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Hiru (PK) (HIRU)

Hiru Corporation (PK)
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07/19/202110:41AMInvestorsHub NewsWireSeeking Alpha - ALYI confirms order for 2000 electric motorcyclesUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
06/25/202112:05PMInvestorsHub NewsWireCLNV $0.08 50 Day MA Breakout On MACD Cross Following $55 Billion Plastic To Energy NewsUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
08/30/201710:29PMInvestorsHub NewsWireMJAC 2017 Speaker Update - How venture capital and cryptocurrency are converging as the future of cannabis investingUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
08/28/201710:43AMInvestorsHub NewsWirePotNetwork Holdings, Inc Confirmed for MJAC 2017USOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
08/24/20178:40AMInvestorsHub NewsWireMJAC 2017 International Cannabis Conference - Discount CodeUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
08/22/20171:27AMInvestorsHub NewsWireMJAC 2017 - Speaker Update - Investing In The U.S. Cannabis MarketUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
07/06/20122:40PMMarketwiredMindUp BioResearch (HIRU) Shareholder Corporate UpdateUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
08/04/20113:45PMMarketwiredMindUp BioResearch (HIRU) Research Team Published Their New Results on the Topic of Overcoming Multiple-Drug Resistance in Lu...USOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
03/10/20114:25PMMarketwiredJiangxi Tianyun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (HIRU) Launches Additional Agricultural ExpansionsUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
03/08/20113:45PMMarketwiredShaungshi AHP (HIRU): Further Development in Company's R&DUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
03/04/20113:45PMMarketwiredJiangxi Tianyun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (HIRU) Additional Agricultural Production ExpansionUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
03/01/20116:45AMMarketwiredShaungshi AHP (HIRU) Obtains Approval for Two New Veterinary Products in Chinese MarketUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
02/25/20113:45PMMarketwiredHiru Corporation (HIRU) Updates on the Company Research and DevelopmentUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
02/22/20113:45PMMarketwiredHiru Corporation (HIRU) Hosts Major Product Promotion in Northern ChinaUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
02/14/20113:57PMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP (HIRU) Expands Into AgricultureUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
02/09/20111:00PMMarketwiredMindUp BioResearch (HIRU) Participates in the Fourth Conference of the Translational Cancer Medicine 2010 (USA), San Francisco, USOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
02/08/20113:45PMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP (HIRU) In China Merger ModeUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
01/18/20113:45PMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP (HIRU) Receives ISO 9001 CertificationUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
01/12/201112:38PMMarketwiredJiangxi Shaungshi (HIRU) Invests $450,000 USD in Its Research InstituteUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
01/11/20113:45PMMarketwiredJiangxi Shaungshi (HIRU) Obtains Approval for 4 New Veterinary Products in the Chinese MarketUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
01/06/20113:40PMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP (HIRU) Enhancements for the Growing Vaccine Market in ChinaUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/27/20103:45PMMarketwiredShuangshi APH (HIRU) Enhances Its Long-Term Expansion PlanUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/23/20103:45PMMarketwiredJiangxi Shaungshi Pharmaceutical Co. (HIRU) Expands Further Into AquacultureUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/20/20103:45PMMarketwiredHiru Corporation (HIRU) Targets North American Market Expansion With a MergerUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/20/201010:00AMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP Co. (HIRU) to Expand Future Vaccine Opportunities in Two Chinese ProvincesUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/15/20103:45PMMarketwiredHiru Corp (HIRU) to Participate In China Government R&D Veterinary SurveillanceUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
12/03/20103:45PMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP Co. (HIRU) Expands Sales AreaUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
11/26/20103:45PMMarketwiredHiru Corporation (HIRU) Employees Hold Large-Scale Product Promotion FairUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
11/12/20103:30PMMarketwiredHiru Corporation (HIRU) in Negotiation Talks for Merger With a Canadian Health Products CompanyUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
11/11/20107:30AMMarketwiredShuangshi AHP Co.'s (HIRU) Production Line and WorkshopUSOTC:HIRUHiru Corporation (PK)
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:USOTC:HIRU