SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Stratodesk, a leader in end user computing solutions, is excited to announce Gaston County's success thanks to the Stratodesk/ViewSonic SC-T25 Citrix Ready workspace hub. Gaston County has taken advantage of the advanced capabilities and low price point of the joint solution in order to deliver advanced endpoint computing to their entire VDI. With the solution now in place, Gaston County reduces the average 20 user department PC/Endpoint refresh implementation from what used to take approximately 4 business weeks to 4 business days and reduces basic PC costs from approximately $800-$1000 per workstation to $100 per workspace hub.

The Stratodesk Citrix Ready workspace hub, also known as the ViewSonic SC-T25 Citrix workspace hub, is powered by the hardware agnostic NoTouch OS, backed by reliable ViewSonic hardware, and connects to Citrix Workspace directly out of the box.

After leveraging Stratodesk management software, reducing basic PC costs, and enhancing user experience with the workspace hub, Gaston County is now able to leverage the full power of their VDI. This includes tremendous gains in deployment agility, endpoint security, performance, device and application compatibility, user acceptance and value.

"The incredible success seen by Gaston County demonstrates the considerable ability that the Stratodesk Citrix Ready workspace hub has to solve deployment challenges facing businesses of all shapes and sizes and across multiple industries," says Stratodesk CMO, Silke Telsnig. "The solution is a pinnacle technological achievement and we're glad to see it so well received."

Managing the workspace hub as an enterprise device has also had a major influence on Gaston County's Citrix Virtual Desktop strategy and vision for the future. In the words of Fred Hinson, Virtualization Administrator of Gaston County, "NoTouch Desktop gives us almost effortless image and device management. With NoTouch software, we have gained the agility to reduce the average 20 user department PC/Endpoint refresh implementation from what used to take 4 business weeks to 4 business days." He also adds that "the Stratodesk Citrix Ready workspace hub will be a keystone of Gaston County's software defined secure digital perimeter. Stratodesk is now positioned to lead us into the future of work."

"By partnering with Stratodesk and Citrix, ViewSonic has been able to create a truly purpose-built enterprise ready thin client alternative," says Erik Willey, Business Line Director at ViewSonic, in response to the excitement that organizations like Gaston County Government are showing over the next generation endpoint device. "The SC-T25 workspace hub is compatible with advanced features like Citrix Casting, secure QR code authentication, and beacon-based proximity detection. It is a powerful next-generation alternative to traditional x86 thin clients."

"Citrix digital workspace solutions provide a modern approach for managing all devices and applications through a single platform in a secure and reliable manner," said John Panagulias, Director, Citrix Ready. "With Stratodesk's Citrix Ready workspace hub, Gaston County can provide access to all the applications employees prefer to use and give IT a single control plane through which they can onboard and manage application performance without getting in the way of the user experience."

Stratodesk will be exhibiting at Citrix Synergy 2019, showcasing the Stratodesk Citrix Ready workspace hub and answering questions about the progressive endpoint device. Additionally, their team will be filming customer success stories similar to Gaston County's. Past or current Stratodesk customers interested in sharing their success can register at the following site:

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