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RushNet Inc (PK)

RushNet Inc (PK) (RSHN)

Closed July 13 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0002 Day's Range 0.0003
0.0001 52 Week Range 0.0007
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 212
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About RushNet Inc (PK)

Business Services, Nec
Business Services, Nec
Boulder, Colorado, USA
RushNet Inc (PK) is listed in the Business Services sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker RSHN. The last closing price for RushNet (PK) was $0. Over the last year, RushNet (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0001 to $ 0.0007.

RushNet (PK) currently has 8,580,000,000 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of RushNet (PK) is $2.57 million. RushNet (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

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RSHN Discussion

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Kevin C Kevin C 2 days ago
Something is cooking
chklingon chklingon 1 week ago
Did not catch that. Usually, with a stock like this, it is a pumper group setting up some grift in a month or so by buying millions of share to dump.
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 1 week ago
Hopefully enforcement actions soon.
Kevin C Kevin C 2 weeks ago
Huge buys at end…. Hopefully great news soon
SmellMyFinger SmellMyFinger 2 weeks ago
Anything new regarding the transition of ownership?
nooneuser23 nooneuser23 3 weeks ago
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 weeks ago
Yes...when a time period as long as an entire quarter lapses with no communication and filings are not complete and behind...with a stock price sitting at .0002

When you are not communicating or doing the filings...

Doesn't get worse than that.
👍️ 1
Kevin C Kevin C 3 weeks ago
This has gone defunct…. Don’t even post on twitter anymore
pickthemright pickthemright 1 month ago
Looks like it was 15 million today from what I seen .
👍️ 1
pcal08 pcal08 1 month ago
Today’s trading was just shy of 15,000,000 shares. I know it’s not a lot, but you said not a single share has traded for days.
👍️ 2
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 1 month ago
Delisted? Not a single share has traded for days..
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 2 months ago
FINRA will not approve ANY corporate requests from this serial scam ticker.

Same as I told that con artist Ashley Sweat.

This stock will NEVER BE LEGITIMATE.
👍️ 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 months ago
I would expect quiet for some time. If they are working on Finra issues (it was already announced previously that it could take up to 9 months) that is still several months away. It seems like the RSHN objective would be to resolve those pending issues before 2025. Until then, I wouldn't expect any movement in the stock before the holidays. Maybe late October - December (Q4) you see some type of activity.. There is no point (at this time) for anyone to get nothing for them since shares are near worthless. No point to buy either...just flat lined with no volume and no interest.

Get used to it!
🤡 1
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 2 months ago
envirogym envirogym 2 months ago
Come on Huggy this is the real deal!!!!
Too the Moon!!!
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 months ago
I wouldn't expect anything until the holidays...
retired early retired early 2 months ago
But it's not dead and maybe they can get something going and the pps could skyrocket? Probably not. :{
retired early retired early 2 months ago
.0001 - .0009 quite the spread for a year. Maybe it can triple and still not reach it's high. Sounds doable but then again I still didn't get my NANO CBD BLUEBERRY CHILLIN BEVERAGE, so I'll pass. :)
getmoreshares getmoreshares 2 months ago
Pink Limited ???????????
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 2 months ago
Enjoy the shrimp farm scam.
👍️ 1
pickthemright pickthemright 2 months ago
Good deal gonna be interesting !!
andebais andebais 2 months ago

These guys are getting serious with their shrimps.

Got shares? Loaded here.

💩 1 🤡 1
envirogym envirogym 2 months ago
andebais andebais 2 months ago
Going Pink Current soon

Attorney Letter filed:

Loaded here. Cunha moving forward with his shrimps!
👍️ 1 🤡 1
BadaBingPebble BadaBingPebble 2 months ago
What good is an ATM when it is only trading $200-$400 a day? That might be good money to some people, but not anyone trying to farm shrimp. Not to mention they do have filing and basic audit expenditures. If this had 200mil-300mil in volume a day, then I might buy into the notion they're blatantly scamming the system, but there's literally no volume happening.
retired early retired early 2 months ago
The spiders web has you all at their mercy. The A.T.M. is still open. Just simply amazing. :(
👍️ 2
envirogym envirogym 2 months ago
We now have a chance at FUTURE $$$.
chklingon chklingon 2 months ago
So we are now Royal Caridea? I am researching it now. Looks like a total start up.
Jronpar Jronpar 2 months ago
$RSHN @ .0003 = $$$!
envirogym envirogym 2 months ago
Shrimp boats are a common their sails are in sight!!!
chklingon chklingon 2 months ago
Sadly, I have been around this since the days of Bob Corr.
chklingon chklingon 2 months ago
Kevin C Kevin C 2 months ago
Can’t wait…. Hopefully sooner than later
SmellMyFinger SmellMyFinger 2 months ago
Many of us are in the same boat, pun intended.
chklingon chklingon 2 months ago
Thank you. Interesting new business It does stand a chance of course and eventually this will get pumped big time and perhaps I can bail back out with all my money back as well. Would not take all that much to break even at this point for some reason. No idea what I bought it at, but was probably years ago.d Once again, thanks. I will try to take some time and catch up.
👍️ 1
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 2 months ago
Now a shrimp scam LOLOLOLOLOL
👍️ 1
BadaBingPebble BadaBingPebble 2 months ago
It is now a shrimp farming business. Scroll down and there's several threads about the process.

