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Osisko Development Corporation (ODV)

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Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 8 months ago
I'll try some more here in the low $3
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 9 months ago
I can count 5 waves up from the low, curious to see if this is a ABC down to confirm the bottom and up from here or if it's just a wave two down and setting up for a wave 3. Sold 75% of the shares around $3.50. be cool to finally see what a confirmed bottom looks like
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 10 months ago
Played with the fibs a little more since it's back down and .03 away from my guess, i have a bigger 1.618 at $2.20 which is 19% drop from $2.73. All on all, the theory of not buying a ipo in the first year or two holds and still learning charting and fib levels trying to stay afloat
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 10 months ago
We'll see how my guess is with fibs, I have the 1.618 at $2.73 I'll play here a littlr
BestFishes BestFishes 11 months ago
I hear ya. Iโ€™m looking for my entry point on odv. Feel a little burned by katusa on groy, but I like the model there so Iโ€™ll be holding a long time. Being more careful with this one. Carbon streaming might take a position in as well but Iโ€™m waiting for that to find rock bottom. Seems like thereโ€™s no stopping itโ€™s crash
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 11 months ago
Lose money and learn lessons lol. Glad I waited on this, that carbon credit stock is .86 now as well.
ErnieBilco ErnieBilco 12 months ago
What do we have here????

Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 2 years ago
Robert sure was pumping this in July.... I canceled my katusa subscription after a carbon credit stock he pushed and informed me that $10 was a great entry price has now dropped below $2 and he started a new carbon company. I'm curious at these prices, but have learned buying a ipo has generally been a bad choice. Gold supposedly headed to 1400 by feb/march
BestFishes BestFishes 2 years ago
Found this one thanks to Katusa and Kyosaki.

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