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Waverunners Waverunners 2 days ago
Welcome back to reality . I’ve been waiting for your return. It’s not as crowd pleasing as blind pumping unrealistic PMA timelines and procedures, but it’s rewarding to not cower to pumpers (or bashers.)

Regarding timelines, as I stated, the FDA will make a decision within 91 days of UHP replying to all 40 deficiencies and submitting a complete and accurate application.

None of us know how long it will take UHP to complete this task, but fall 2024 would meet your expectation of Jan 2025 FDA decision.

As in the past, the ball is in their court.
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trusttheman trusttheman 3 days ago
We aren't busting out of jack Rodman. The reality is that nothing will happen until they finish the deficiency list of items. Wave will go on ripping management but I guarantee he's never had one conversation with them about his displeasure because he would have to identify himself which we all know he won't do. I would actually be amused if he spoke to Thom to tell him how stupid he is. One must be able to adjust what they think with this company on what they see. I don't think we will hear a peep from the FDA until Jan 2025. I was hoping some earlier expectations would hold true. However, now I don't think so for a multitude of reasons. eStar from what I can see is basically worthless. Just another government toy which was a waste of money. Thom and the team continue to take forever to finish anything. That being said, a class 3 approval is a pain in the butt to get because the FDA makes it that way. However, Thom and his team had to screw up several things along the way that he doesn't have the balls to admit. Even with a class 3, it should have been done a while ago. My advice is to get ready for football season and the fall and don't worry about this because you will just aggravate yourself. Wave should stop complaining about management unless he's going to have a conversation with them. I'm not going to hope for approval around the corner because that won't happen. Rodman you should stop thinking we are close because we've heard that for years. The local scam bashers should get a life and stop posting because nobody has listened to you from day one.
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shoondale shoondale 5 days ago
It's called dilution rodman. They just use fancy words like "offering" to make dilution look attractive. The only thing being offered is shareholders on a stick.
rodman rodman 5 days ago
UEEC has amended the White Lion Capital LLC stock purchase agreement subject to further future amendment.
Confused? SUBJECT TO COMPLETION, DATED JULY 15, 2024 Guess they are awaiting for the submission or FDA approval?
Hard to say!

Delaying the effective date!
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
The PMA has been ongoing since 2017 with the same 40 deficiencies. Could it possibly be more deficient? If it was serious; it would have passed years ago. Don't be such a fool. The last stock, QTMM, that you claimed was $5+, is long delisted and bankrupted. Again, don't be such a perpetual fool for these blatant stock scams.
"we doubt that shareholders will hear about it. We expect it will be just like when UEEC applied for PMA approval for Class III in late 2017, there will just not be any updates, like it never happened."
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rodman rodman 1 week ago
Building momentum or leaked news or just oversold IMO! Regardless (hell yes) we are busting out of the ridiculous trading range.
Buy buy buy!
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rodman rodman 1 week ago
Headed up today as the UEEC submission draws close!
BUY like White Lion Capital LLC is!
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Waverunners Waverunners 3 weeks ago
This is the type of post I am referring to. It just makes no sense to me, as it’s a complete fabrication of the information provided.

Both UHP and the FDA are very clear on the timeline reality and the FACT that there are 40 deficiencies.

Not just “clarity on what has already been submitted.”

Deficiencies means information is missing or failing scrutiny.

Why do posters do this? What could there possibly be to gain?
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rodman rodman 3 weeks ago
Contrary to what some post on this board the FDA has not released any news about the substantive review except to request
information to clarify what has already been submitted. I am still buying and so is White Lion Capital LLC!!
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Waverunners Waverunners 3 weeks ago
Good morning Dark2 (and all posters.)
Within my reply to your post I asked a question. Really though, It could be answered by anyone on here.

As I’ve stated many times, I am a committed believer in Hemostyp’s potential, but I have no faith in this management team and their manufacturing process.
That said, I’m truly trying to figure out why people choose to support false and misleading pumps and timelines created by posters who clearly can’t offer perspective due to either being over invested and facing huge losses, or just a straight up lack of ability to read PRs and FDA guidelines.

Do you feel that clearly thought out posts based on fact can negatively affect the future of Hemostyp? Personally I don’t think any of us have that kind of influence.

So here’s my question again:

“ I’m curious though. Name one of my posts about Hemostyp and its past, current, or future prospects that you don’t agree with.
Did my post end up being truthful and evidence based after all?
I have always maintained that with the right guidance Hemostyp will get approval.

