SEOUL, South Korea, March 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyungul Kim, CEO of D-Foresensic Korea and chairman of Korea Cyber Security Association (KCSA), has announced a plan to establish an international hotline for internet security.

KCSA (NPO) prevents children from being exposed to illegal materials with international cyber security hotline

KCSA and D-Forensic Korea are committed to searching for, blocking and deleting illegal pornographic images, videos, etc. that are related to children and adolescent young people, and are working pro bono to assist sexually exploited children and adolescent people.

He said, "Because illegal indecent images and videos of exposing children under 18 are uploaded onto hosting websites around the globe, experts and people of all nations have to cooperate closely in protecting them from cyber sexual offenses."

Therefore, KCSA, a privately-owned, non-profit organization, and D-Forensic Korea have put an ad on a billboard in the New York Times Square, to establish an international hotline and to help domestic and international young people.

He also said "It aims to solve cyber bullying and crimes against the act of children and juvenile sex protection, and to block illegal indecent materials that are targeted to young people, including adults.

He pledges to continue his efforts until they are free from cyber sexual offenses through an international hotline.

Meanwhile, KCSA sets out its aims of minimizing sexual offenses, such as illegal pornographic materials, revenge porn, webcam scamming and other voyeurism, etc. Taking the same aims of Cyber Security Association of Korea, D-Forensic Korea, a specialized company in personal information security provides various services, including webcam scamming intellectual property rights management, voyeurism control, video containment, webinars, etc.

KCSA is a non-profit organization which aims to protect children and teens from being exposed to illegal indecent materials through an international hotline.

Hwang Chul Ho

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