Strategic Management and Opportunity Corporation (Pink Sheets:SMPP) announces its initial product line for the company's flagship Video Sales Platform (VSP). VSP is a powerful hybrid of marketing and technology developed by Strategic MPP to revolutionize digital sales for the Internet Yellow Pages industry and beyond. VSP uses a simple yet dexterous video component as the foundation for an abundance of features for both the company and their prospective customers.

CEO, Julienne Audette, a veteran of both video production and Internet Yellow Pages, says the focus of the product-line is "a streamlined approach to online video ad production which is both cost-effective and user-friendly for customers, regardless of whether they are tech savvy or web-challenged; and for the company altogether profitable with attractive margins due to the allowances provided by our in-house IP, contracted local crews and overall industry demand."

Strategic's VSP offers four core products: a 15-second video spot, a 30-second video spot and a 60-second video spot, which fall under the ViP module and a unique ViM 60-second video spot. "The ViP is done completely online," states Audette. "Once the advertiser has purchased a ViP, the highly intuitive technology on our website walks them through the process of providing our editors with everything we need to make their video, they even get to choose their own voice talent from our talent pool on the site," Audette says. "It's a highly effective, cost-efficient measure which carries a company from dull text to dynamic spotlight." 

The ViM is a full service, on-location shoot. "Our Project Management team works with the client (business owner) and our camera operator to line up the on-location shoot. The process is very simple and an effective shoot only takes an hour or two per location. It's all about making it as efficient as possible, which, in our case, translates directly to profitability. We aim for a 48 hour turnaround from when we have footage gathered to a fully produced & cut online 60-second spot," states Audette.

Strategic MPP is putting the customer first, with the idea that it will organically attract the mass majority of business owners out there that fit into three categories: those too busy to push through a high-tech learning curve, those that choose to take a hands-on approach and those with a limited budget looking to boost their online profiles.

Audette comments, "There are video creation websites out there that let people make their own ads, which creates a lot of inconsistency in the quality of online ads. There are also full production houses that are expensive and take a lot of time to produce. Strategic MPP has created an IP porridge that Goldilocks would say is 'just right!'" says Audette. "Simplicity and high production value are key factors in attracting business for VSP. Our production turnaround and resources are both compelling for small business marketers and simple enough to be user-friendly. For anyone that takes showcasing their business online seriously and is ready to take it to the next level with video advertising, VSP is the platform for them." 

According to Audette, streamlining the video production process and adhering to strict quality guidelines really sets VSP apart from the competition on the production side of the site. "What we learned through working on larger projects is that we could create a more efficient process for video production that also serves as a powerful sales tool, all without sacrificing quality," Audette says.

She goes on to explain that there is a cornucopia of tech-talented people willing to ensure VSP delivers on its promises. "We are in the process of renewing some 1200 contracts with Camera Operators and Editors around the nation," said Audette. "Once the platform is complete, camera operators, editors and voice talent from anywhere in the country will be able to test right on the site to see if they qualify to be one of our contracted production people. These savings go directly toward Strategic MPP revenues."

The company has already garnered interest from prospective clients with an LOI in place for an engaging digital coupon component. In the meantime, "It's all back-end and creative work, but we're set to launch in the near future with full tanks and plan to release screenshot and additional components with inherent qualities that we are confident will facilitate profitability and position Strategic MPP as a market leader in our industry," concludes Audette.

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