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Life Storage Inc

Life Storage Inc (LSI)

Closed July 13 4:00PM

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richrichrich richrichrich 11 years ago
I think I bought them as raw AGRA/AGRB shares, at mid 2005.....I also own some Lucent shares. And yes, and what a POS those have been. Turned into Alcatel-Lucent, managed by a fool of a woman CEO, dropped to a very low value, and has recently tried to come back, from a total loss, to a partial loss....Even now, charges me some sort of yearly "frenchie" fee of 2 or 3 dollars, for "handling"....(Swines)....Never going to return to a decent share price.....Maybe someone will buy the company outright....(Hope).....
At least I can have confidence in just waiting, for the LSI buyout of 11.15 per share, sometime early 2014....Tried placing a sell order for 11.15 recently, in case anyone wants to buy my "ancient" shares, prematurely.....No takers.....
MorningLightMountain MorningLightMountain 11 years ago
yep, and that was a spinoff from the POS Lucent.......amazing after all these years I have a handful of LSI straggler shares in my account, think they were only a couple bucks PPS way back then.....
richrichrich richrichrich 11 years ago
Sittin pretty....after all these years....waiting for my 11.15 per share buyout....Bought in (I think), when it was Agere(agra/agrb)....Then converted into LSI shares(correct me if I'm wrong, anybody).....I will make a handsome profit.....Even though I bought in, in 2005....Long term hold......
Global Interface Global Interface 11 years ago
i advise, build, sell and implement custom solutions for routing, storage, voice, drafting, cloud services, long range wireless point-to-point, you name it... And more often than not I use LSI for my controllers. They have proven products and people from my perspective.

Just putting it out there...


adeezl adeezl 11 years ago
LSI is the real deal.. look at that pump today.. amazing run here since 6/24 monster $10+ stock here by next year with ease. Storage will ramp up bigly here by 2015

ECole ECole 11 years ago
Bank-of-America Technology-Conference

Updates can be found here

Read here
adeezl adeezl 11 years ago
LSI on a lot of firms long list.. $10 very possible this year I like the action all around this company. Chart wise we're setting up for another golden cross that took us to $9 early last year There are some great things coming this year from LSI

adeezl adeezl 11 years ago
Great idea, tech in the doghouse but it's slowly perking up, granted LSI does a whole lot. This is one of the few longs I would hold.
HIS MONEY HIS MONEY 11 years ago
Agreed. Glad I got in right before the close. Will hold this for a while.
adeezl adeezl 11 years ago
yeah LSI not getting the love it deserves, solid company with solid fundamentals. $7.50-8 should be a breeze
HIS MONEY HIS MONEY 11 years ago
$LSI Q1 EPS of $0.17 beats by $0.05. Revenue of $569M beats by $13.12M
adeezl adeezl 11 years ago
LSI nice hits today could be the start of a nice push to 7.75 or so very nice action
mailhot72 mailhot72 12 years ago
Agreed. Chart looks strong. I tried to pick up a few more today at 6.80 nut didn't get picked up.

I am glad we held above 6.80. Still confident we will break 8.00 by end of month!!!! GLTY
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Well we didn't quite make the $8 target but I bet we see that end of the month for sure. LSI very hot, fundamentals and overall quality is unmatched. Let's roll
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI is a great buy around here in my opinion (6.50-6.70), thing looks primed and continues to wow with earnings in a horrid Tech market. If they hand out 6.50's again i'm going in with both hands
mailhot72 mailhot72 12 years ago
Agreed. I was thinking $9 but didn't want to seem too optimistic.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Yes sir, I really like LSI at these levels. I've no doubts we could see 8.50-9+ again provided market doesn't go into total dump mode or index sellers will wash it down with the rest.

mailhot72 mailhot72 12 years ago
I currently own LSI, but see that you are a supporter of this company. What PPS levels do you fell we will see come EOY 2012???
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
6.50's back, will have to keep this on watch tomorrow
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI - getting time to load up, missed the 6.50's is on supa watch. Cheers all.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
I'd say market liked it, 10%+ gain here since earnings. Anyone else load up? Cheers
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI did VERY well earnings wise.. not much movement here

LSI Reports Third Quarter 2012 Results

14% year-over-year revenue growth, with strong operating cash flows

MILPITAS, Calif., October 24, 2012 – LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) today reported results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2012.

