Delaware -- June 17, 2022 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Co Brand Partners has announced today, it is looking to increase its investment in OTC stock code.


With the social-based commerce sector predicted to grow to reach 1.2 trillion dollars by 2025, Co Brand Partners believes that as one of the highest growth sectors where social change is driving growth this is the place to be.


Co Brand Partners focuses on being the brand behind the brands by directly or co-invest with other investors in small consumer-based products that can benefit from capital and connections. Today a business does not need major retail distribution to be successful; it just needs good access to social commerce and data.


Co Brand Partners is currently also investing in the ebike sector based on the massive ecommuter transformation. The ecommuter sector is based around real social change and is one of the fastest growing sectors.


Co Brand Partners knows social connections have always been important to find the right product. Now instead of hearing about a recommendation weeks later from a friend, colleague, or neighbor, the recommendations are nearly instantaneous with social-based apps, data algorithms, and influencer recommendations. Co Brand Partners works to consolidate these points into profitable pipelines for all parties.

Social and e commerce are sectors in rapid growth; Co Brand Partners is already rising with them.


About Co Brand Partners

Co Brand Partners is the brand behind the brands providing Capital, Connections, and Capabilities. CBP partners with companies that offer products that enhance life and that are positioned for sustainable growth.


Entering new markets is tough for businesses at the best of times. The process often requires large amounts of capital, a deep understanding of the market, immense connections and this process can often be risky if not implemented correctly. Co Brand Partners USA works with local and international businesses to fast-track their entry into key, high-growth markets through leveraging its connections and accelerating its opportunities.


Co Brand Partners is not only an investor; It's a partner.

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SOURCE: Co Brand Partners USA, Inc.