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creditor committee: all creditors ie .vendors, former shareholders or any entity claiming debt owed or wrong doing.
Civil case procedure
1. US justice or police dept must file a charge enough evidence to make a 'charge' from complainant claiming to be wronged or an act of crime was committed by the defendent and make an physical arrest of accused and thrown in jail for 48 hour questioning. During the 48 hours, the police can interrogate and use many means that is legal to gain information from suspect or accused.
2 Accused answers to 'charge' of quilty or not guilty
Humanigen probably replied not guilty to charges against them in court
Omniubus hearing is August 21
3. omnibus hearing. pretrial hearing to determine by judge if police or rights or 'ACCUSED' is violate or enough evidence to waste the court time and public money in lengthy courting trials and waste defendents time in money in defending himself from fake harassement 'alledged' crimes
4. Trial begins with juror and arguments between defendent and complainants
cowtown jay cowtown jay 3 hours ago
"Study suggests reinfections from the virus that causes COVID-19 likely have similar severity as original infection
NIH-funded analysis of health record data shows severe reinfections often follow severe first infections."

What? I thought the carefully-crafted narrative is that vaccinated people who become re-infected generally have milder presentations.
dloggold dloggold 3 hours ago
jay does taran have to put the assets back after the deal closes or are they free to do what they wish
😕 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 3 hours ago
I just about completed the form, but backed out. I've got doctor's appointments on both sides of the hearing date, and the last thing I need would be a failure to appear citation. I may change my mind.

Excellent work here, as usual. I'll be watching events between now and then.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 hours ago

What will Geoff do?
SorcererGuru44 SorcererGuru44 4 hours ago
Anyone genuinely curious with the intent can register to listen in to the hearing live by clicking this link hosted by the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware:

Once there select "I do not have a CM/ECF filing account with Delaware Bankruptcy" and click Begin. Enter your information and case number: 24-10003 then follow the remaining prompts.
dloggold dloggold 4 hours ago
good news for durrant and company. they all go scott free
SorcererGuru44 SorcererGuru44 5 hours ago
Well we know what the omnibus hearing is for. Settlement agreemen: See docket 320 here:

As described in the Notice of Claims, the potential causes of action against the Directors and Officers include, without limitation, (a) breaches of fiduciary duty, (b) aiding and abetting breaches of fiduciary duty, (c) unjust enrichment, (d) aiding and abetting unjust enrichment, (e) gross mismanagement, (f) insider trading, and (g) waste of corporate assets. While the Debtor and the Committee are confident in the Claims against the Directors and Officers, the required litigation would be expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming. The Agreement offers an efficient and cost-conscious resolution to all the Parties.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 11 hours ago
It may be a work in progress, or it could be a sign of what we will bring to the table in merger deals, but as it stands now, I only see three patents assigned to Taran.

Publication number: 20210290677
Abstract: Methods for neutralizing and/or removing human GM-CSF in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject CAR-T cells having a GM-CSF gene knockout (GM-CSFk/o CAR-T cells) are provided. Also provided are methods for GM-CSF gene inactivation or GM-CSF knockout (KO) in a cell comprising targeted genome editing or GM-CSF gene silencing. Methods for preventing/treating immunotherapy-related toxicity, comprising administering to the subject CAR-T cells having a GM-CSF gene inactivation or GM-CSF knockout (GM-CSFk/o CAR-T cells), wherein the GM-CSF gene is inactivated or knocked out and/or or a recombinant GM-CSF antagonist are provided. Methods for reducing a level of a cytokine or chemokine other than GM-CSF in a subject having immunotherapy-related toxicity comprising administering to the subject a recombinant hGM-CSF antagonist are provided.
Type: Application
Filed: September 10, 2019
Publication date: September 23, 2021
Applicant: HUMANIGEN, INC.
Inventors: Cameron DURRANT, Dale CHAPPELL