Third Quarter 2012 Highlights

Third quarter 2012 revenues from continuing operations* of $624 million, up 14% year-over-year
Third quarter 2012 GAAP** income from continuing operations of $0.07 per diluted share
Third quarter 2012 non-GAAP*** income from continuing operations of $0.17 per diluted share
Third quarter 2012 operating cash flows of $112 million

Fourth Quarter 2012 Business Outlook

Projected revenues from continuing operations* of $570 million to $610 million
GAAP** income from continuing operations in the range of ($0.02) to $0.07 per share
Non-GAAP*** income from continuing operations in the range of $0.11 to $0.17 per share

Last time this happened guys the stock went up 20%+ the next day, my buddy that works for them says they're curious to see how the market reacts. We'll see! I'm watching after Fusion's deal
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Looks like LSI is the only one holding it's own here. It's not that big of a surprise given what they do. This company does a lot more than SSD folks. Q will be great here imo. Goodluck folks
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Folks need to load the boat on this hard correction coming to the market this fall. LSI is going top shelf for sure come end of year. Last freebie :) hah. Goodluck
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Yeah I don't really do health and finance where it's all fluff. Technology is the key to every sector, as without new tech all these companies can't do sheeet, not a damn thing. They're thumbs in the arse without our products.

LSI does a lot more than SSD thankfully, and they're going to have a few stellar quarters coming up in my opinion. Good times to come here
a r a r 12 years ago
Seems like the thing to do. : )

Company buys that much back you gotta figure it'll be worthwhile to get some too. Might start watching this one again as FIO and OCZ have both treated me well recently.

Loving the tech's.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
When a company buys $500mil worth of shares back with the $750mil still in effect, you BUY the damn stock folks.. :D
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Scored the 6.85's as well heh... lovely day really
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Well I got in $7 on the dot I can imagine this is great news short or long term. I mean half a bils worth isn't chump change
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Holy hell... that was it! $500mil buyback... daaaaymn! GO LSI
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI HUGE volume here.. something is up for sure. Even my buddy that works there is asking if I heard anything hah.. very unusual

We can see that there was profit taking/stops this AM and picked right back up. It could be beefy daytraders but very doubtful
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Something tells me LSI is about to explode from the OCZ sellers coming this way. It's definitely possible. The only reason i'd say that is from the fins being over expectations here.

This 7.20 will tell all

UPDATE 2-LSI quarterly revenue beats expectations
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Well I got 2 pennies hah 7.25 ousted me

$273 profit hah SCORE! :P

EDIT - Some profit taking going on now, probably kiss off 7.15 and extend back up
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Screw it give me $7.25s hah.. bored as sh*t here

Well you go LSI! I never got filled and I'm not chasing it today.

7.40 kiss may be top!

EDIT - Here we go, finally some profit taking, give me that fill!

In this bish 7.23's let's see some 7.34's
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI VERY hot right now folks.. lots of buyers flooding in! (full out eying a trading position at 7.15 here)

Volume is insane... to say the least
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
LSI on the tear... results were HOT! Good times

Dropping my fills here at 7.07/08... lovely lovely!

Hilarious pump on the DOW this am.. absolutely NO reason for this 200 point run. ECB isn't doing jack come on folks. FED trying to make things look good.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Earnings Wednesday July 25th 2pm Pacific.. don't miss out let's see what LSI has to say! Cheers
Rich Rich 12 years ago
Lol, you saw that too?
Turkey Red Turkey Red 12 years ago
The Cramer bump tomorrow
Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
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Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
~ Wednesday! $LSI ~ Q1 Earnings posted, pending or coming soon! In Charts and Links Below!

~ $LSI ~ Earnings expected on Wednesday *
Want more like this? Search Keyword: MACMONEY >>> <<<
One or more of many earnings sites has alerted this security has or will be posting earnings on or around the day of this message.

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adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
1st Quarter 2012 results coming up April 25th. I bet we see a nice upward movement in due time. Cheers mate, yes the globe is taking a step back after all that over extending on weak numbers. I think peaks hit for a while globally and will start a pullback into May. Good times, and yes excellent work any profit is profit these days as nothing is as safe as it was.
a r a r 12 years ago
Sold the other half for a tiny profit, but better than no profit or a loss and I now have all my big board money free. Still watching the daily and weekly charts. Got to stay disciplined to make money consistently.

Was talking to a friend of mine who has helped me on the past few months with charts, as well as supplied some good books (boik anyone?) and I'm looking at NASDAQ/AAPL as well as s&p500.

Could see a downward move on the exchanges and short ETFs may prove to be a good swing trade opportunity.
a r a r 12 years ago
Looking good today.
This year I will become more disciplined and take profits off the table in as many plays as possible.

