Amazon Emerges as the Wage-and-Benefits Setter for Low-Skilled Workers Across Industries 

In local markets throughout America, e-commerce giant's facilities have an impact on inflation, job markets and labor standards.

Citigroup's Jane Fraser Expects to Shed Some Clients for Climate Purposes 

The bank will outline its plans for how to respond to clients in the energy industry.

Intel CEO Aims to Capitalize on Increased Car Automation With Mobileye IPO 

The U.S. chip giant plans to retain a majority stake in the self-driving car business.

Kellogg Workers Stay on Strike After Rejecting Tentative Agreement 

About 1,400 workers have been on strike for two months, demanding better pay and enhanced benefits.

Amazon Web Services Outage Takes Businesses, Services Offline's cloud-computing unit was down for thousands of users Tuesday morning. Downdetector showed more than 11,300 reports of outages for AWS just after 11 a.m. EST.

Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook for $150 Billion for Perpetuating Violence 

The lawsuit alleges the social-media platform perpetuated the genocide against the Muslim ethnic group in Myanmar.

Glaxo Says Its Antibody Drug Works Against Omicron 

GlaxoSmithKline and Vir said their Covid-19 antibody treatment retained effectiveness against the Omicron variant in laboratory studies, even as early data suggests that similar treatments work less well against the strain.

CNN Won't Pay Chris Cuomo Severance 

The news anchor was fired on Saturday after a probe amid revelations that he helped his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, respond to allegations of sexual harassment.

Pfizer Could Have Done More to Help Low-Income Countries Handle Vaccines, CEO Says 

Pfizer is able to ship more doses to low-income countries after ramping up production but also should have helped more with vaccine hesitancy and infrastructure, Albert Bourla said at The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council.

Intel Will Race to Cash In Its Car Chips 

Spinning Mobileye into a hot auto tech market makes sense-if it can be done in time.


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