Publication number: 20210322547
Abstract: Methods for neutralizing and/or removing human GM-CSF in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject CAR-T cells having a GM-CSF gene knockout (GM-CSFk/o CAR-T cells) are provided. Also provided are methods for GM-CSF gene inactivation or GM-CSF knockout (KO) in a cell comprising targeted genome editing or GM-CSF gene silencing. Methods for preventing/treating immunotherapy-related toxicity, comprising administering to the subject CAR-T cells having a GM-CSF gene inactivation or GM-CSF knockout (GM-CSFk/o CAR-T cells), wherein the GM-CSF gene is inactivated or knocked out and/or a recombinant GM-CSF antagonist are provided. Methods for reducing a level of a cytokine or chemokine other than GM-CSF in a subject having immunotherapy-related toxicity comprising administering to the subject a recombinant hGM-CSF antagonist are provided.
Type: Application
Filed: April 19, 2021
Publication date: October 21, 2021
Applicant: HUMANIGEN, INC.
Inventors: Cameron Durrant, Dale Chappell


Publication number: 20220025034
Abstract: Methods for reducing blood-brain barrier disruption in a subject treated with immunotherapy, the method comprising administering a recombinant GM-CSF antagonist to the subject. Methods for preserving blood-brain barrier integrity in a subject treated with immunotherapy, the method comprising administering a recombinant hGM-CSF antagonist to the subject. Methods for decreasing or preventing CAR-T cell therapy-induced neuroinflammation in a subject in need thereof, the method comprising administering a recombinant GM-CSF antagonist to the subject. Methods for preventing or reducing blood-brain barrier in a subject treated with immunotherapy, the method comprising administering CAR-T cells having a GM-CSF gene knockout (GM-CSFk/o CAR-T cells) to the subject.
Type: Application
Filed: July 16, 2021
Publication date: January 27, 2022
Applicant: HUMANIGEN, INC.
Inventors: Cameron DURRANT, Dale CHAPPELL
cowtown jay cowtown jay 17 hours ago
That's very gracious of you, dlog, and I appreciate that very much.

To me, there has just not been any reason to give up. I hope for our long-awaited good news before the omnibus hearing next month. And I give management credit for that.
dloggold dloggold 20 hours ago
jay i hope something happens just for your sake . you never gave up.
that... i give you credit for
cowtown jay cowtown jay 20 hours ago
I have the same number of shares now, that I had in January, when the CH11 was filed. And despite being a relatively small shareholder, you're right, I DO stand to make millions, if my open sell orders fill. I hope all of us will be rewarded to that degree. And I see nothing that leads me to conclude that we will not get the reward lenz, and this management team, can provide for us.

You see no evident progress as a sign of failure. Why isn't success just as likely?
dloggold dloggold 22 hours ago
yes you and pontificate are gonna reap millions of dollars,
hope it happens but i highly doubt it
one of these. days im going to find csmeron and ask him why he included shareholders the first bankruptcy and excluded them this time around. i just gots to know
DTGoody DTGoody 22 hours ago
LOL I absolutely knew it wasn't going to stand. With that said if this ever recovers my 4 million shares are going to look really good on any kind of move.
dloggold dloggold 22 hours ago
it took about $3.20 to crush your dreams
cowtown jay cowtown jay 23 hours ago
I think that's bullshit.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 23 hours ago
"The fact is Taran bought the LENZI patent..."

Apparently so, for CAR-T enhancement.
To have civil hearing or civil case
The gov't which is the SEC or some Justice Dept has to file a 'charge'
The hearing or omnibus hearing is to see if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial and get a jury and hear the evidence. etc. for a real trial.
There was no juror when the company agreed to the shareholder lawsuit and agreed to pay them $3 million. To this day, none of the $3 million were paid to the shareholders as far as I know. They agreed to pay but none of that money has been received. It was a settlement and nothing the shareholders who complained can do now since humanigen as company filed for bankruptcy. Anyways the lawsuit was just a side show to claim the $5 million in management misconduct insurance from the insurance company. manager was sued and the company bought insurance for it. Whether the lawsuit was fake or not is the issue.
sosjtb sosjtb 1 day ago
Foreign shorts covering?
Foreign retail getting their buy order filled?
MM clearing out inventory to sell to foreign gamblers?
Or just MM shuffling and maintenance.