Learned a quick lesson with OCZ the last 2 weeks, broke the uptrend and hit my stop loss.

However, I just cashed in 50% of my LSI holdings for a 6% gain in the last few weeks so I am pleased about that. Sold at 8.90 because the 2min looked like it needed some cooling and the ask seemed stacked at 8.91 after we touched 8.92.

As always, keep finding wonderful plays for me to tag along on.

ps - I saw your posts on PSP* the last few days and I agree with you. I love that they were straight up posts and it's amazing how people have been molded to believe that there is always an ulterior motive. I am definitely transitioning to way more Bigs and minimal OTC/pinks this year. However, if you want to look at a pink (and I rarely, if ever, inform someone of another penny play) check out APII. It's got the tech (Core Wafer Solution) and should see a good run if APII can close the CWS acquisition before Q2 closes.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Excellent. Looks good man we will be moving up here shortly i'm sure as everything is pumping. Apple kicking the Nassie today. Goodluck bro. Cheers!
a r a r 12 years ago
Taiwan Server Leaders Select LSI SAS Solutions for New Intel(R) Xeon(R)Processor E5-2600 Product Family-Based Servers
Acer, ASUS, GIGABYTE, Inventec, MSI, Quanta Computer,TYAN and Wistron integrate LSI 6Gb/s SAS and MegaRAID(R) solutions for new server offerings

TAIPEI, March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) today announced that Taiwan server industry leaders including Acer, ASUS, GIGABYTE, Inventec, MSI, Quanta Computer, TYAN and Wistron have selected LSI(R) 6Gb/s SAS and MegaRAID(R) solutions for their next-generation server models based on the new Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor E5-2600 product family.

"The escalating demands on IT in datacenters and cloud environments are driving the need for an optimal balance of performance, efficiency and costs," said Jim Pappas, Director of Technology Initiatives, Intel Corporation. "As new Intel(R)Xeon(R)processor E5-2600 product family-based platforms roll out with PCI Express(R) 3.0 capability and LSI SAS technology, customers will benefit from systems designed to capitalize on the full performance potential of flash storage and the IT efficiency of virtualization."

"Taiwan plays a critical role in the worldwide server market," said Robin Wagner, senior marketing director, RAID Storage Division, LSI. Through multiple technology generations, LSI has been the leading SAS technology provider to this important market segment. As wide adoption of our 6Gb/s SAS enabling technology continues, LSI will be in a strong position to support these customers at the next critical inflection point, the 12Gb/s SAS rollout."

LSI announced( ) the industry's first sample shipments of 12Gb/s SAS RAID-on-Chip (ROC), controller and expander ICs to server and external storage OEMs in mid-2011, underscoring LSI's leadership in the SAS market segment.

Since the inception of SAS, LSI has delivered a leading portfolio of products including SAS ROC, controller and expander ICs( ), HBAs( ), MegaRAID and 3ware(R) RAID controllers( ), 6Gb/s SAS switches( ), advanced software( ) options and PCIe(R) flash( ) adapters. By offering best-in-class SAS technologies, assured interoperability and single-vendor support, LSI SAS solutions are implemented across the industry's broadest spectrum of server platforms.

More information on the complete LSI SAS portfolio is available at ).

And it's all good man, gotta go with the flow life hands you.
Let's make some bank this year with tech plays like LSI. :D
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Sorry bro haven't been around. Either way I would have said yes for the continued uptrend here. I think the next round is 9.40's myself. 1st quarter guidance right on track, escalation in progress. Excellent stock to hold long and trade the dips. Congrats on the fills here bro! Cheers

a r a r 12 years ago
you looking for a continuation of the uptrend today?

RSI just about to cross 70 going up
10 day sma bounced off 20 day sma and 10/20/50 are in order
MACD bullish cross and histogram just crossed 0
ADX is turning up after the +DI temporariloy crossed -DI a few days ago.

weekly chart shows that volume this week is already around last weeks and we still have today and tomorrow.

read the updated fin news, i like.

LSI looking bullish - fundamentally and technically.
a r a r 12 years ago
So that's what happened!

I didn't even get a chance to check except for the middle of the day when I noticed my ocz value was down but my lsi was taking off.

I will def try to watch closer tmrw and Friday. May be time to pull some profits.
adeezl adeezl 12 years ago
Mother-Fin' sheet hit the fan today bro.. Fins out of the park again. Huge buys end of day. Tomorrow should be insane! Hope you're still holding on bro! Cheers mate

34mil traded today.. DAAAAYMN GINA!


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