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The U.S. no longer believes Hong Kong has a high degree of autonomy from China, Pompeo said in a statement likely to unsettle the global financial center and certain to aggravate Beijing.

Riot police faced off with protesters in Hong Kong as thousands joined demonstrations across the city.

The EU set out a $2 trillion coronavirus-response plan, including a massive pooling of national financial resources that, if approved, would deepen the bloc's economic union.

A draft of an executive order Trump is expected to sign would seek to limit the broad legal protection currently provided to social-media and other online platforms.

U.S. deaths from the coronavirus passed 100,000, as rising infections in Brazil, Peru and Chile placed the Americas at the center of the pandemic.

The House postponed a vote on legislation to renew a set of expired domestic surveillance powers, as the bill's passage was uncertain.

A coalition of 23 states filed suit Wednesday against the Trump administration's March easing of tailpipe-emissions standards.

Pompeo said the U.S. would stop allowing foreign companies to facilitate Iran's civil nuclear activities.

A Canadian judge ruled that the U.S. met a key legal test to seek the extradition of the finance chief of China's Huawei.

Died: Larry Kramer, 84, writer and AIDS activist.


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