Iโ€™ll be impressed with foreign traders taking this over a nickle. Otherwise we will be back at .00000000002 with the next trade lol.
DTGoody DTGoody 1 day ago
Could it be someone in the know? Why would anyone buy $600 worth of something that is about to get cancelled??? Or will it be???

Either Way I welcome that Buy!!!

DTGoody DTGoody 1 day ago
This is what I call a very nice Buy:

Time Price Size Type B/S Bid Price Ask Price Buy Ind. Total Volume Num Exch.

09:40:11 0.002 279,180 0 0 279,180 1 nasd
👍️ 2
cowtown jay cowtown jay 1 day ago
It's a civil case, not a civil charge.

There WAS a related civil charge, and those filings are usually concurrent with a criminal charge. But NOOOOBODY is talking about that. All I know is that the civil case was sealed and appealed, and if this scheduled omnibus hearing is docketed relative to the value of our share structure, then we will know that the appeal was successful, as I suspect that it was. We could also surmise that the DOJ looked at the SEC's case and recognized the case should not even have been brought by the SEC, and perhaps the DOJ did not bring suit themselves.

I hope the DOJ WILL bring suit against the FDA, the NIH, NIAID, and against Mr. You Wanna Work For Me/Go To This School, University, College/ Work For This Big Corporation?...Get Vaccinated. We can't have peons legally empowered and protected. They can serve as essential labor, or as healthcare professionals, or in the military...if they're vaccinated. Did y'all see the video Preciousife1 provided for us?
it's civil charge.

OJ simpson was not found guilty of murder in 1995 for a murder in 1994 but in 1997 was found guilty of wrong death and battery which was ordered by the jury to pay 33 million in civil case. The court or jury who made that civil conviction is abusing the 'civil court' system saying somehow relies less evidence to convict or any doubt., OJ was guilty because of circumstantial evidence. Only in America would someone be guilty of wrongful death and battery based on circumstantial evidence. The court could not prove OJ simpson personally killed his wife and goldman as the glove did not fit. OJ simpson based on odds did hired some killer to kill his wife as there statistically nobody would want to kill his wife. That is civil court. That is one of the flaws of the US justice system too. So if he was a billionaire he would just pay the 33 million fine and walk free for murder?
what if OJ had no assets. how he pay the 33 million dollar? what was the point of civil court for a CRIME situation like murder, robbery, rape charges, investment fraud, treason.
Civil court is like speeding tickets. jaywalking or refund of purchases. or disputes between individuals and not a Felony and no jail. or crimes against society or crimes against the state type of crimes. only difference civil crimes conviction there is no prison or get the death sentence for the crime. In many countries like North Korea, China, Iran, Russia and in many countries in the middle ages, you can get the death sentence for investment fraud and rape, and embezzlement too. and corruption. and are CRIMINAL charges.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
You know that this is not a criminal case, don't you?
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
"Judge should tell the FAKE creditors committee to back off!"

As I said, I don't think the creditors have anything to do with this omnibus hearing. They stand to gain a full recovery already.

In addition, "we also saw that management planned to confirm the court's position on our conformance to the bankruptcy rules. They also reserved the right to modify the Combined Plan, if required to do so.

I think the Plan HAS to be modified, for two reasons. One reason is because the court recognized developments (details of which appear to be redacted), that will bring sufficient value to have justified an amendment to the Asset Purchase Agreement, allowing for additional Milestone Events and higher payments. So there will be no reason to decline a distribution to existing equity holders. It is clear that favorable regulatory approval/authorization is required to enact Milestone payments.

