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Silver Mountain Resources Inc (QB)

Silver Mountain Resources Inc (QB) (AGMRF)

Closed July 22 4:00PM

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About Silver Mountain Resources Inc (QB)

Miscellaneous Metal Ores,nec
Miscellaneous Metal Ores,nec
Toronto, Ontario, Can
Silver Mountain Resources Inc (QB) is listed in the Miscellaneous Metal Ores sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker AGMRF. The last closing price for Silver Mountain Resources (QB) was $0.05. Over the last year, Silver Mountain Resources (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0399 to $ 0.127.

Silver Mountain Resources (QB) currently has 367,298,788 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Silver Mountain Resources (QB) is $19.28 million. Silver Mountain Resources (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -9.86.

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IVRT IVRT 2 months ago
Took a position in Silver Mountain this past week.!AGMRF-20240515/U/AGMRF!AGMRF-20240207/U/AGMRF
thundersteel thundersteel 11 months ago
Yea, you must listen to some of the similar news I do.

Yes, apparently when he met with the queen he told
her they were ending their relationship and we’re going
to dissolve the relationship with the Vatican-as you
mentioned and our reliance on the Vatican- that is why
the queen let him walk in front of her for a couple steps,
Till he ushered her to come foreword.

From what I heard it was 600 planes worth.

And now one can see, why the Vatican was involved in
the election..interference…which will come out.
Their is so much proof statistically and legally- with
changing election laws-ie Pennsylvania who allowed
votes to be sent 5 days after election night…I could
go on for paragraphs, but I won’t…..

Getting back to silver, glad you have so much…never
know…with the way the dollar is going and how much
this administration gives away money….silver could be
A cash cow….and a life saver..

fink fink 12 months ago
Silver will be what trades

Gold is for protecting wealth.

If shit hits the fan. Silver will trade in local circles.
You can throw out any metal pricing then. I'm not sure we want to live in that world. However it can happen and fast.
I got 60 pounds of the stuff
Not so much gold. I do like GLDG if a controlled metal risehappens.
If the dollar collapse and other nations demand we buy back our notes, gold will have to hit abound $10-30k/oz

I read where Trump demanded our Gold out of the Vatican bank. It's why the Pope had such the long face. LOL 60 plane loads of gold too.
thundersteel thundersteel 12 months ago
agreed, but I think that silver is way more suppressed than gold. Also, if

their is war or greater recession/depression as the banks close and the dollar
is getting devalued by China and Russia, silver-junk silver, rounds, and especially
gov backed coins(ie Maple Leaves) may be the only way to barter if we
experience bank foreclosures. Thus I wrote this on another message board:

volume proceeds price. This baby going to rock sooner than later. Looking at their website and core samples. This is going to be a massive play, as the dollar fades. Could be one of those pennies with the right news, could be a 10-30 X from these levels. I believe silver Mt profit is after 15-16 dollars…If silver jumps to 40-50-60. This is in multiple dollar land…..this company and bod have the mining experience to do it too……..huge potential here..jmho
fink fink 12 months ago
Silver will follow gold.
Inflation will state to be seen in metal prices. Plus I think they have been manipulating commodities with the likes of Strategic Petroleum Reserves to hide true inflation. That silver bullet is tapped dry.
I bet we start to see a lot rise in price going into the Fall.
All stops were lifted to get through the 2022 midterms. What do they have left in the tool box for the primaries? War?
thundersteel thundersteel 12 months ago
Volume growing here…,6 times normal vol Fri, and we had

a couple similar volume days, slightly lower, the past 2 weeks.

Volume precedes movement…..lets go agmrf…hit us with some
nice news and bounce this back to mid .20s
fink fink 12 months ago
That's the big question.
The DD from their prospecting is the best presentation I've seen.
I think they posted their cost per Oz.

