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Branded Legacy (PK) (BLEG)

Branded Legacy Inc (PK)
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04/09/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. To Add $320,000 In Revenue With New White Label ContractUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
04/04/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc Announces White Label Deal with Kava & Hobbs, LLC for Kava Vape formulationUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
03/12/20249:54AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Significantly Expands Asset Portfolio and Production Capacity Through Successful Acquisition of Sycamore BioPharma, Inc.USOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
02/29/20241:10PMAllPennyStocks.comShares of this Biotech Holdings Company Up on LOIUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
02/29/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Strengthens Position in BioTech Industry with Letter of Intent to Purchase Sycamore BioPharma, LLCUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
02/08/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Expands Operations with Move to State of the Art Biotech Facility in Melbourne, FLUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
02/06/20249:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Innovates with Launch of the First 100% Clear Kava-Based Vaping Product on the MarketUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
01/30/20249:25AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Unveils Major Equipment Acquisition Raising Total Assets to $3,787,215.00USOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
01/25/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Reduces Debt by 1.5 MillionUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
01/23/20248:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. ($BLEG) Announces Reduction in Authorized Share Count to 900MUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
12/05/20238:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. (BLEG) Expands Portfolio with Comprehensive Acquisition of MariJ Pharmaceuticals Inc, Including Licenses, Organic Certifications, and Substantial AssetsUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
11/28/20237:23AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Commences Buyback of 1,000,000 Preferred Class D SharesUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
11/16/20237:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire $6 Million in Assets and Additional Facility SpaceUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
11/09/20237:03AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Announces 1.5B Reduction in Authorized Share CountUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
11/07/20237:02AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Secures $1M Line of Credit, Affirms No Reverse Split, and Previews Upcoming Investor EngagementsUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/26/20238:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Takes Bold Step in Strengthening Shareholder Value: Retires 1 Billion Common Shares This Week, With More to FollowUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/24/20239:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRocket Web Development & Design: Navigating the Digital Frontier with Innovation and ExcellenceUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/19/20238:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Has Retired 600 Million Common Shares on Path to Retire 2 Billion by November 2023USOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/10/20238:25AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Completes Acquisition of The Alcannabist, Signifying Business ExpansionUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/05/20238:18AMInvestorsHub NewsWireTotal Refinement Solutions LLC Transitions to Royal Biotek Under $BLEG PortfolioUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
10/03/20238:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Expands Facility to 11,000 Sqft, Extends LOI for Acquisition of The Alcannabist LLCUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
09/28/202310:44AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Inc. Unveils Exciting Q4 2023 Milestones and Forges Ahead with Key PartnershipsUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
09/26/202310:37AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Inc. Invests Heavily in Innovation and Growth with $540,000 ExpansionUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
09/12/20237:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy and Novus Partner to Develop Plant-Based Meds for Health PlansUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
08/29/202310:09AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. (OTC.PK: BLEG) Accelerates Launch Timelines, Visits Innovative facilities in Alachua, FloridaUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
08/15/202310:11AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Successfully Completes Acquisition of Rocket Web Development and DesignUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
07/31/20234:06PMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy Inks Letter of Intent to acquire Digital Marketing FirmUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
07/25/202311:15AMInvestorsHub BioTech NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Unveils Strategic Transformation in Investor TeleconferenceUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
07/25/202311:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Unveils Strategic Transformation in Investor TeleconferenceUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
07/18/20239:05AMInvestorsHub NewsWireBranded Legacy, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire a Mycology Research LabUSOTC:BLEGBranded Legacy Inc (PK)
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:USOTC:BLEG