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Date: August 23, 2023
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 Lavie Bio  Introduction  August 2023 

 Forward looking statement  This presentation contains "forward-looking statements" relating to future events, and Lavie Bio (the “Company”) and its parent, Evogene Ltd. (“Evogene”), may from time to time make other statements, regarding our outlook or expectations for future financial or operating results and/or other matters regarding or affecting us that are considered “forward-looking statements” as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the “PSLRA”) and other securities laws, as amended. Statements that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements.Such forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of such words as “believe”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “should”, “planned”, “estimated”, “intend” and “potential” or words of similar meaning. We are using forward-looking statements in this presentation when we discuss our value drivers, product pipeline, future sales, commercialization efforts and timing, product development and launches, estimated market sizes and milestones, as well as the capabilities of Evogene’s and our technology.   Such statements are based on current expectations, estimates, projections and assumptions, describe opinions about future events, involve certain risks and uncertainties which are difficult to predict and are not guarantees of future performance. Readers are cautioned that certain important factors may affect the Company's actual results and could cause such results to differ materially from any forward-looking statements that may be made in this presentation. Therefore, actual future results, performance or achievements, and trends in the future may differ materially from what is expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors, many of which are beyond our control, including, without limitation, those described in greater detail in Evogene's Annual Report on Form 20-F and in other information Evogene files and furnishes with the Israel Securities Authority and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including those factors under the heading “Risk Factors”.   Except as required by applicable securities laws, we disclaim any obligation or commitment to update any information contained in this presentation or to publicly release the results of any revisions to any statements that may be made to reflect future events or developments or changes in expectations, estimates, projections and assumptions.  The information contained herein does not constitute a prospectus or other offering document, nor does it constitute or form part of any invitation or offer to sell, or any solicitation of any invitation or offer to purchase or subscribe for, any securities of Evogene or the Company, nor shall the information or any part of it or the fact of its distribution form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, any action, contract, commitment or relating thereto or to the securities of Evogene or the Company.  The trademarks included herein are the property of the owners thereof and are used for reference purposes only. Such use should not be construed as an endorsement of our products or services.  2 

 Lavie Bio – In a Nutshell  Ag-Biologicals Rapidly GrowingMarket  Unique AI Tech-Platform and Data Assets  Broad &DiversePipeline  8 programs –new product launch expected every 1-2 years  Leveraging AI technology to increase:   Microbe selection predictability by 10X  Microbe efficiency by 20%   The ag-biologicals market is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR  Strategic Partners & Investors  2 Revenue Generating Graduated Programs 

 The Challenge  Grow more food with less environmental impact  Efficiency  Sustainability  Climate Change  Unstable weather patterns  Drought & higher temperatures  Increased extreme weather  Pest & Disease Outbreaks  Deregulation of existing pesticides  Resistance development to chemicals  Fewer new product introductions  Regulatory Restrictions  Limiting the use of chemicals  Enforcing regenerative practices  Regulating food imports   Consumer Demands  Healthier food  Higher quality   Sustainable production 

 5  Ag-biologicals is relatively a newcomer to the huge $200B ag-inputs market  Chemical Fertilizers  $130B  $60B  $10B  Ag-Biologicals  * The amounts described herein are based on Markets and Markets, Research and Markets, Vantage Market Research and company’s analysis  Crop Protection Chemicals 

 10  16  26  12.9% CAGR  E  * Company estimations, based on data shared by Dunham Trimmer during ABIM 2022, as well as reports from Markets and Markets, Research and Markets, Vantage Market Research  Sustainability  Renewable resources  Increased uptake of fertilizers  Consumer Health  Less residues  Less applicator exposure  Regenerative Agriculture  Improving soil fertility  Integrated pest management  Ag-Biologicals Could be the Solution Driving healthier crops, while preserving the soil 

 Chemical Crop Protection   & Fertilizers  Ag-Biologicals  Today  Next  Generation  ?  Sustainability  +  +++  +++  Efficacy  +++  ++  +++  Consistency  +++  +  +++  Commercial viability  +++  +  +++  However,Ag-Biologicals are Strugglingstill not efficient as ‘traditional’ solutions  Efficiency  

 Lavie Bio – Next Generation Ag-BiologicalsEfficient & Sustainable Products  Chemical Crop Protection   & Fertilizers  Ag-Biologicals  Today  Ag-Biologicals   Sustainability  +  +++  +++  Efficacy  +++  ++  +++  Consistency  +++  +  +++  Commercial viability  +++  +  +++  Efficiency  

 9  Our Mission  Improve food quality, sustainabilityand agriculture productivity through microbiome based, AI-driven, ag-biological products 

