Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: SENS), a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of long-term, implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes, today announced that Ascensia Diabetes Care (Ascensia) has commenced sales and marketing activities for the Eversense® XL CGM system in key European markets as of today, as part of their strategic partnership announced in August, 2020.

“Today, we are extremely excited to see Ascensia, a global leader in the diabetes technology space, begin distribution of the Eversense XL in these key European markets. We are confident our shared goal of bringing our advanced long-term solution to more people with diabetes will be accomplished through Ascensia’s high level of commitment to our products and to patients and healthcare providers,” said Tim Goodnow, PhD, President and CEO of Senseonics. “Today further strengthens our collaboration and shows the commitment of our combined organizations to provide patients with an implantable sensor that gives them continuous glucose readings for up to 180 days. Ascensia’s global infrastructure and strong commercial experience alongside our focus on innovation, product development and production will enhance value for all our stakeholders.”

Under terms of the commercial agreement, today Ascensia initiates distribution of the Eversense XL System in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. In the US, Ascensia is already providing sales support for the original Eversense® CGM system.

Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global specialist diabetes care company that is dedicated to helping people living with diabetes. It is a leader in the blood glucose monitoring market with its CONTOUR portfolio of systems that are known for their accuracy and ease of use. Ascensia markets its devices in over 125 countries across the world. The Switzerland based company is owned by PHC Holdings Corporation Ltd, a KKR portfolio company.

Eversense XL is the only CGM providing continuous glucose readings for up to 180 days with a single sensor in persons age 18 and older in the European market. The Eversense CGM System in the US provides continuous glucose readings for up to 90 days with a single sensor in persons age 18 and older. Inserted under the skin in a simple in-office procedure, Eversense XL gives users the freedom from weekly or bi-weekly self-insertions. Designed with the patient in mind, the Eversense® system has a removable transmitter that provides discretion and flexibility, with the added reassurance of on-body vibratory alerts, to inform users when their glucose level is outside their low or high settings. The system is accurate throughout its sensor life with a MARD of 9.4%1. The Eversense® Mobile app allows for real-time monitoring and management, enables users to view their data on their smart phone and share retrospective data from the Data Management System with their HCPs. In addition, through the accompanying Eversense® NOW caregiver app, up to five other people can remotely view a user’s real-time readings and alerts.

About Eversense

The Eversense® Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is indicated for continually measuring glucose levels in persons age 18 and older with diabetes for up to 90 days in the US and the Eversense XL provides glucose readings for up to 180 days outside the US. The system is indicated for use to replace fingerstick blood glucose (BG) measurements for diabetes treatment decisions. Fingerstick BG measurements are still required for calibration twice per day, and when symptoms do not match CGM information or when taking medications of the tetracycline class. The sensor insertion and removal procedures are performed by a health care provider. The Eversense CGM System is a prescription device; patients should talk to their health care provider to learn more. For important safety information, see

About Senseonics

Senseonics Holdings, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of transformational glucose monitoring products designed to help people with diabetes confidently live their lives with ease. Senseonics' CGM systems, Eversense® and Eversense® XL, include a small sensor inserted completely under the skin that communicates with a smart transmitter worn over the sensor. The glucose data are automatically sent every 5 minutes to a mobile app on the user's smartphone.

  1. Aronson R et al. First assessment of the performance of an implantable continuous glucose monitoring system through 180 days in a primarily adolescent population with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Obes Metab 2019;21(7):1689-1694


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