The very number of shares in Humanigen's market is, itself, a share price catalyst. whether the share structure was disclosed in the redacted information, or not. I would hope that the judge was advised of our share structure, but regardless, that information will be public knowledge as soon as we get the regulatory news of approval, such as for the treatment/prevention of CMML cancer, or whether the news comes in terms of unfolding business developments/alignments."

Accurate share data gains in importance as we saw in Sanofi's acquisition of Inhibrx. Sanofi is looking to add to its rare disease pipeline, such as we have in progress with SAHMRI for CMML. Sanofi acquired Inhibrx by offering former holders of shares of Inhibrx common stock $30.00 per share in cash, which represents a total equity value of approximately $1.7 billion (on a fully diluted basis), as well as one contingent value right per share to receive $5.00 upon the achievement of a regulatory milestone.

Sanofi completed its acquisition of Inhibrx through the merger of an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Sanofi with and into Inhibrx, with Inhibrx continuing as the surviving corporation and becoming an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Sanofi."

I think we'll see Humanigen/Taran (HOT) merger activity, such as we saw in the Inhibrx entities.

Unlike Inhibrx, I think we could see a further HOT transaction in which HOT and Sanofi form a joint merger entity, with Sanofi owning 20% of the new entity, which may follow the declaration of a 5:1 forward split of our shares.
Even a 'murder trial' doesn't take this long. Another flaw in the US justice system. Either the gov't put more money in the courts or something because this is failure of the gov't. US justice system another failed gov't institution or corrupt gov't agency like FDA, SEC, FTC, DEA etc. Failed state like mexico: less than 1% of murders are solved in Mexico mostly because the person killed is murderer himself or gangsters. case closed. no need to waste public time or limited police and court's time to solve a murder of a murderer.
So the bankruptcy is still finalized and law firm still keeps billing humanigne and fake creditors. taxpayers paying the judge and have to wait 10 weeks for one hour 'hearing' where judge determines if there is a 'case' or valid complaint'.
the case is over, tell the fake complainaints to back off.

The fake creditor
committee is supposedly billing $40,000/month for this baloney and who is paying the Court's time? or gov't time for fake trial or hearing. it's one hour paper talk. and paper pushing.
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Aaron H. Stulman
M. Blake Cleary (No. 3614)
Aaron H. Stulman (No. 5807)
Brett M. Haywood (No. 6166)
1313 N. Market Street, 6th Floor
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Telephone: (302) 984-6000
Facsimile: (302) 658-1192
Counsel to the Debtor and Debtor in Possession

Against the company:

Pursuant to Del. Bankr. L.R. 2002-1(a), the Court has scheduled the following omnibus
hearing date in the above-captioned case:
Date & Time Location
August 21, 2024 11:00 a.m. (ET) U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware
824 North Market Street, 6th Floor, Courtroom No. 1
Wilmington, Delaware 1980

There is no more hearings needed. Wasting the court's time and costing money. it's just one hour 'meeting' and further discussion is needed. Judge should tell the FAKE creditors committee to back off!
An omnibus hearing is a pretrial hearing. It is usually held soon after a defendant's arraignment.
The main purpose of the hearing is to determine the evidence, including testimony and evidence seized at the time of arrest.[
The counsel for the plaintiff (or the People) and the defendant attend the hearing to discuss pretrial matters pertaining to the case.
The purpose of the hearing is to see if the rights of the defendant have been violated, and it is the duty of the judge to make sure
that the oath of office is preserved under article 6 paragraph 2, supremacy clause of the Constitution of the United States.
To exchange discovery or any motions to dismissal or special appearance for violations at a state level and a Federal level.
Under the 7th amendment, the common law says that the defendant must have a victim or property damage in order for an
actual crime committed, or a violation of the Constitution or bill of rights of another. Under the common law this would be to
request for the victim or property damage to come forward for a statute or code. To find out if the authority delegated power
under police powers did not violate any defendant of the bill of rights or due process.


