COVINGTON, Ky., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- FLYK opens stuff. All kinds of stuff. From cardboard boxes to heat-sealed plastic blister packs and clamshells, and nearly anything in between. Today, FLYK launches on Kickstarter to become the go-to stuff opener for generations to come.

Gone are the days of reaching for sharp knives, scissors, box cutters and other potentially dangerous tools to open packages. FLYK is the first tool designed to open, cut, slice, score and glide into all the packaging people purchase and receive. It's also safe to use. FLYK won't hurt the user or the stuff inside the package.

"FLYK was created to take the thinking and concern out of package opening, no matter what's surrounding your new purchase," said Robert Behan, inventor of FLYK. "With more of us shopping online these days, I'd give FLYK to everyone from my young nieces to aging parents and trust they'd be able to open any package safely."

Unlike box cutters, blades and other package-opening devices, FLYK offers a truly safe solution. With shielded blades, FLYK is designed to be picked up and used without a second thought. Hang FLYK on the fridge with its magnetic side or store it in a drawer.

FLYK's body is made of Arboblend, a plant based material made from three natural components. Called "liquid wood," Arboblend is completely biodegradable. If it's accidentally lost or thrown away, it'll decompose. Grandpa's boxcutter won't do that.

With an ergonomic design, FLYK's handle shape and thumb rest make it easy to grip securely. This provides stability, accuracy and additional safety. FLYK features a designated envelope and cord-cutting section in addition to the primary opener, which slices through cardboard and an array of plastics with ease.

FLYK is available to pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $15 by visiting

About FLYK Products
FLYK Products is making it easier to enjoy the things people buy and receive. By creating tools that enable almost anyone to open any type of packaging, people can get to the substance of their purchases and gifts effortlessly. Designed with safety at the forefront, FLYK Products are safe for everyone in the family to use. For more information, visit



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