Yes, there's a new CEO. He prefers keeping everyone in the dark, so investors never hear from him. I think most are hoping for one pump someday to get the heck out. Not overly confident it will ever happen though.
chklingon chklingon 2 months ago
Well, crud. I am back. I though I was out of this multiyear saga. Turns out I failed to sell 100K shares. So.... What on earth has been going on for the last year. I know that the last group went under. Is there a new scheme on how to get this going again? Is there a new CEO?
envirogym envirogym 3 months ago
By the way, INDIA and CHINA have the world's worst polluted air and water systems overall.
Just goes to show you how corrupt our import system is, letting that crap in.
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
Previous owners still hold prefer B shares as of 12/31. Filings showed they only sold preferred A.

So they are still well in the mix!
👍️ 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
It appears there was an order of confirmation for the Chapter 11 plan as of today, on 4/22/24. Meaning both the debtor and creditors are bound to the plan and other debts have been discharged. Let's see if they pump it now...
👍️ 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
During bankruptcy proceedings, the bankrupted individual/company will have to list all assets, liabilities and income for review. This allows the courts and parties that are owed the debts to have a clear picture on they debtor's ability to pay on their defaulted obligations.

It is in the best interests of the old owners of RSHN to show the RSHN shares owned and worth very little and not liquid, as well as thrm generating little income during this period. If the RSHN common position was valued in the 100s of thousands or more, the court and parties that brought legal action against the debtor could ask the court to force a sale of the securities to pay back their debts. Being at .0002 and the total value of common being under $50,000 with very little liquidity, it shows the courts and parties who filed lawsuits it is not a viable asset for liquidation to pay down what is owed. It is my opinion that the recent filing had to be documented for the courts to review what the debtor received in the sale for the voting rights preferred A shares in RSHN. Could be wrong...but sounds right based on speculation. Considering the proceedings are still ongoing. Doubt the ticker moves higher before 2025.
retired early retired early 3 months ago
No they are not gone. Why would they when the A.T.M. is still open. :)
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
The new filing probably has more to do with the previous owners than the current owners. They are still in bankruptcy court and this could have been a requirement of the court to review. It looks like the preferred A shares were sold for $175,000 in cash and securities. Previous owners retained their common shares (240M?). Current market value still invested from previous management is 72,000 USD in common. I don't remember if there is preferred B shares. If there is, previous owners are still holding those as well...and if so...are they really gone..?
Jronpar Jronpar 3 months ago
👍️ 1
Looking for a little pullback before I add to my shares.
🤣 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
Running hard eh? lol Highly doubt this moves before Q4 or 2025. If anyone notices the 2023 year end report being filed or the Q4 quarterly please post the link. We will see how bad old management left it at year end. I am pretty sure after Q1 reports for 2024, which should be by July...that should do it for the old management's financial performance and involvement (?). Possibly also showing the details of the transition of ownership and share ownership. 2024 Q2 report, due before October (?) should have the clean set of books showing what was inherited by the new owners By then...if Finra is being pursued in the background currently, maybe have a meaningful update by Fall. I don't see this holding any gains on short term pops...if it ever gets one again. Until the filings are done and the state of the company/ticker/financials is explained in black in white.

Still several months away...
wtctexas wtctexas 3 months ago
Been a long time.. nice to see many of the same posters! Me hurry up n wait. 😁
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago
It's been a month since the new CEO was appointed. So to expect a significant turnaround in 30 days when the stock and ticker has been beat down to .0001 by the old owners over the last 2 years is wishful thinking.

Thankfully, Congress is currently conducting an investigation (as well as supermarkets such as Walmart) pertaining to tainted shrimp imports that account for 40% of all shrimp being brought into the United States from foreign countries. In this instance, it is India.

Hopefully RSHN can ride the curtails of this situation and provide examples to Congress while it is being reviewed, as well as these Supermarkets such as Walmart, about the possibility of producing shrimp on a grand scale domestically.

Only 1% of all imported Shrimp is inspected in the US, vs. 50% in Europe. So the US is a target to distribute product with antibiotics, which is forbidden by the FDA here in the States.

Any sanctions or shift from India would create a massive gap in supply and demand of shrimp in America. Using the patented farming system licensed by RSHN could capture a massive amount of market share in the coming years to satisfy the needs of the American consumer while reducing reliance on foreign markets that are using poor working conditions, while violating human rights, and are shipping tainted, low quality, contaminated products that are arriving on kitchen tables across America.

RSHN could not ask for a better macro set up to succeed.

It will just take time to develop if management realizes the opportunity and follows the correct avenenues to present RSHN solutions for an ongoing problem nationwide.

***India accounts for roughly 2.5B usd annually of the shrimp imported in America.
👍️ 3 🤡 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 months ago

Another problem solved growing shrimp through RSHN platforms.
👍️ 1 🤣 1

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