An arraignment is a hearing at which a person accused of a crime is called before the court to hear the charges against him.
In many jurisdictions, the first appearance a defendant makes before the court, often for the purpose of requesting bail,
is referred to as an arraignment, however a true arraignment occurs after the defendant has been arrested and formally charged.
During such a hearing, the defendant enters a plea, usually โ€œguiltyโ€ or โ€œnot guilty.โ€
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
I can't imagine that the creditors have matters that the judge needs to decide. So I have to assume that Durrant requested the hearing. That deduction is supported by the fact that Durrant's lawyers certified that the court scheduled the hearing. To me, this signals a date by which Durrant plans to execute his objectives on our behalf.
sosjtb sosjtb 2 days ago
Any idea or guesses on what itโ€™s about?
SorcererGuru44 SorcererGuru44 2 days ago
New omnibus hearing set for August 21st 11:00am (ET). See docket 318 for confirmation:
cowtown jay cowtown jay 3 days ago

According to Merriam-Webster, "...The meaning of ABOUT-FACE is a 180° turn to the right from the position of attention." Some of us can attest to that, and can still execute the command decades later.

But Merriam-Webster also provides a second definition of the term as, "a reversal of attitude or point of view." It is this definition I want to illustrate.

1. "Humanigen Announces COVID-19 Case Report Demonstrating Rapid Resolution and Discharge after Single IND Emergency Use Authorization of Lenzilumab™

2. A separate case-control study of lenzilumab in severe and critical COVID-19 published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings demonstrated an 80% reduction in relative risk of invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) and/or death for patients treated with lenzilumab compared to the matched control group...

This patient case report suggests that lenzilumab may be beneficial to patients who are unable to wean off of supplemental oxygen and even those who have failed multiple rounds of prior therapy and are outside the initial acute hyper-inflammatory window.โ€

3. LIVE-AIR trial investigator Dr. Claudia Libertin, of Mayo Clinic, who had already become accustomed to seeing the rapid escalation of CRP levels in covid patients, was shocked to see CRP levels drop drastically within hours of treatment with lenz.

4. Dr, Daniel Thomas.

"Jan 30, 2024
Daniel Thomas, MD, PhD, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide, Australia, presents early findings from the PREcision Approach to CHronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia (PREACH-M; ACTRN12621000223831) trial, in which patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) in the proliferative phase are treated with a combination of lenzilumab and azacitidine. Preliminary results are encouraging, with a complete response (CR) or marrow CR and a reduction in blast count observed in 79% of patients. Dr Thomas highlights the therapeutic potential of immunotherapy in CMML as it is an inflammatory disease in which high levels of inflammatory cytokines have been identified in patients."

In the accompanying video, Dr. Thomas notes that the 79% Complete Response Rate achieved in the trial compares to Complete Response Rates of 7 - 20% using standard of care, and also noted that one patient had already stayed in remission long enough for transplant (RATinG trial?), which now appears to present a possible cure for lenz-treated CMML patients entering transplant surgery.

5a. "The Creditorsโ€™ Committee initially objected to the sale to Taran ..." but ultimately reached a settlement. "The settlement amended the
APA to, among other things, significantly expand the events that will trigger the contingent
โ€œMilestone Paymentsโ€ and increase the amount of those payments under the APA.

pg 4/5

5b. ""On May 20, 2024, the Reporting Persons announced that in light of recent developments at the Issuer, they have determined to withdraw their preliminary proxy statement and campaign against the re-election of the Class II directors..." This was in regards to Novavax, who is now partnered with Sanofi in a co-licensing agreement, which I think we'll see is for lenz.

6. Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

"On May 20, 2024, Filip Dubovsky notified Novavax, Inc. (the โ€œCompanyโ€) of his decision to retire as President, Research and Development, effective as of June 30, 2024."

I suspect Filip will be involved in integrating the manufacturing and commercialization of the lenz-enhanced Novavax vaccine into the Sanofi spin-off unit.