I remember many years ago Placer Dome was in this same spot. They knew what was in the dirt and their break even to pull out a single oz of gold was like $325/oz. Look at them now. $Bs
AGMRF is at the same cross roads.
If silver is ever allowed to run? $$$$$$$
This is where explosive cash is made.
The problem, silver as been manipulated flat.
Even Robert Kyosaki's silver mine in Utah is in the same boat. Flat.

I'm thinking silver will follow gold. It's why I like GL&DG today. They own stock in multitude gold mines. Proven reserves. And even at $2koz, it's way under valued.

Like owning a bunch of empty shell stocks, you have to hold a few dozen to get a one or two a year to hit above 800% return.
Biden's killed that sector. My gravy train the past 10 years.
GLDG is a good way to hold a position in a dozen of gold mines.

We are tuned into geopolitical event that can trigger metals soaring up. When the time look ripe, I'll pile in here big. And hell, that can be tomorrow or a few years. That silver won't be harmed sitting where it is.
$200brl of oil will increase costs, but if metal pop like many are painting, a 100% increase in oil will be nothing compared to the increase in metals.

And if silver did soar to $5k an Oz and gold is 30k, do we want to live in that world? It won't be priced in dollars any more.
thundersteel thundersteel 12 months ago
One thing I am not clear on your post is

your last sentence? Do you mean that AGMRF has no plan to extract or
fraction of a penny stocks?


This will be a fantastic stock, imho, once production starts. As per their
website and PR's they have already done the drilling/core testings for
several of their mining rights/properties...

fink fink 12 months ago
Silver is an industrial metal. No one uses gold.
Maybe some silk screen gold application in PC boards.
It's currency and a store of wealth.

Silver is not rare. Those that will win if silver flys are those that can ramp up supply fast.
Like Canada. They have no silver or gold reserves. Like a FortKnox. They have theirs in the ground. And they know where it is and how much they got.
Those that don't need to spend the time and money to hunt will be the winners. If it goes up.
Like natural gas. Demand will blow supply out of the water. How long will it take to ramp up supply?
I'd shy away from these miners that are prospecting and have no plan to extract the metal
thundersteel thundersteel 12 months ago
Couldn’t agree with you more on Biden, especially the

way he depleted our strategic-oil reserves to keep the cost of
gas down, instead of just opening up the Keystone pipeline.
Reminds me of a similar stunt Obama and Biden did by raiding
our masks and other devices for infectious diseases-bird flue
,but never replenished them.

The one thing that silver may due is if the economy collapses,
than we either go to the digital dollar or gold standard.
China is so worried about their bonds being defaulted,
they just asked Kissinger to come today.Tells me all I need
to know.

China is now under 5% growth and they are worried about
their economy. They are trying to prop it up by zero percent
interest rates, but that is just kicking the can down the road
And will lead to results we had with fanney Mae-sorry spelling.

Word on the street is Kissinger, China, and the military industrial
complex want to push war to stimulate economy. If that happens,
There is know way they can suppress silver. Imho.

Though, I wonder what affect it would have with agmrf? Would
economic uncertainty and potential war shoot this to a dollar
or Two? Or since they are not in production phase would it
only slightly go up or down?

I remember last crash mining companies in the .003 range
we’re hitting .10-.12 areas….

I guess my point is like you silver has been since we got off
The gold standard it’s been suppressed and manipulated. But,
with what can or could happen soon……will it reach levels
never seen before. I always thought the price differential between
gold and silver was skewed. Silver is a damn important mineral
and the fact that most Americans own less than 3 ounces-mostly
jewelry or silverware…makes my point about its value to stackers
and investors…

In any event, I concur with you points and enjoyed reading them..

fink fink 12 months ago
Word on the geopolitical front is, Biden and the rest of the Davos Central bank scam has been manipulating the entire commodities markets to hide true inflation. They printed all that counterfeit money, now they have to distract us to turn it into real money. The scam continues for another 50 years. NOT!
However the biggest and easiest manipulation to see has been Biden selling the Strategic Petroleum Reserves instead of producing it. Our production has been stalled. How long will it take to ramp that back up? Years.
He's managed to keep gas prices down through the high Summer demand where everyone is most aware. Well, that well is tapped! No one is going to replace it. Oil should be heading up going forward. $150 a barrel is a real possibility. Saudis won't crank open the valve. Russia is pissed snd not selling. New oil well permits have dropped 10+% that's massive for America. Nat gas $ is in the hole. Producers have closed their wells. Biden's silver bullet is done.
I'm sticking with Nat gas. Europe will die without it.
Fuel prices have to explode. Like metal prices.

