• Using SMX's platform that combines physical mark, track and trace solution and a digital twin blockchain platform solution, plastic products of any shape, size and/or color can store key information to detect & quantify:
    • Loop Counts - The number of times the polymer has been recycled
    • Amount of recycled content percentage
    • The brand owner's name
  • For further information please visit https://smx.tech/equilibrium-life

NEW YORK, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SMX (Security Matters) plc1(NASDAQ: SMX; SMXWW) is pleased to announce for Earth Day (22 April), the world's largest environmental movement day, its part in the global sustainability effort by enabling companies and industries to comply with plastic regulations as they endeavour to meet their business goals and make plastic green.

SMX’s technology enables companies to have:

As one of the six official pledges on Earth Day 20232, SMX's technology can do its part to help end plastic pollution, through its innovative technology which enables recyclers the ability to easily identify the type of plastic and the recycled loop counts for sorting and recycling purposes. 

The recent Frost and Sullivan Market Analysis report345 on SMX, which projects the price target range to be US$6.50 per share, states that recycled plastic packaging is expected to grow to 102 Mn tons by 2023, equating to a US$102Bn industry. Further, the report also states that "PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC and PP recycling rates will increase to 66.8%, 57%, 36% 48% and 47.1% respectively".

As stated by earthday.org "companies who've developed strong ESG standards are seeing better profitability, stronger financial performance, and happier employees. There is no longer a choice between going green and growing long term profits. It is critical for businesses of all sizes to act now." SMX is able to address some of these key unmet needs of the plastic recycling industry particularly with regards to hard-to-recycle post-consumer plastic segments.

With a growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) rules, clean energy, minimizing single-use plastic waste and incentivizing the use of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging, countries throughout Europe (UK6 and EU7) are leveraging, in various forms, Plastic Packaging Taxes (PPT) on plastic packaging that does not contain any, or less than a certain amount of, recycled plastic. SMX believes that similar regulations will be introduced to the United States in the near future and SMX has the technology to help American companies to prepare.

SMX's unique drop-in marking solution survives all processing and provides plastic recycled producers and sellers with the ability to digitally and physically mark all kinds of plastic recycled materials, thus ensuring accurate and efficient auditing systems.

By utilizing this technology to achieve compliance with PPT requirements, companies would be shifting from a linear approach to the economy to a circular one, benefiting from supply chain transparency, removing their dependency on human and paper auditing, minimizing the financial and operational impact on the additional costs of meeting these regulations and greater resource efficiency – such as higher rates of recycling and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

With the capacity to track, trace, certify, and authenticate all gas, liquid, and solid products throughout the entire supply chain from raw material, eventual product, to recyclables and reuse, SMX provides an all-encompassing solution that sets the stage for a circular economy.

About SMX

As global businesses faces new and complex challenges relating to carbon neutrality and meeting new governmental and regional regulations and standards, SMX is able to offer players along the value chain access to its marking, tracking, measuring and digital platform technology to transition more successfully to a low-carbon economy.

The Frost & Sullivan Market Analysis report is delivered pursuant to an annual contract as between SMX and Frost & Sullivan, pursuant to which SMX pays Frost & Sullivan to provides coverage and analysis of SMX and its business. SMX provides company information to Frost & Sullivan for it to prepare its reports.

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