Health Advance Inc. (OTC: HADV): Embrace their CBD Innovation Before Everyone Else Does!

June 29, 2022 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- via Daniel Desantis -- has begun production of CBD infused beverages. New York State granted the proper License to Courtship Wines under the state's Cannabinoid Hemp Program.



  • (OTC: HADV) Management developed CBD project variations in response to customer feedback of pre-production features. This involved product name choices, packaging options, flavor preference, proper pricing, supply channels, etc.


  • Acquiring official government regulatory permission to advance has been a major aspect of the preliminary phase for the CBD wine project and is a substantial milestone.


  • Health Advance will unveil more details on all these topics as the manufacturing development is initiated, and sales get underway.


  • A product website will go live with social media accounts linked.


  • Health Advance has sufficient capital to fulfill the duties necessary of it to take the unveiling of its CBD product line through its phases of growth.



Recent News:

On June 28th, 2022, Health Advance announced they are preparing the initial batch of CBD infused de-alcoholized wine for distribution to consumers in July. Notable retailer accounts are competing for Health Advance's new products which include supermarkets to dispensaries.

Health Advance's new CBD infused wine beverage brand is called 66° Beverage Company. It's carving out a unique niche in the burgeoning adult beverage sector with proprietary blends.

Industry specialists approximate that 60% of consumers globally have increased their non-alcoholic adult beverage use. Sophisticated alternatives for conventional beverage use and for special occasions are being pursued. The international non-alcoholic beverage market is close to $1 Trillion annually. Health Advance is positioned to lead this major trend in the industry.

Larry McLachlin, president of Health Advance, stated, "The point of today's announcement is to confirm that we are moving out of the planning stage and into the production stage right now. It's happening. Cashflow from sales revenue will start to be reflected in our Q3 2022 filings."

Market Structure:

"Health Advance is hitting a bulls-eye with the launch of our new CBD-infused wine beverage this summer.  Mainstream media are aware that the non-alcoholic "adult beverage" market is gaining lots of traction.  For your interest, here is a video link proving this point:"

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SOURCE: Daniel Desantis

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