Any child could have their story featured in the new American Dream Children's Museum.

NEW YORK, July 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The American Dream Children's Museum has released details of their new participation initiative. Children across the nation are invited to become featured stories within the museum's exhibits. The highly anticipated new multimedia museum project made the announcement as it prepares for its launch event on July 14th.

The ADCM was founded to highlight how the American Dream has been fulfilled in different ways by a vast array of people from varied upbringings and celebrate the childhoods of our greatest Americans. The project hopes to inspire the youth of today and create the next generation of American heroes.

In schools, libraries and community centers around the country, children are now being asked to tell their own stories. The American Dream Children's Museum will feature stories from the childhoods of many well-known American heroes and the stories of real contemporary children could be amongst them.

The American Dream Children's Museum aims to captivate young people, show them the scale of opportunity ahead of them, and let them find similarities with their own lives, interests and experiences. The new pop-up touring and outreach VR education experience's featured stories aim to show what is possible with hard work, using engaging formative moments from great American's childhoods combined with modern technology to tell their stories in accessible and distributable formats.

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