 The Power of the Microbiome  Billions of microbes make a difference!  Billions of microbes integral to plant-related ecosystems impact the entire plant lifecycle   Surrounding microbes generate nature’s largest ‘function bank’ for plant growth and development  These microbes act as a ‘live engine’ supporting yield production in the field 

 Commercialization  Optimization  Discovery  ApprovedProduct  The challenge: finding the winning candidates out of a vast number of possible microbes that address a complex myriad of criteria, to reach successful products  Ag-Biological Product Development The ultimate case of finding “the needle in the haystack”  Product Candidates 

 12  Lavie Bio’s proprietary BDD platform leverages advanced computational technologies that incorporate deep scientific understanding together with big data and advanced AI, to successfully discover & guide the development of novel ag-biological products  Lavie Bio’s Tech Edge: The Biology Driven Design (BDD) Platform   BIG DATA  BIOLOGY  AI  Powered by 

 crop, region, disease, weather conditions, yield…  Clear product requirements  The platform increases microbe selection predictability by 10X  Efficacy, shelf life, drought tolerance, nutrient uptake…  World leading microbial bank  Microbiomegene pool   Microbiomefunction catalog  Identify min microbes with max functions  Translate requirementsinto functions  Lead Product Candidates  BDD Platform - Function-Based Product Discovery Decoding the natural diversity of genetic functionality 

 The increases microbe efficiency by ~20%  Genetics  Fermentation  Formulation  ExistingBiologicals  Existing Chemicals  Efficiency  Identify functions for optimization  Efficiency  ExistingBiologicals  Existing Chemicals  Optimize functions – proprietary methods  Efficacy, shelf life, drought tolerance, nutrient uptake…  BDD Platform - Function-Based Product Optimization Maximizing performance of leading microbes  Ready for commercialization  Lead Product Candidates 

 Discovery  billions > promising few  Optimization  promising few > product  Commercialization  product > global expansion   End-to-End CapabilitiesFrom product concept to commercialization 

 Lavie Bio –Breaking the Efficiency/ Sustainability Trade-off  High  Low  Low  High  Efficiency   Efficacy  Consistency  Commercial Viability  Sustainability   Chemical Crop Protection   & Fertilizers  Ag-Biologicals(today)  16  Case Study - Thrivus 

 Efficiency - Proven Capabilities Bio-inoculant for cereal grains*  Sold in USA**& expanding globally  Superior performancethan alternatives  Consistent performance providing a 4:1 ROI to farmers  Check  2%  1%  3%  4%  6%  Other Ag-Biologicals Control  Yield improvement (%)   5%  *Thrivus has regulatory approval in the US & Canada for all small grains including wheat, Barley, Durum, Oats, soybeans, canola, and others. Data was gathered in large side-by-side field trials in the US  ** In 2023 Thrivus was sold for wheat and Durum. 2023 trials for barley and oats look promising for potential 2024 expansion 

 Sustainability - Proven Capabilities Bio-inoculant for cereal grains  Growers are financially rewarded for advancing sustainability  Use Thrivus bioinoculant for $8/acre   Realize yield improvement of ± 4 bushels per acre on average from Thrivus  Enroll in the Ceres Global sustainability program  As part of the Ceres program, paid upon delivery a $2.50/acre premium for advancing sustainability (subsidized by food companies)  * Thrivus is a combination of 2 synergistic bacteria strains which improve nutrient availability & uptake, improving plant health 

 Product program  Product focus  Application  Target market*  Potential expansion**  2022  2023  2024  2025  2026  2027  2028  Bio-Stimulants  Seed treatment,   Spring wheat  North America  25M ACRES wheat North America  500M ACRES  LAV228  Bio-stimulants 2  Seed treatment Soy  N.A, Europe  85M ACRESsoy US  180M ACRES  Bio-stimulants 3  Foliar treatment Soy  Brazil, US & LATAM  100M ACRESsoy Brazil  140M ACRES  Bio-stimulants 4  Foliar treatment  Cotton  Brazil, US, India  40M ACREScotton Brazil, US, & India  90M ACRES  Bio-Pesticides  Fruit rots  Foliar treatment  Fruits & Veg  Europe. N.A  <$200M grapes chemicals usage  +$800M  Additional Fruits & Veg  LAV321  Downey mildew  Foliar treatment  Fruits & Veg  Europe. N.A  <$350M grapes chemicals usage  +$150M  Additional Fruits & Veg  LAV332  Seedling disease  (Pythium)  Seed treatment,  Corn, soy, F&V  Europe, N.A  <$500M  <$200M  LAV441, LAV442  Bio-Insecticides  Seed treatment,  Corn, soy  Europe, N.A  <$1.5B existing traits and chemicals market  <$500M  * Company estimations for the target market of initial crops and disease based on FAO, OECD & USDA data  ** Company estimations for total addressable market including potential geographies & crop expansions   Expected product launch year  Our Product PipelineAn engine for new product launch every 1-2 years  product launch year 

