Protek / Luxuriant Holdings Announces the Acquisition of Kolbe Global Logistics LLC

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Feb 20, 2014) - ProTek Capital, Inc. /Luxuriant Holdings, (OTC Pink: PRPM) ("the Company") announces today a new acquisition.

LUXURIANT HOLDINGS, would like to announce the acquisition of KOLBE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC.

Kolbe has developed various blends of "juice" for cannabis vape pens geared toward the medical use or recreational use cannabis consumer. The Company's blends are patent pending and will feature various benefits over traditional cannabis consumption. Some of the benefits are as follows; smokeless, odorless, with or without the euphoric effect for medical user, and almost any flavor can be added. The Company will be able to quickly move into production stage and generate revenue in short order. Kolbe has been in business in Vancouver, WA since 2003 and has a proven management team previously developing patented logistics software APOLLIOS. Kolbe also will be focusing their extensive background in logistics by forming a secure MJ distribution service, fully automated with a custom version of their APOLLIOS software. Kolbe is conservatively forecasting sales at $500,000 in 2014 and $7,000,000 in 2015.

"We believe the unique product line will have mass appeal in all MMJ legal states and will give us the additional benefit of having a partner in the vaper business, to brand vapes for our franchises, in our quest for a vertical supply chain that can be adjusted for state and local ordinances. This opportunity also gives us the foot in the door, as to ownership in Washington St. The logistics angle also fits our company model in more ways than one and fills a niche that has had very little exposure. "

"I am extremely excited about the immense opportunity in the vape area of this sector and as having a quality management team to partner with in our debut partnership. We are targeting all areas of the sector to enable vertical development and supply to the cannabis market. All of our partners will benefit from being part of our growing family forging an alliance to pioneer in the sector from seed to sale."

Luther Jeffries/CEO Protek/Luxuriant Holdings

About Kolbe Global Logistics LLC

Kolbe Global Logistics LLC Vancouver, WA 98662 8000 NE Parkway Drive Suite 200

Jorge Luis Saenz - Co founder and CEO, 360.975.2505 Christopher Crawley - Principal Founder, Brian Day - COO,

Kolbe Global Logistics was founded in September 2003 as a Technology Company focused on Global Logistics. In 2010 the Company worked on developing a software program to streamline Logistics. Founder Christopher Crawley wrote the foundations for our program and in May, 2012 our product APOLLIOS was given a Patent # 76708861 from the USPTO.

In 2013 Principal Founder Christopher Crawley, being a vape pen nicotine user, developed the idea of a medical juice formula for the medical marijuana patients to help ease their discomforts. The Company found the third partner Brian Day, a marijuana medical card carrier, who also is a Vape pen user. Together with Christopher Crawley, they created different strength formulas (Patent Pending) for both the marijuana medicinal side and for the recreational side for those that want the euphoric effects. We are concentrating on our next Milestone to move into a larger facility for both mass production and Laboratory Research and be ready to Market to The Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry in the State of Washington along with a Business plan for Colorado and all the other States that have Medical Marijuana Laws.

We at Kolbe Global Logistics LLC are excited to partner with Luxuriant Holdings. We believe at this moment in our milestones of product development, it is time to expand our facilities to further our research of our patent pending medical/recreational marijuana juice for the vape pen users here in the State of Washington. Traditional funding in the cannabis sector of the economy is hard to achieve for entrepreneurs like ourselves with an innovation that we believe will benefit the end user for medicinal and euphoric purposes. We are happy that Luxuriant Holdings agrees to our vision of what this industry can do for the benefit of the consumer as well as a benefit of the economy and have offered their financial services for our business plan in this vast explosion of the market. We look forward to servicing the public with our patent pending product and with Luxuriant Holdings financial backing we can extend our products and services to market rapidly.

Jorge Luis Saenz, CEO.

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