Metals are a loss to me why it's sideways? If the Fed is going to create a gold back digital currency , then will it be back with paper gold?
I've read where the US gold back CBDC will be used for international swaps only. We at home get stuck with a promissory backed Digital currency that can be diluted and increase with a key stroke. Same deal we got now with printing presses. They want to have the means to monitor our spending. Not sure what the drug cartels are going to do??
I'm thinking as we get forced into this, our gold supplies will be found out and will set off the explosion in metal prices. The rest of the world won't allow Americans to trade with some fiat gold currency. They will demand real gold.
Silver will follow.
Imagine America needing to back all our petrol dollars over seas with real gold? The world can't mine enough fast enough. We will need to back an oz of gold by $10-30k an oz, not some crappy $2k
Miners like this will explode.
I like GL&DG below a buck. You get to invests in a basket of gold miners. That market cap is way below what assets they own today.
Stocks line this will be a no brainer.
Gold backs wealth. Big wealth. $31T in debt is massive wealth. Silver at $20oz can't do it. Silver will go above $5k an Oz.

Make sure you have a long term fixed rate loans.
This explodes and inflation will eliminate your debt in a snap. Wish I went out on a limb and bought those two beach condos on the Gulf
thundersteel thundersteel 12 months ago
NICE.....chart looking better, esp

on the monthly....Lets roll AGMRF. I think with hiring a new cfo...they are getting
much closer to production news.........jmho

for the record, i too am on the top of the pyramid......

If silver wasnt so manipulated, it should be at 100-2000 an ounce.

fink fink 1 year ago
I’ve saved this image years ago.
I sit on over 60 pounds of silver.
If the silver/gold ratio ever becomes sane again, I’m rolling into gold. The shit gets heavy. LOL

I’ll be getting back into Silver binning come August. I got my eye on a few too.

Hopefully we are not pushed into war Monday with this insane stunt by NATO and the US military under Putin’s nose.
Pray Putin holds a calm head. It would not surprise me if the CIA doesn’t shot one of our guys out of the sky and blame Putin.

Metals will soar then. And if they try to push the digital dollar in July…….buy all the silver you can.
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
The only reason they can suppress gold and especially silver is because

It is traded on exchanges via paper, equaling no physical silver. If,
Everyone called their broker and made them exchange it to physical,
silver would be well over $75. As we know its suppressed for manufacturing.

I read somewhere if ever family in the US just bought one ounce of
Silver, it would set back the mints 2-3 years.

Just like stock, they just put more paper Silver into the market to suppress it.

It really is manipulated, and one day when the dollar crashes and the paper
silver is rendered useless, which could happen any time, silver is north
of $200 and a penny stock like silver mountain could be north of 5.00


Enjoyed you post- yes fuel is high….but soon with dollar being devalued
Silver should spike….Agmrf will be mining…jmho

And owning those rich in silver mines should alone have this company
Valued .18-.25. Without production…jmho

fink fink 1 year ago
Finding it is the easy part. Getting it out of the earth and refining it is where the cost are. Fuel hadn’t really gone down since Biden’s agenda has been in place and silver has not soared like everyone has pumped it would have.
$25 silver is okay, but most of us want $50+
I want $200+