 Product ExampleA bio-control product for vineyards (fruit rot)  Consistent performance in preventative application over 3 years (validated by Corteva)  Superior performance compared to competing biological control products, similar results to chemicals  Integrated spray programs showed potential reduction of 3-5 chemical applications* per season  Potential annual product sales >$100m**  Untreated   Chemical   * Program included alternating applications between chemical and LAV311 across the season. ** Lavie Bio’s assessment  * 

 Product ExampleA bio-control for vineyards & vegetables (Downey Mildew & Late Blight)  Field proven against Downy Mildew (grapes) & Late Blight (potato & tomato)  2 years testing by 4 multinationals with consistent performance & strong results  Limited solutions in the market due to pest resistance and regulatory constraints  Potential annual productsales >$100m*  * Lavie Bio’s assessment  Control  Control 

 Single Product Market PotentialFrom focused development to large market potential  HRS Wheat  Durum  Soy  Barley  Oats  Canola  Regions  USA  Canada  Europe  India  LATAM  Australia  Turkey  Brazil  One country/  one crop  USA/HRS wheat  Multiple countries/  Multiple crops  Crops  2023 

 Business Model  Direct model  Lavie Bio product  End-to-end product development  Production by contractor  Commercialization via direct channels  Revenues from sales  Licensing model   Lavie Bio ‘tech-inside’ product  End-to-end product development  Licensing by industry leader  Commercialization & production by partner  Revenues from upfront payment, milestones & royalties  + 

 Direct  Model  G2M Step 1  Bottom-up demand generation and sales through regional distribution partners  Current Thrivus US distribution partners  G2M Step 2  Scale-up through national partners  Potential US national partners 

 Licensing Model  Corteva to license Lavie Bio’s bio-fungicide LAV311 & LAV312 for fruit rot  Global exclusive license upon reaching diligence milestones  Deal terms:  Deal includes LAV311 as main strain and LAV312 as a back-up   $5M upfront payment  Future milestone payments  Royalties from future sales 

 Strategic Investors & Partners  Strategic partner:Exclusive long-term license for MicroBoost AI technology for agriculture  Strategic partner:2 joint bio-pesticide development programs  Strategic partner:2 joint bio-stimulant development programs  Global leader incomputational biology  Global leader in seeds and ag-chemical products  Global leader in fertilizers and specialty minerals   Strategic Investor:Evogene holdings – 70%  Strategic Investor:Corteva holdings – 28%$27M investment (Aug 2019)*  *Includes $10M cash investment along with transfer of assets  Strategic Investor:$10M SAFE investment (Aug 2022) 

 Russel Putland | EVP Commercial and US General Manager   30+ years of ag commercial leadership roles with ‘ground up’ experience in large multi-national organizations  We’ve gotthe right team to nurture it  Management Team  Board of Directors  Ofer Haviv  Chairman of the board Evogene’s President and CEO  Elad Aharonson  President, Growing Solutions at ICL  Frederic C. Beudot  Global Portfolio Leader for Biologicals at Corteva Agriscience  Trevor Thiessen  Senior agriculture executive, experienced in marketing, sales, and go-to-market  Amit Noam  | CEO  An extensive experience in the agriculture and healthcare sectors, leading teams in the development and execution of commercialization strategies, driving long-term growth and value-creation for businesses  Michael Ionesco| VP Research  Innovative research leader with deep biotechnology, big data and informatics expertise  Dor Kestecher   | VP Business Development  10+ years of broad experience leading in agriculture product management, strategy, and development  Amir Bercovitz| VP Development  Extensive development and product expertise in the ag-biologicals field for 30+ years – led introductions of 5 commercial products  Sassi Masliah  Vice President Corporate Development at Evogene  Yaron EldadCFO  Over 25 years of experience in various CFO positions in public and private technology and biotechnology companies, 

 Summary  C  Broad & diverse pipeline of 8 bio-stimulant and bio-pesticide products targeting a new product launch every 1-2 years  B  Unique tech edge – enables to systematically bring sustainable ag-biological products to the market, with comparable efficiency to synthetic solutions  D   Proven end-to-end product development capabilities with 2 graduated programs generating revenues: Thrivus (direct model) & LAV311 (licensing model)  A  Ag-biologicals - a $10B market, forecasted to grow at a 13% CAGR over the next decade  E   Strong market acknowledgement - Corteva, ICL & Evogene as strategic investors & partners  

 Thank you! 

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