Las Vegas, Nevada (May 11, 2016) GOOD NEWS! says UMAX CEO. New Fiscal year promises stock growth and new, profitable partnerships-all signaling UMAX turnaround!

Las Vegas, NV --  May 11, 2016 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- The CEO quotes, Good News! The fiscal year is completed for UMAX Group Corp. UMAX will move forward completing its audit and S1 filing. These events trigger investment agreements signed with Blackbridge Capital, an NYC leading alternative investment fund offering a $10 million dollar EZ pass investment tool that will allow UMAX Corp continued growth and investment capital to sustain stock growth once again.

Currently, Thermalinx, a subsidiary of UMAX Corp, is proving to be highly promising as it generates greater revenues and as efforts continue to develop a medical (SAAS), software as a service for thermal imaging soft-tissue health scoring. Development is progressing with cloud-based and mobile apps that are robust and HIPAA compliant. More information is available at upon written request. The official launch is expected before the beginning of summer but already interest in new SAAS and thermal imaging technology is intensifying among prospective clinical end-users and investors alike. Thermalinx services offer thermal imaging and an overall medical, health-score that is generated through the proprietary software. The thermal image coupled with the health software create a fixed health score specific for the current physiological condition of a patients soft-tissue. The findings are reported to the patients medical practitioner for review and health care recommendations. While outside interest builds, Thermalinx is finalizing development of upcoming training programs designed for medical professionals who will run Thermalinx Clinics.

In addition, UMAX is happy to announce negotiations with a sovereign Native American nation, Tribal Clinic. Facilitating alternative medicine, such as stem cell therapy, the Native American Clinics provide opportunities and protections to the patients, the medical practitioner and/or the researcher who seeks alternative medical options inside the United States. Strategic partnerships between the clinics, medical professionals and UMAX allow research in alternative medicine and advances within the Native Clinics. To date, Native American Clinics have enjoyed rights of self-determined sovereignty on lands belonging to, or attached to, Native American Tribes. This benefits the Native Tribe and outside visitors who do not wish, nor can afford to travel overseas to receive alternative medical treatment. Treatment at Native American Clinics is much more affordable while benefiting its visitors; more importantly, the Tribal foundation maintains sovereign status and immunity from federal and state regulatory oversight agencies. Stem Cell research and therapy is a prime example why Thermalinx and UMAX is interested in this relationship and other ancillary opportunities for revenue through medical services. Utilizing the software and imaging as validation protocols to establish immediate results based on validation of protocol and procedures.

Ian Dixon, UMAX CEO says, Thermalinx will prepare the health pre-screening and then our medical partners, at the Native American Clinic, will prepare the comprehensive treatment plan focused on healing the patient as opposed to managing symptoms of disease. Says, Dixon, we see growth into 2017 and the funding of clinics on both east and west coasts including strategically located clinics between coasts. This will allow motivated medical tourists, within the United States, to receive desired alternative medical care, without having to leave the USA.

Finally, UMAX has a bright and exciting future. Special investment opportunities are available now, in the form of a direct PIPE investment (Private Investment in a Public Entity) Preferred Stock. UMAX Investors, working under prospectus terms, will benefit by investing in the pipe (preferred stock) however, only Accredited investors may participate and help UMAX increase alternative medicine clinics starting with Las Vegas area, Information is available by contacting UMAX Corporation at (619) 368 2334 Utah Time Zone or


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