Cryptocurrency Faucets, as the name suggests are like dripping taps (faucets)... but instead of water, cryptocurrency comes out! In the same way as a drip takes time to form, users have to wait a certain time before they can collect more coins.

This faucet will deliver you PLUS1 direct to your ADVFN wallet. You must wait 12 hours between claims.

The faucet is funded by donations from the ADVFN community.

PLUS1 in Community Faucet: 44.01

PLUS1 Claim 0.01 0.10 1.00 10.00
Chance 90% 7% 2% 1%

Recent donations

Date Donor PLUS1 Amount
10 hours agosutt0.01000000
12 hours agoallbp0.00000900
12 hours agoallbp0.00000700
12 hours agoallbp0.00000600
17 hours agoAnonymous0.00039482
17 hours agosuredid0.00010000
19 hours agocoxi330.03000000
19 hours agoallbp0.00000700
19 hours agoallbp0.00000900
19 hours agoallbp0.00000800
19 hours agoallbp0.00000500
19 hours agoAnonymous3.50000000
19 hours agotombillion11.11111111
20 hours agoDansLoft2250.05000000
20 hours agoAnonymous1.00000000
21 hours agoAnonymous0.70000000
23 hours agoAnonymous100.00000000
1 day agoallbp0.00000600
1 day agoallbp0.00000900
1 day agoallbp0.00000700