Toyota Can Be a Tech Giant Too 

Toyotas have a reputation for being reliable but unexciting, and the Japanese automotive giant that makes them can come across the same way. Yet it is likely more forward-thinking than it gets credit for.

Amazon Wins Appeal Over $300 Million EU Tax Bill 

The European Union's second-highest court sided with Amazon over a $300 million tax bill, dealing a new blow to the bloc's efforts to wring more tax from big tech companies.

Tesla's April Sales From China Were Mostly Exports 

The electric-vehicle maker exported most of the cars produced at its Shanghai factory in April, raising questions about the strength of demand for its vehicles in China.

BlackRock Gets Approval to Start Wealth Management Business in China 

BlackRock Inc. has gotten the go-ahead from Chinese regulators to start a wealth management business in the country, joining a host of international financial institutions expanding into China's fast-growing financial market.

Daimler CFO Works to Separate Accounts, Debts and People Ahead of Truck Unit Spinoff 

The planned transaction is supposed to help boost the car maker's share price and market capitalization.

Netflix, Disney, Amazon Plan Streaming World Domination, but Meet Resistance 

As U.S. streaming giants spend billions making movies and shows in overseas markets, local regulators and producers are pushing back.

CDC Panel to Consider Covid-19 Vaccine for 12-to-15-Year-Olds 

A federal advisory panel is scheduled to meet to decide whether to recommend adolescents receive the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech.

In Epic Games v. Apple Trial, an Unorthodox Judge Presides 

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has handled several cases involving both companies.

Pentagon Backs off Xiaomi Blacklisting After Legal Challenge 

The U.S. Defense Department opted against further defending a Trump administration action that alleged ties between the Chinese smartphone giant and China's military.

Most Toyotas Will Still Use Gasoline in 2030, Company Says 

The car maker projects fast rise of hybrid gas-electric vehicles.


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