We are setting the stage for our success, and I look forward to the curtain opening.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 3 days ago
"Humanigen and the Principal Investigator are assessing regulatory pathways that may enable early results to support a regulatory submission and potential approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, which could be expanded through Project Orbis10 to the United States and the United Kingdom ("

I think Sanofi will be the largest commercial entity to benefit from lenzilumab, in terms of their product pipeline applications, so I look for news from them as possibly the first signal of our success.
Diego Rivas Diego Rivas 3 days ago
And when will this trial results come?
FDA requires years of studies and samples of min. 3000 patients or 10,000. and cost a lot of money for the studies because even if 1 % die from the drug, it won't get approved like the mRNA drug side effect or if 1% have severe side effects that is not acceptable. if the drug causes death , the FDA would nevery mRNA vaccine in a 'normal' FDA aproval process take 10 years and mRNA was rushed approved due to corvid 19, the gov't vaccination was the probably the biggest guinnea pig or testing of an unknown drug. Lenzi can only be used for compassion for patients that choose to take as the last option to see if works to cure their blood disorder or any other disease like corvid 19 deaths for people without vaccination .005% or 1% of people are still dying from corvid infection and those are the elderly or unvaccinated. that is for compassion use. any experimental drug even if there is risk of side effects is better than certain death of the disease
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 days ago
You obviously have paid no attention to the PREACH-M and RATinG studies. These trial results are going to help lenz realize the billions in revenue we have been talking about.
No the assets that taran bought for FREE was just bankruptcy procedure to close the deal and shut down operations. in all bankruptcy, all assets have to sold out to conclude bankruptcy. and since the assets were worthless why would anyone buy it. the stalking bid was the only bid. there is no evidence that company spent 6 months soliciting bids and if anyone wants the ip lenzi asset, they can buy it from taran. for $100 lien free and clean asset. if they buy from an poisoned cursed auction. they have legal issues. it's like buying stolen property or hot stuff. you don't really own as someone has a claim on it if it as sold in some rigged scam auction.
it takes 5-10 years for the FDA to approve a NEW drug. and cost 200 million due to the fact it cost money to recruit and monitor 5000 patients in 'studies' And the problem many drugs just don't work and have side effects. The mRNA drug by moderna would not be approve if it was under normal FDA process due to the side effect which is death for some guinnea pigs or patients. As for blood cancer like drugs or cures, there is none, most of these drugs just prolongs the life and need constant injection to refill the bloods immune system, it's not a cure but implant of new blood, like daily injection of insulin if you have diabetes there is no instant cure. its refilling lost blood nutrients due to cancer that is the only cure. not a permanent one time cure. Patient has to keep taking the drug forever king of cure.
Its not an open auction and nobody would buy the assets with a smuck insurance or lien on it. the auction was poisoned and nobody would touch it.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 days ago
"The way that Taran can buy an asset worth 100 million for..." pennies on the dollar, is to take full advantage of the FDA's willful negligence to Authorize lenz, at the behest of their corporate partners (and sponsors). The criminal decimation of our share price was not orchestrated by management, but the value of buying shares at these levels was recognized many of us, including management.