In contrast, what Trust, DR5, Rodman posts ended up playing out the way they had aggressively hoped for?

Thanks for your time.”

I hope no one complains that I posted the day before the long weekend this time.
Waverunners Waverunners 3 weeks ago
Hey Rodster, it’s interesting that you didn’t follow up on my request to Audit my numbers in Hemostyp’s PMA timeline even though you falsely and aggressively called me a liar.

Then it turns out that the Quantum stock you talked many here into buying has gone in the toilet. Yet you never stopped pumping for 5 plus years. Now that’s a liar.
I’m not here to kick anyone while they are down, but come on. Readers, quit listening to the pumpers that continue to post pie in the sky expectations even when facts suggest otherwise.

Rodman’s final confession (with just hint of a future pump)
“We do know Chapter 11 allows debtor to reorganize debts and does not
necessarily mean the end for shareholders. "The entire company may be sold in what is called a Section 363 sale with the court’s approval."

Odds are shareholders are dead in the water!!”
shoondale shoondale 3 weeks ago
Bullshit conniver. Check out Rodman's DD on QTMM and what happened to the shareholders there. That other website is nothing more than a pure boiler room where all posts exhibiting any degree of common sense are summarily deleted. Newbies=suckers in the ueec universe.
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TJAJ TJAJ 3 weeks ago
Is this a good thing?
🤣 1
Zorax Zorax 3 weeks ago
Pretty much.
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Zorax Zorax 3 weeks ago
That was like his very first post to this site? lmao.
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shoondale shoondale 3 weeks ago
Is hit how money is laundered?
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rodman rodman 3 weeks ago
Is White Lion Capital LLC all in?

15,000,000 Shares of Common Stock for Resale by the Selling Security Holder

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lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 3 weeks ago
hey conman, you were wrong then and you're wrong now.
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Homebrew Homebrew 3 weeks ago
LOLOL🤣😂 Then what happens? FBI, CIA, NSA show up demanding proof of shares? 😂🤣
Internet "tough guys" are funny.
So, you have 24 hours to send the entire board proof that you own shares of this stock.
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Zorax Zorax 3 weeks ago
You're not a shareholder. So, you have 24 hours to send the entire board proof that you own shares of this stock. And you're absolutely nobody to tell anyone to prove being a shareholder.
No one needs to own shares in anything to post to a public chat forum.

There is no way to prove ownership in any company on a public chat board as anything can and IS faked. What a useless demand. And then what happens after 24 hours?
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Zorax Zorax 3 weeks ago
No, not at all. That's not how the FDA works. Why post such misinformation?
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shoondale shoondale 3 weeks ago
This is down 92.5% from its high in the past 5 years and you have the brazen nerve to say anyone warning people is the scammer?
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Waverunners Waverunners 3 weeks ago
If a truthful, factual post is considered negative in your world then that is your choice.
To me it is simply laying out the facts as they are available.

You were all given the opportunity to prove me wrong or show an instance where I misrepresented the facts for personal gain.
Neither the pumpers or bashers were able to find even one post where I posted falsely.

Bottom line, the Bashers don’t like when I support Hemostyp as a great product with a huge future, if controlled by the right team.

Pumpers don’t like my realistic timelines based on facts provided by the FDA.

I can’t do anything about posters insecurities regarding their investment.

I appreciate that I am now on ignore by 3 of you so there is no reason for you to read or react to my posts. I will enjoy the peace as well.

With that said have a great future and best of luck with a payday at some point.