I can’t believe gold hit $1,7500 last week. How is the price being manipulated when everyone is hoarding it? You’d think the BRICS nations are full of chit.
I don’t get it.
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
Over .12 with this low rsi...and booom.......way undervalued here with

all that silver just found in the samples.............................15 coming sooon..jmho
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
probably was dilution for operations and shorting. But, read this, plenty of silver

in those mines. Just this one territory has approx 45-55 million in silver alone, per

sample/tests. IMHO This will be back in the high teens in no time...jmho

2.75 million ounces of silver...NICE!!!
fink fink 1 year ago
China’s paper silver and gold are suppressing World Metal supplies while the cost of fuel to mine this stuff is crushing all miners.
I think everyone was expecting $200-300 oz of silver by now.
1% growth of gold and silver per year means nothing.
Gold and silver has been hyped up for the past 10+ years.

It’s a crappy short term investment. Only one making money are those telling you what to put in your safe.

It’s insurance. Best be thinking of it that way.

Everyone pumping gold IRA and chit.
I mean if I had $200k cash stashed around, I’d be converting to gold.,
Vulcanized Crawler Vulcanized Crawler 1 year ago
whats the problem with this company? did the mines they took over really were used up and no silver left?
fink fink 1 year ago
Maybe Mark Moss is dumping his discounted shares to ouzo it on his pod cast?
Precious Metals remain fiat as production fuel costs go up.
trglaa trglaa 1 year ago
This is a garbage stock
fink fink 1 year ago
Silver over $24
Will the manipulators let it go? Doubt it!

Industry wants cheap silver. Till the paper metals guys get hosed. Silver/Gold remain flat.
fink fink 1 year ago
What got into to this this morning?

I had .16 in my sights.

I don’t think gold/silver is going to take off due to geopolitical events for a good 18 mo the.

The US is still viewed as a money safe haven for those foreigners that need to run and hide from their falling currencies.

It’s going to happen, but not over night.
Jerome Powell needs to crush other World central banks first. The Fed will be the last central bank standing as BRICs build steam. Then they all crash and burn. If Biden is able to replace JP, then the process speeds up. A Davos lacky like a Yellen will be put in. More printing to prop up the scam.

It would be done snd over with if Trump had the balls not to sign the cares acts. Thst was a disaster, but what else was he going to do? He should have learned from Bush.
The damn is going to break. Best get it over with.

Till then, load
fink fink 1 year ago
Maybe. Definitely where the trend is heading.
BRiCKS nations hadn’t destroyed the dollar yet. It still has a lot of life left in it.

However is doomed. .15 I’ll load a mine full.

I still like hoarding physical.
trglaa trglaa 1 year ago
Heading down to 15 again
fink fink 1 year ago
I got tuned into this from Mark Moss

I think he’s still alive on YouTube if you haven’t jumped to Rumble yet.
He spells out the insiders holding this.

Anything below .20 is a buy and hold.

It’s a great investment anywhere if the world freaks out and hoards gold/Silver. Till then my opinion is that silver and gold will remain in the ground.
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
I just quickly looked at the filings... and although I couldnt find Spock

you are dead right for anybody looking at this stock. From the filing:

On February 2, 2022, the Company closed the initial public offering (the “Offering”) of 46,000,000 units of the Company (the “Units”) at a price of $0.39 (C$0.50) per Unit (the “Offering Price”), for gross proceeds of $18,142,400 (C$23,000,000). The Company also issued an additional 6,900,000 Units at the Offering Price, for additional gross proceeds of $2,721,360 (C$3,450,000), in connection with the exercise in full of the over- allotment option.
Each Unit is comprised of one common share (a “Common Share”) and one half of one common share purchase warrant of the Company (each whole warrant, a “Warrant”). Each Warrant is exercisable into one Common Share at a price of $0.55 (C$0.70) per Common Share and expires on February 2, 2024. The fair value of the Warrants upon issuance was determined to be $3,127,478 using the Black-Scholes option pricing model with the following assumptions: stock price of $0.37 (C$0.47), dividend yield of 0%, expected volatility of 80%, risk free interest rate of 1.24% and expected life of 2 years.
These warrants are considered a derivative liability since the currency denomination
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
Thanks, In an interview I saw with the CEO on Yankee Stacking,

which I highly recommend, jose V said the great opportunity for silver
stock mining owners is they have the money to produce. Thus, they
wont need to dilute which a lot of otc companies do. I assume this
investor, Spock, may have bought a ton of warrants and stock to allow
this to happen.

