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Harness the Power of Real-Time Market Depth

Our Level 2 market depth gives you a real-time view of the market's order book, showing not just the best bid and ask prices, but also the size and prices at different levels beyond top of the book. This comprehensive view allows traders and investors to understand the strength and direction of the market more accurately.

*This new design releasing soon. The same functionality applies to current version as video below.

Why Upgrade to Level 2?

Identify Supply and Demand

See the order book of buy and sell orders in the market. This transparency allows you to spot potential price movements before they happen.

Make Smarter Trading Decisions

With access to detailed market data, you can analyze trends, identify liquidity levels, and understand the market sentiment, leading to more informed and strategic trading decisions.

Edge Over Regular Traders

Level 2 market depth provides insights that go beyond the basic information available to regular traders. This can be your edge in executing more successful trades, especially in fast-moving markets.

Features of Our Level 2 Market Depth Subscription

Real-Time Data

Get instant updates on market changes, allowing you to react swiftly to trading opportunities.

Market Depth Analysis

View detailed bid and ask orders, and analyze market depth to understand the potential price movements

Live Trades

As orders are executed, they will show up on Trades window, including price, size, order type, and time.

Order Flow

Using the Flow tab, you can keep up with the adds and removes from the order book on number, price, and size.

What is Level 2?

Level 2 shows the orders which make up the bid and the offer prices. Market professionals depend on level 2. Without it you are missing half the information!

See how much buying or selling pressure there is at different prices
Track market makers
Make informed trading decisions

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