New York, NY -- September 22, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Green Egg, Inc., an American company, is kicking off its capital raise campaign for its large quicklime products plant.

The use of proceeds will go directly for the build of a Parallel Flow Regenerative lime kiln.

The kiln for the plant is manufactured by Maerz, the leading brand for calcination kilns globally.  The kiln will have high thermal efficiency and flexibility in operation. This will allow Green Egg to produce the highest quality products for the construction and manufacturing industries.  

Green Egg has retained OTC 251, Inc. to write a JOBS Act bond in the amount of $150 million, for the full plant turnkey system:


Among the coming key investor incentives is the fact that Green Egg will be operating under material contracts already in place, and to be put in place by agreement already. Green Egg is organized by Shawn Barker Construction (Barker). 

Barker already has a contract with the quarry where the plant will be located for an indefinite supply of raw limestone.

Green Egg will operate for manufacturing and sale of all products under a material exclusive State license obtained by Barker.

The guarantor on the bond will be Shawn Barker Construction.

The bond will be securitized, therefore, with a recorded U.C.C. financing statement.


Green Egg is publishing this advance information solely for informational purposes. 


As of the date of the publication of this press release, Green Egg is in the process of enrolling onto the electronic filing system of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) called EDGAR.


Further, the bond will be made pursuant to JOBS Act Rule 506(c). As such, there will be no sellers, brokers or underwriters.


STR Capital, Inc. has been retained as the promotions company on the bond.

Attorney/CPA Vic Devlaeminck, has been retained as the escrow agent on the bond.

The promotions manager, Tony Ramos, will update this press release as the tasks are completed.



FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENT: Green Egg,  Inc., is in the process of finalizing its corporate organization. STR Capital, Inc. will serve as the company Isser's representative on the JOBS Act bond. 


There are no offers to sell securities on this press release, or anywhere, because the bond does not yet exist.  In addition, this and any other press releases or media presentations are solely for promotional purposes, as JOBS Act permits such promotions, and leaves to the prospective investor the decision whether to invest or not.


There are no sellers on this press release and there will be no sellers, because there are no sellers on JOBS Act bonds.


Any language, graphics, images, photographs or logos on this press release, or anywhere, are provided strictly for informational, orientation and entertainment purposes. Any summary language on this press release should not take the place of any language that will be contained within the four corners of the offering documents. 


The EDGAR upload will be announced by subsequent press release.


The corresponding project website will be announced by separate press release.


STR Capital, Inc., is the promoter. STR Capital, Inc., and its employees or any agents are 'promoters,' within the meaning of Securities Act of 1933, Rule 405, 17 C.F.R. ยง 230.405(i). OTC 251, Inc. is a filer support company that works under contract with its customers for the writing of JOBS Act stocks and bonds in a manner that supports the promotions tasks of STR Capital, Inc.