The auction was Noticed as required, and met the bankruptcy code. So don't try to say the auction was rigged.
Is insider information or front running, market manipulation rules even apply to stocks in the expert markets or bankrupty stocks? the spread like Bid. .0000001 and Ask is .0010 is that pumping the stock if it runs 10000% in a day.? nasdaq and OTC markets was created so those rules don't apply in this exchange where stocks go to trade after bankrupt going concern or fall below $1 and has 99% chance of bankruptcy and shares of worthless. SEC wasting their time persecuting in these stocks. the investors know it's crooked exchange and many are just money laundering instruments.
The stock futures market is no longer price discovery institution or where assets are bid based on real demand and supply. especially for stock. Even in daytrading it's heavily manipulated with insider info and market manipulation with A.I. is that fair? it's not fair and orderly market. which is why insider trading and front running was made illegal by the SEC. People don't understand that insider trading was NOT illegal before 1934. SEC made insider trading illegal so there is everbody in the market has a fair dealings. or no competitive advantage. Today, A.I. has a competitive advantage and insiders and brokers openly front run clients in daytrading. and even in trading. Maybe the SEC should just legalize insider trading and stop wasting the courts time in putting people in prison for a harmless 'crime'. It is the gov't that criminalize a legitimate way to make money in the markets which is insider trading and front running ,nobody is harmed when someone trades on insider trading or front running. It waste SEC limited resources and limited gov't court time and prison cost for harmless activity with no victims and no harm to nobody when someone has insider information or front running orders. Fraud and fake financials is what the SEC should be concentrating on and that is the harm to investors and public. but its so widespread and so many crimes, the caseload is 5 year backlog and due to the backlog the accused 'actors' in the crime may have been dead or left the country. and impossible to recoup any stolen money and stature of limitation for the gov't to prosecute. limit 7 years for civil crimes for charged and prosecuted and judgement of conviction,,, and the actors know that . gov't delaying justice is harassment to the public. take too long to prosecute. and convict.
The way that Taran can buy an asset worth 100 million for free is the same way that the Russian oligarchs in the 1990's bought Russian gov't asset or state owned industries. By the 1990's many of Russian state owned steel and energy companies were bankrupt. and owned by foreign bonds. that were worth 10 cent to the dollar. The gov't was gauranteed by the Soviet union and after the collapse and kaos of the Soviet union, nobody knew whether those bonds were worth anything under new gov't . However insiders of the Soviet union knew and bought the bonds in a closed auction. and after that owned the formerly state owned companies for pennies on the dollar, the assets of the former soviet union were either lowered or not in the books and they were sold at book value. same as Taran. on the balance sheet of humanigen, the assets is worth ZERO or had ZERO value. it's called fudge accounting to devalue assets so buyer pays less than what it is worth. vise versa if overvaluing assets and buyer overpays. is that legal since the asset were purchased in a 'auction' or rigged auction .that is the legal question. that is the reason the powers to be who got ripped still have a grudge on Putin who took back the stolen assets that were purchased below fair value like the guy who was put in prison. and reason NATO is war with Ukraine. someone has a grudge on Putin Gov't or score to settle. somebody was ripped off.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 5 days ago
"Drugs like Lenzi if it works can generate min. 1 billion in revenues and if used with treating corvid the potential is in the billions."

The question as to whether lenz works on the unvaccinated has been asked and answered in the affirmative, as I noted in a previous reply to your post, which has also been your last post.

Separately, I wrote a post saying that, "All Taran has to do is to offer their shares in exchange for HGEN shares. That will force a buy-in. Other potential catalysts could be some kind of business relationship, such as a product licensor, with Novavax and/or Sanofi, or regulatory approval, perhaps from Australia, for CMML."

You replied that Taran would only exchange shares with Humanigen if we got FDA approval. To that, I would say that is not necessarily true. I believe there are seven specified foreign regulatory approvals that would generate a Milestone Event. So I think we could soon be generating not only billions in revenue, I continue to believe that lenz could the be the new best-selling blockbuster with revenues >$20B in the first year.

You said that you had a severe reaction to an mRNA vaccine, and several posters here have also said they had problems from mRNA vaccines. The lenz-enhanced Novavax vaccine will likely capture the vaccine market. However, we need a unified resistance to what will likely be the governments' efforts to force mRNA products upon their citizens, for an increasing number of indications. Please consider signing The Hope Accord to combat the insane objective of governments to vaccinate their populations using this dangerous technology.
F/T F/T 5 days ago
I agree 100%
cowtown jay cowtown jay 5 days ago
Fauci was recorded saying, "It's been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit, and they get vaccinated."

To be sure, we had healthcare workers and members of our military get coerced into taking the vaccine to keep their jobs or avoid court-martial.

