ProTek Capital / Luxuriant Holdings Inc. Signs Funding Agreement

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2014) - ProTek Capital/ Luxuriant Holdings (OTC Pink: PRPM) ("the Company") announces today the signing of a long-term funding agreement with Mastiff LLC.

Luxuriant Holdings Inc. is proud to announce the signing of the funding commitment with Mastiff LLC. The company continues to focus on its quest of becoming a funding source for acquisitions, business development and funding for companies in the new and fast growing marijuana market.

The commitment by Mastiff LLC is to provide up to $ 5,000,000.00 for next several years. The company and its management have discretionary right to invest, assist and/or acquire companies and projects in the marijuana market space. This will include related fields and supplier chain for the products and services.

"This is the first of many funding commitments and relationships that our company, Luxuriant Holdings Inc., will sign and develop for the benefit of investing and providing capital for the marijuana and related industry. Our plan is beginning to take shape as we develop and focus on strategic support that will lead in our ability to grow and expand our investment portfolio. This industry is so new, that new grounds and developments are being opened and explored. The sky is the limit here. Our management is more and more encouraged by the growing interest and developments that seem to surround and support the MMJ industry and this market space. One is quickly reminded by the growth and explosive developments of all kinds of opportunities that new unexplored business territories provide and encourage. This reminds me of the early stages in Internet, Software and New Media platform explosion, and parallel to the Industrial revolution and a hint of the "Gold Rush" from the past. This is why I'm extremely excited to build a company that is early to market with its business plan and concept," stated Mr. Jeffries.

Luxuriant Holdings Inc. will continue to update its shareholder base on the progress and development of its growth, expansion and development of the business plan.

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