 Series following Annual Developer ConferenceNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
05/12/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Preliminary Q1 2023 Revenue 11% below Q1 2022NASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
05/05/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Announces Discontinuation of Strategic Alliance with Freight Company from Mexico to Focus on Higher-Margin OpportunitiesNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
04/27/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies, Inc. Obtains and Renews Additional FundingNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
04/24/20237:00AMGlobeNewswire Inc.Freight Technologies’ Fr8App Named BeatBox Beverages’ Number One Carrier for Cross Border ShipmentsNASDAQ:FRGTFreight Technologies Inc
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:NASDAQ:FRGT