But some of us are able to prioritize our freedom.
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Preciouslife1 Preciouslife1 5 days ago
HI JAY!!! Please see my last post here on the grilling of immoral F Audi, and in his own words he sits there squirming ... He single handedly helped to destroy HGEN with his v ax agendas and profits in V ax companies that should be investigated as so many c rimes against humanity were done by them, the NIH, NIAID, FDA; The F Auci's as a couple as her role in the FDA too /// Thanx!!
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DTGoody DTGoody 5 days ago
I'm so sorry to hear that about your uncle. My Mom is in the end stages of Dementia and on Hospice care. She is withering away too, and she doesn't have much longer to live. It's a terrible disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone.
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cowtown jay cowtown jay 5 days ago
I would like to respectfully address comments made here very recently. A couple of you have said, "Do I still believe HGEN shareholders are screwed? Yes." And similarly, from another poster, "As for HGEN I also am in the camp that we are screwed as shareholders. The comments were from SG44 and DTG, respectively.

However, the Debtor said, "Here, the Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement provides for the liquidation and
distribution of all of the Debtorโ€™s remaining Assets. Accordingly, the Debtor believes all
chapter 11 plan obligations will be satisfied without the need for further reorganization of the Debtor. "

I can't reconcile the Debtor's statement, that all CH11 obligations will be satisfied, with your opinions that shareholders will be screwed. This is especially true since the Asset Purchase Agreement was amended to increase the number of Milestone Events, and also increase the amount of the payments for each Milestone Event. And we know that a US BLA, or regulatory approval from any of a number of foreign governments, are REQUIRED to reach a Milestone Event. For you guys to be correct about shareholders getting screwed, then the value from reaching the Milestone Events could not exceed the amount due to Unsecured Creditors. That will not happen, any financial recovery will be far greater than the amount owed to Unsecured Creditors.

And sosjtb, while I agree that the initial vaccines were better than NO vaccine in real time, I don't agree that, "Science and reason is what ended the pandemic when it was killing on a daily basis." Our initial focus on getting mRNA vaccines to as much of the world as we did, was only the precursor to what could be a far worse pandemic, with a more virulent outcome, into populations with impaired innate immune response systems, damaged by the previous mRNA vaccines.

Also, I recently shared videos on the subjects of:

a "Potential breakthrough coronavirus treatment," and

how "Treatments for Covid Are Being Ignored By FDA."

How did Tucker alter those topics? I earlier shared a video of Chris Cuomo interviewing the former CDC director, Robert Redfield. Does that mean I have TWO tinfoil hats?

Back to the main subject of this post. What I did not discuss was management's efforts in the private sector, capitalizing on establishing business relationships with partners such as Sanofi and Novavax. I think those opportunities are palpable, and reason beyond this CH11 that promise our success.
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cowtown jay cowtown jay 5 days ago
I want to try once again to link the interview by Dr. John Campbell of Angus Dalgleish and Robert Clancy.

And I want to demonstrate, once again, the experience Dale has in this regard, starting from his time as a Fellow with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the National Cancer Institute, where he studied tumor immunology and published in the fields of T-cell therapy, immunology pathways, and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (โ€œGM-CSFโ€), an immune system protein that initiates the cytokine storm that can occur in COVID-19, which are subjects discussed in the video.

I can't say that I was able to lock-in to information from the publications and the video to the degree I could only hope to be able to do, but I did glean enough to realize that Dale has demonstrated recognized contributions in this increasingly-critical field for a quarter of a century. His experience is the only reason I have to support the advancement of our continued interest in TeraImmune, through the Baudax bankruptcy.
F/T F/T 5 days ago
My uncle had a procedure in the hospital about a year and a half ago. While there he got a booster and within 24 hours didnโ€™t know where he lived. Since then, his dementia has accelerated with no recovery in sight. He now has aids taking care of him and heโ€™s withering away to a slow death.

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