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Innovative new technologies are always on our radar for long-term investments, and one which is showing particular promise right now is ClickStream (CLIS).

The young company describes itself as “the future of mobile apps,” and all signs point to the tech business delivering on its promise. ClickStream is behind the technology used for a wealth of rising apps – completely building, owning, and operating them in emerging markets, and seeing huge success in doing so.

More specifically, its NFTs app, Nifter, is one to watch. With blockchain-based technology changing the art industries as we know them this year, NFT sales topped $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021 alone – more than 20 times the volume of the previous quarter, and with twice as many buyers as sellers. Nifter is set to revolutionize the trend even further and satisfy this skyrocketing buyer demand with its own, user-friendly NFT marketplace.

 Nifter, which launched last week and is currently in its beta stage, is the world’s leading NFT music marketplace, enabling users to create, buy and sell original music and sound NFTs. Artists can use Nifter’s simple tools to turn a piece of music into an NFT, and then sell it on the Nifter marketplace for a fixed price, or in an auction, while the platform also gives fans a way to purchase one-of-a-kind NFTs directly from their favorite artists.

Powered by Rebel Blockchain and allowing users to connect their crypto wallet to exchange the unique music files, music NFTs are still a relatively untapped, yet huge portion of the billion-dollar market – and that means there is enormous potential for investors who get in early on the leading apps in the space, like Nifter.

While many are looking to invest in NFT works of art themselves, the smarter investment is set to be the technology that makes buying and selling them possible for a wider market.

Another ClickStream product that is adding to the firm’s investment potential is HeyPal, a unique social language learning app, which allows users from all over the world to learn new languages by ‘exchanging’ with other users through interactive chat and social posts. The app has seen explosive growth for its game-changing learning methods, with more than 3 million messages exchanged and 86,000 downloads in less than six months of its beta launch, and has earned a glowing 4.7/5 star rating on the Apple App Store from its users, too.

It all means that if you’re looking at a stock that could promise a great return, ClickStream is set to be a major one to invest in now, and then hold long-term.

This rising mobile app business is still a relatively young technology company, which makes right now the ideal time to buy stock in before their family of apps grows into their multi-million dollar potential. Hold for the long-term and watch this major technology company could yield an impressive investment.

Note: CLIS cannot be bought on apps like Robinhood but instead through traditional online brokers such as Etrade, Scottrade, and others.

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