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Tesla Surges 10% on Growth Outlook and Plans for Affordable Models in 2025

Bruno T
Latest News
April 24 2024 9:01AM

Tesla shares jumped by 10% on Wednesday, igniting investor optimism as the company outlined a growth forecast for the year and announced plans to introduce more affordable electric vehicle models in early 2025. This announcement came as a relief to stakeholders who had been concerned by a series of negative events surrounding the company, including significant layoffs, high-profile executive departures, price reductions, and a delayed meeting with the Indian Prime Minister.

Despite the positive news on growth and future plans, Tesla is still navigating through troubled waters, marked by its first quarterly revenue decline in almost four years and earnings that fell below expectations. However, Jefferies analysts, led by Philippe Houchois, noted, “First impression for us is CEO Elon Musk is appeasing the market by accelerating new product launches.”

The anticipated addition of nearly $50 billion to Tesla’s market cap reflects the positive market reaction, although the company’s shares are down 42% for the year, amidst stiff competition and declining sales.

Tesla’s strategic focus on rolling out more affordable models using existing platforms and production lines was interpreted by analysts as a strategic pullback from earlier ambitions to develop an entirely new model priced at around $25,000. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas suggests the new affordable models might be versions of the existing Model Y and Model 3, enhanced with software and artificial intelligence but offered at lower prices.

Elon Musk refrained from divulging specific details about these affordable models during the earnings call. Instead, he shifted the focus towards Tesla’s broader ambitions to diversify into AI, humanoid robots, and autonomous vehicle fleets, indicating significant future investments in these areas.

Kathleen Brooks, research director at XTB, commented on the strategy, saying, “While the details (on the new models) are thin on the ground, this was a clever move by Musk, as it justifies the negative cash flow and the higher capital spend.” She also noted, “Unlike many companies that are shrinking capital spend in the current environment, Tesla is going against the grain … and puts it in a strong position as the EV market gets more competitive and price sensitivity increases.”

This strategic direction will be crucial as Tesla prepares for an upcoming shareholder vote in May on a proposed $56 billion compensation package for Musk, which is being reconsidered after being voided by a Delaware court earlier this year.

The unfolding developments at Tesla continue to keep the market on its toes, reflecting both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the electric vehicle giant.