Im waiting for a little lower entry, which it may or may not hit..
nonetheless, this is a very interesting play given the amount
of silver shown on their core tests...

fink fink 1 year ago
He was an original investor. @ .50 & .35 if my memory is correct. It’s way above what you and I can buy.

It’s what got me into it.,
thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
is Spock an insider...New here...

When I hear the interview from AGMRF CEO he said
they needed little money for production-to raise. They
had accumulated 15 million for production.. Was this
what he was referring to?


thundersteel thundersteel 1 year ago
saw this on Yankee stacking...Been monitoring this for weeks

funny this is mirroring spot.....22 cents.....22.30 for the spot. I know its non-
related. Still interesting...

They are sitting on some nice land and silver...... Lets see some news on
production to jumpstart this pps.

Im going to really get interested if it gets to .20 cents

good luck
fink fink 1 year ago
.22 looks like the floor to break.
Buying 10oz silver bars is a safer bet today.

Spock purchased $8m worth of stock @.30
Warrants @.45 with a 36 month window.

Nice. That’s what I call a long term investment.
Gives an average of .37 per share and warrant. Makes today’s retail price look like one hell of a deal.

If he tried to buy $8m with, we’d be above $2.50 LOL

See what a great deal he makes. Invest direct and avoid igniting retail price.
fink fink 1 year ago
Someone took an exit.
It might get time to think about getting back in.
However, I’m thinking Canadian silver is a better play due to the country’s infrastructure. South America is a hell hole and fuel is expensive everywhere. Just a thought.
I’m trying to stay out till March.
fink fink 2 years ago
Cryptos are about to get bored out of existence. They now fall under securities law. And Not a single crypto coin was created the legal way like we see with stocks or bonds. This spells death for cryptos.
Only survivor will be bitcoin as it’s coins are mined not created. It’s under commodity law. It will survive.
Plus the Fed will not want competition to its Crypto thingy replacing the paper dollar.
However, the new Fed CBDC will be backed by silver. Just a heads up.
fink fink 2 years ago
Looking good.
E-trade gave me a .24 low alert @ 9:30

No way. I don’t see it.,but I think this will get there eventually. It still has tons of time. And are diesel supplies in Mexico not effected by the drama going on in America. They have their own oil supplies and refineries. I do think Mexico pipes in a lot from America.

This will fly closer to the dollar becoming insignificant. 2 more years for Biden to kill America.
fink fink 2 years ago
I wonder if this has a chance to trend below .25
I guess the next Q report should say a lot on the SS. I pray it’s the same.
fink fink 2 years ago
Me too. I’ve gotten a few Canadian maple leaf .9999 pure 25, 1gram coins.
Small enough to barter with and easy to carry.
I’m pushing over 60 pounds of silver. That’s heavy as hell if I need to bug out.
I’ve been thinking about converting some over to gold. Takes up less space too.

Silver is the most manipulated today to remain low for industry. When metals explode, silver will have the biggest gains. It’s why I’ve been loading that. I bet I don’t have 5oz of gold. The wife wears it.

Ive found, you want gold and silver with certificates. Well known miners. You have a 1,000 oz silver brick, most places won’t buy it. Those are to easy to have a steel bar in the middle.
I’d rather pay a higher premium to get .9999 pure. American Eagle or Canadian maple leafs are the best.
If I get hooked on gold, I’ll be broke. It can get addicting
fink fink 2 years ago
With some luck gold/silver will continue to remain artificially low at these prices for the next 9-18 months. Regardless, the dollar is dead. BRICS nations will continue to grow and gold back currency will replace the petro dollar.
Investment in these silver mines will explode. I just don’t see how it can reverse. The digital dollar will be reflected asap. I won’t use it. I’ll use bitcoin then. Screw the central banks.

