MALVERN, Pa., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Galileo Suite today announced The Observatory, a significant expansion of its first-in-class infrastructure performance monitoring solution, Galileo Performance Explorer. The Observatory offers a revolutionary new platform for IT organizations to quickly understand and assess their environment and analyze its health through interactive 3D visualizations and controls.

"It's nearly impossible to manage the growing complexity for corporate on-prem and Cloud infrastructure," says Tim Conley, Principal at The ATS Group & Galileo Suite. "Most IT teams use a mix of tools to monitor and measure the health of their environment. However, this delays incident resolution, contributes to silos within an IT organization, and slows down your business."

Galileo solves this challenge by delivering health, connectivity, and capacity information at your fingertips for instant and simple visibility into your infrastructure. The Observatory's interactive 3D engine is unlike any other in the industry. Built on a popular gaming platform, Galileo automatically visualizes asset relationships, analyzes device health, and displays it in a single view so users can quickly remediate issues and get on with their day.

The Galileo Suite with Observatory is the ultimate enterprise-level monitoring solution, providing instant answers to IT organizations' most critical questions:

  •          What do I have?

        SEE MORE of your infrastructure with intuitive visuals that help you quickly identify all your environment assets.

  •          What's connected to what?

        KNOW MORE about how assets are connected, immediately helping you understand how they impact each other.

  •          Am I healthy?

        DO MORE by spotting and remediating critical infrastructure issues with device health overlays, all in a single view.

"When it comes to managing a complex technology stack, speed and visibility are two of the most critical elements," says Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst at Intellyx LLC. "Both demand that a tool delivers information in ways that enable its users to understand it quickly and accurately. As gaming has grown in popularity, particularly among the age and demographic makeup of those most likely to be responsible for the day-to-day management of these complex environments, it makes perfect sense that Galileo has adopted this visual experience. It will unquestionably speed identification and resolution of some of the thorniest challenges facing IT organizations today."

A longtime Galileo customer in the healthcare industry agrees. "Galileo is a true single pane of glass. The Observatory gives us a super quick way to see that everything is configured correctly and healthy. It also makes collaboration among my team much easier: now everyone can interpret the data on the same page."

The Observatory is available starting April 6, 2021. To learn more, connect with the Galileo team for a private demo customized for your business today.

About Galileo Performance Explorer:
Since 2001, Galileo has enabled organizations to manage the growing complexity within their infrastructures and develop realistic roadmaps for growth and transformation. Intuitive multi-vendor monitoring and reporting allow IT teams to see what is relevant, increase speed to resolution, anticipate and adapt to system usage needs, and lower operational costs.


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