New York, NY -- August 19, 2022 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Hyundai Technology Holdings, Inc., has added a $100 million Series A offering to its U.S. expansion offerings.

The company will be operating under authority of an U.S.-registered copyright. The company will have a material contract with a large sales and supply chain American company. Market penetration by that company has already commenced in countries in South America.

Preferred share price is $50.00, convertible to common/voting/diluted.

Valuation, therefore, is $1 billion.

The minimum buy in is $1 million.

There is a matching shares/bond program on the offering.

All of the offering documents and the buy information and purchase capability may be viewed after private registration, by clicking on this graphic:



FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENT: Hyundai Technology Holdings, Inc., is a New York corporation that will raise capital and operate to accomplish the expansion of products under copyright into the U.S. market economy. This Series A press release is made for educational and informational purposes only.


There are no offers to sell securities on this press release, or anywhere, because this is a promotions press release. Any language, graphics, images, photographs or logos on this press release, or anywhere, are provided strictly for informational, orientation and entertainment purposes. Any summary language on this press release should not take the place of any language that is contained within the four corners of the offering documents. All of the documents may be accessed after private registration, at the 'View Documents and INVEST" button on the project website at  Unless contained strictly within the four corners of an offering document, investors should wholly ignore anything else on this press release, or anywhere, in making an investment decision.