I want a stab at this sub .25, nice score!
Spuds McKenz66 Spuds McKenz66 2 years ago
cool I want to start buying gold coins
fink fink 2 years ago
My physical silver is like insurance against my home mortgage. If all hell breaks lose, I won’t lose my house. My 30 year mortgage is 2.91% and I’ll never pay that off. Inflation will make the monthly payment seem like a bag of groceries in a few years.
But hey! If gold goes above $10k and silver runs above $5k, it’s a good investment then. I never look at it as an investment, more of a safety net. Paying insurance sucks till you need it, then it’s the most valuable thing you hold.
I took a bag full of old silverware to a local pawn shop, he will swap it out for gold or silver bullion bars. He also said he will buy all my metals with no record to the IRS.
Best to make a few local relationships too.

Your almost there. If you can find this YouTube, it’s a good one. I think with your purchase, your in the top 5%.
Spuds McKenz66 Spuds McKenz66 2 years ago
i just started got 135 1 oz coins so far, just sold first majestic for 4400 profit
fink fink 2 years ago
What do these guy think it will cost them to get an oz of silver out of the ground? $2,3 bucks per oz?!
Have they said.,
I’ve been looking hard at ODV Robert Kiosiki silver mine in Utah too., awesome graphics, but again I don’t know the price to mine per is?
I’ll start adding after the first of the year. Loading Nat gas plays and buying physical that I can hold.,
fink fink 2 years ago
What do these guy think it will cost them to get an oz of silver out of the ground? $2,3 bucks per oz?!
Have they said.,
I’ve been looking hard at ODV Robert Kiosiki silver mine in Utah too., awesome graphics, but again I don’t know the price to mine per is?
I’ll start adding after the first of the year. Loading Nat gas plays and buying physical that I can hold.,
fink fink 2 years ago
Should be over $60 today.
I just bought another 40oz. JM bullion. 4, 10oz bars.
I might start to cash in my silver for gold. It’s getting heavy as hell. I’m up to 60+ pounds. I bet I own less that 4 oz of gold.,
I love those Canadian maple 25, 1gram coins. That’s barter size, and they look cool. .9999 fine.

I think we still have a hood 12-18 mo the to accumulate physical snd these mines. The Fed won’t die without a fight.
The digital dollar needs to be forced on us to reject. Then they are stuck as the text if the world dumps their dollar back onto our shores. BRICS nations will break the dollars back.
We will see inflation for the next decade. Its what they do. They can’t stop printing. They make too much money.
I bet Pelosi and Schumer snd Mitch all buy gold snd silver as they rape us. They don’t care so long as they can keep the gravy flowing.
It might be our only hope.
Spuds McKenz66 Spuds McKenz66 2 years ago
20 plus silver coming
fink fink 2 years ago
Time is never good for penny stocks.
Looks like this is going to test .25 again.

I’ll check back in a few weeks. Just holding not adding. Too much time to see silver or gold run up.
The English pound needs to crash then Japan. The Fed will continue to prop up their currency as the dollar slowly dies a sure death. I’m thinking gold and silver will continue to be manipulated sideways for another 12-18 months.

It’s gotta explode at some point. Meanwhile I’ll continue to purchase physical silver 4, 10oz bars at a time.
fink fink 2 years ago
News! Found even more silver in them thar hills.
Spuds McKenz66 Spuds McKenz66 2 years ago
just sold some gold made large, if the market tanks , people will cover than I will buy , Oct. may have good drop. peace
Spuds McKenz66 Spuds McKenz66 2 years ago
just sold some gold made large, if the market tanks , people will cover than I will buy , Oct. may have good drop. peace
fink fink 2 years ago
AGMRF with insiders who got in first, got in at .50 and .30
This is pure gravy below.

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