No one’s retirement savings should be mired with losses.
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trusttheman trusttheman 3 weeks ago
Agree Dark and DR5. I don’t see the point of posting negativity every day. I don’t see how anybody who posts negativity every day is a shareholder. I also don’t understand how people have any life to look up all their old posts. Mind boggling. I don’t trust Wave any more. I would bet that he’s never spoken to anybody from the company and revealed himself because he’s a fraud. We are all frustrated with this long wait but no long is listening to anything Wave or any other scammer has to say on this board. That much is obvious.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🤮 1
shoondale shoondale 3 weeks ago
They're stuck in a Ponzi Scheme scam and frustrated.
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Hoonigan Hoonigan 3 weeks ago
Wow you guys are like kids fighting - The late great hoonigan Ken Block once said Be creative and lead a fun life, also don't be an a##hole. Believe me there are way to many of them out there. I trade stocks full time to make money and try to have fun with it too. I love it as much as racing and building stuff. You research, strategize, research, engineer, test, trade and make money. Did any of you guys buy Nuscale Power 6 months ago, it went up 240% in 6 months and I sold it all. It was an AI trade and was more than NVIDA made in 6 months!! and I will buy it again. I have followed these guys from their research at OSU for years before investing. I bought Athrira Pharma at $16 a share it is now $2.41 on meaningless X CEO PHD thesis issues. I bet you want to know how much more I bought, a lot! I have followed these guys from their research at WSU for years. I believe they have a drug to reverse Alzheimer's and Parkinson but are a small company. The only reason I started posting was that I got tired of the all the negative meaningless posts and BS. Have some fun and don't sweat the small stuff since life is to short and do your research, more research and share it --
Have you seen this - The S&P 500 will soar 175% to 15,000 by the end of the decade, Fundstrat's Tom Lee says. He is one of the best at this and is not always right but he has a great use case.

Swing Arm City Utah, Block tears this up in his Ford Fiesta RX43 -- if you are not scared your not driving fast enough KB.

👍️ 1
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
Hey Rod, while I have you…I just did a quick audit of my own.
7 of your last 10 UEEC posts were spiteful, bullying “attacks”on posters you choose to not agree with.
That’s 70% of your last 10 posts written to make others feel that their opinion is meaningless if it doesn’t agree with yours.
Please treat all posters with respect going forward.
👍️ 1
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
I’m here to have debates and offer fact based opinions. I can successfully go back and forth with anyone, as I have absolute confidence in my research.
However, I can see that he is struggling mightily and likely needs a break from discussion boards, as he feels any conflicting views must be addressed with name calling and blatant disregard for facts.
I will leave him be now, I wish him good health. That’s all I can offer.
However, I’m always here for a good intelligent debate.

Speaking of which, did you audit my numbers yet? You called me a liar. Remember?
👍️ 1
rodman rodman 4 weeks ago
First time I have recalled you wishing someone else good wishes! Your faith or possible lack of appears to come and go! Be who you are not what you want to be!
🤡 1
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
It’s too bad you can’t treat posters with opposing views with respect.
I’m starting to believe your massive losses are affecting you worse than I thought.
I’m truly hoping for the best for you.
👍️ 1
DR5 DR5 4 weeks ago
Blah, Blah, Blah……you just can’t stand being called out for the miserable person you are……”glass jaw” …. Remember that douchie?
💩 1 🤡 1
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
Ok. Coming from a guy making toilet and 💩 emoji posts.
I continue to feel sorry for you. Use your energy to do truthful research, not just pandering to your target audience.
DR5 DR5 4 weeks ago
Pure projection on your part. Grow up!
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
That’s another “attack”” based on falsehoods. I have politely replied to Dark with my reasoning for including him.
Please don’t speak out of turn.
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
I can see the posts you like on here. If you support posts calling my “holiday post” a “scam story” etc. then I know what you’re all about. If you like that post then you encourage the poster to continue with his zero evidence “attacks.”

I can only assume you also couldn’t handle my fact based opinions, and that you don’t think I own any shares. As those were the points put forth in his post.

As a moderator I figured you could help them with the morning challenge. Then you’re rid of me once and for all.

I’m curious though. Name one of my posts about Hemostyp and its past, current, or future prospects that you don’t agree with.
Did my post end up being truthful and evidence based after all?
I have always maintained that with the right guidance Hemostyp will get approval.

In contrast, what Trust, DR5, Rodman posts ended up playing out the way they had aggressively hoped for?

Thanks for your time.
DR5 DR5 4 weeks ago
Thanks Dark2, you illustrate my point to a “T”. Wavy is always looking to dump on someone. If I’m not around he’ll find someone else. His bringing you up just confirms what most of us think of that sorry individual.
👍️ 1
Dark2 Dark2 4 weeks ago
Kinda funny how both you and shoon bring me up in conversation today. Especially since I have not made a post in probably months. You feel that I am pumper on what grounds? Because I have said in the past that I don’t typically agree with the majority of your post? While I typically agree more with Trust & DR5 on things , I think anyone that has an axe to grind would be shoon. His nonsense that he puts on here 5x a day is just ridiculous.

