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Rainmaker Worldwide (PK) (RAKR)

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
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03/21/20248:34AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Announces Formation of New Advisory BoardUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
01/22/20249:33AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Finalizes the Acquisition of Miranda Water Treatment SystemsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
03/27/20238:50AMInvestorsHub NewsWireMemorandum of Understanding With Miranda Water Treatment Systems and Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. ExtendedUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
02/21/202310:05AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Strengthens Global Operations With Key Resource AdditionsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
10/05/20229:02AMInvestorsHub NewsWireMemorandum of Understanding Signed by Miranda Water Treatment Systems and Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.USOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
08/02/20229:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Announces Joint Development Agreement with Miranda Water Treatment SystemsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
03/21/20228:40AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Announces Up-Listing to the OTCQBUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
01/04/20228:39AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Submits Application to the OTC Markets to Up-List to OTCQB and Appoints Two Independent DirectorsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
10/20/20218:49AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Completes SEC Filing Process in Preparation for OTCQB Up-List ApplicationUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
07/21/20218:17AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Files SEC Form 10 to Prepare for OTCQB Up-ListUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
04/15/202111:42AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Posts 2019 and 2020 Audited Financials to OTCUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
04/06/20214:43PMInvestorsHub NewsWireRestructuring Advances Rainmaker's Strategy to Up-List to the OTCQBUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
03/11/20219:12AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRAKR Removes $775,000 in Outstanding Promissory Notes, Loans and Debt Owed to Current and Past Management TeamUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
02/16/20219:01AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRAKR Expands its Water-as-a-Service Business Following the Termination of Share Purchase Agreement with Sphere 3DUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
01/05/20214:47PMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Announces Strengthening of its Team Following Sale of Rainmaker Holland BV to Sphere 3D Corp.USOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
10/08/20208:47AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. Announced Today the Signing of a Joint Venture With the Carlaw Group Ltd. to Provide Water...USOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
07/27/20209:34AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRAKR Announces Multimillion Dollar Joint Solar Water Venture in the Bahamas, Contract for 50 Solar Capable Air-to-Water UnitsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
07/21/20208:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Appoints Steve Grasso of CNBC to Advisory BoardUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
07/13/20209:14AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Announces Strategic Alliance With Global ResellerUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
07/02/20208:58AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc.: Best Community Impact Water Solutions Global 2020USOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
06/23/20208:23AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Signs Water-as-a-Service Agreement with Jamaica's Northern Caribbean UniversityUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
05/21/20203:09PMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Announces Agreement for $4.7 Million Sale of Preferred SharesUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
01/30/20209:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide and Pi Eco Announce a Strategic Investment and Global Reseller AgreementUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
01/23/202010:01AMInvestorsHub NewsWireFormer GE Chief Investment Officer Joins Rainmaker as Strategic AdvisorUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
09/30/20197:44AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC: RAKR) Wins EU Horizon 2020 Project and Awarded $2.5Mil USD GrantUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
09/25/20188:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide delivers its first Air-to-Water unit to Sri Lanka to assist with water crisis in drought prone countryUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
09/18/20188:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Ships Initial $100,000 Order of its Proprietary Water to Water TechnologyUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
06/12/201810:57AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide and Bredenoord Deliver Mission-Critical Water Supply Technology for Dutch Military BasesUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
05/29/201811:18AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Announces First Sales in South AfricaUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
05/10/201811:51AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRainmaker Worldwide Appoints Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri to Board of DirectorsUSOTC:RAKRRainmaker Worldwide Inc (PK)
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:USOTC:RAKR