I have been long on this stock for years and constantly add to my position.
👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 1
Hoonigan Hoonigan 4 weeks ago
The world is full off pumpers, bashers and big egos, it is a life that we have to navigate and is all about making money. One of my favorite was the late great Don King. He could pump and bash! I bet Elon took dancing lessens from him
Hoonigan Hoonigan 4 weeks ago
Wow fighting in the pits at least the wrenches were still in the tool boxes - No one can predict a timeline on a finish there are lots of variables (flat tires, terrain, weather, engine trouble and the worst getting lost). 101 - The time stops at this stage and the FDA has the pleasure to call for a restart. This team has been low on cash and experience. They have pulled off what the big boys with mega sponsorship have a tough time doing. Mistakes get made but is behind us now. Building in the USA is a good thing for the officiate to oversee/inspect. Hopefully they have done all the needed safety test runs and addressed the risks that the FDA asked for. This is a grueling technical race and takes time - White Lion cash is coming to help bring the big guns. Just spotted their truck load of cash outside of Barstow!
Viva Las Vegas
👍️ 1
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
For your reference:

Re: trusttheman post# 11291
Saturday, 04/01/2023 2:32:20 PM
Sorry for slow reply. I’m only allowed one post a day so won’t be checking in too often.
They’ve had a consultant for a long time.
Somehow he didn’t know that all of this testing had to be done in order for the PMA to progress.
If I knew- please tell me they knew.
If they truly have full access to the consultant and he didn’t advise UHP immediately upon being contracted -and learning that UHP moved factories after human trials.- that they MUST produce USA product, then yes the consultant is “that stupid to make mistakes like this.”

Second inconsistent messaging:

Originally RCA advised that if first test is successful , then within a FEW days the PMA would move forward.
Apparently Test was a success! But then new Test is ordered- why?
They never mentioned this before.
Shouldn’t experts have known this would be needed and if they did why did they say “a few days” originally???

Reason - they screwed up the test process.

Then when they do a complete test the true results come in.

You will know the true level of incompetence when we are still wondering what stage of the process we’re in as we enter 2024!
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
Again, I have nothing to hide. All posts are for public consumption. Unless you can actually reference a post or be accurate with your quotes please stop messaging me.
Just saying “long time posters remember” isn’t evidence of anything.
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
“…built a plant?” No I wouldn’t say that. they have contract plants.

Their original PMA did reference an agreement to manufacture Hemostyp from start to finish at one plant. That PMA failed as the Hemostyp used in Human Trials was Asian. And it turned out UHP hadn’t actually manufactured American Hemostyp to spec when they submitted the PMA and had to scramble to get new product at the same specs as Asia. I referenced this blunder many times.

My famous Memorial Day post was never positioned as fact, but rather, “a feeling.”
It was my opinion and I’m entitled to it.
trusttheman trusttheman 4 weeks ago
Nah Wave. You're wrong. Long time posters here remember what you said. You said they shouldn't have built the plant over here. That delayed things. Fact. They were told to do that by the FDA. They had no choice. It was the only way they could have gotten FDA approval. We all know they never got rid of the plant overseas. That wasn't my point. My point was you were complaining about how they should not have built the plant over here. Yes, you said that. Most of the things you say I don't pay attention to. That one I did because it was completely wrong.
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
You have yourself a great day. Good luck with your research.
Also, if you can send trust my earlier reply I’d appreciate it.
shoondale shoondale 4 weeks ago
Where is this frikkin bandage plant? Exact name and location? This is the biggest crock of bullshit I have ever heard. A fictitious bandage plant for a fictitious bandage. I realize a dude named Beplate bought a crate or two of the cheapest Chinese bandage money can buy over a decade ago. Since then? This is hilarious bullshit. Here, I found a serious use for your bandage. The only problem is dark2 doesn't have enough motivation to do any actual business:
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
DR5 DR5 4 weeks ago
You own it like the cheap suit personality you are.
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
And the “attacks” continue.
I believe you’re in your 60’s. Come on, do better.
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
They did keep their plant “overseas.”
What’s wrong with you? This is a fact.

People send you my posts? That’s weird. They should respect that you don’t want to see them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have me on ignore.

Do they cut and paste the whole post?
DR5 DR5 4 weeks ago
You got a lotta room to talk, jerk. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a bigger egotistical, blowhard with so much hubris that you’d give tRump a run for the crown for “Buffoon of the Century”!
Waverunners Waverunners 4 weeks ago
Classy Dr5. It’s a shame you are so defeated that all you have is toilets and name calling.
Good luck with that in retirement.

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