Philadelphia, PA -- November 17, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Pennexx has conducted an analysis that shows the potential value of gaining its first million user goal on Your Social Offers ( ).

Using figures by Forbes ( ), a million consumer users could be estimated to value a company at $120 Million dollars. 

In that article Forbes found the average user to be worth $120.84, and the average revenue per user to be $3.76. Pennexx estimates that this is an appropriate value for users that join YSO as a consumer. However, we believe YSO’s merchant users are much more valuable on an individual basis. YSO has begun its subscription service at $25 per month and believes that by offering merchants more than ten ways to grow their business, that cost is easily justified by the merchant.

Pennexx states that a higher valuation of merchant users is substantiated because merchants are readily willing to pay for client acquisition. According to, the cost for a restaurant to acquire a customer through Bing is approximately $26. Pennexx believes that it can greatly reduce client acquisition cost and therefore show a great value to the consumer.

If these forward-looking estimates hold true and Pennexx achieves a million users, this would mean a tremendous growth possible for its shareholders. We nevertheless caution the public to understand that these are forward looking statements that may not come to fruition if we do not achieve our goals of user growth.

It is because of this valuation estimation that the CEO has a strategy to keep the company as “lean and mean” as possible to keep dilution to a minimum.

Toward that goal, Pennexx has released its first quarter financial report which show its first revenue since entering into the technology sector. These earnings represent the first step of Pennexx growing its commercial viability.

This is a significant step because many companies do not transition to a sustainable revenue model and therefore cannot remain viable without significant continued investment.

Mr. Risalvato said, “I have spoken many times about the strategy of the company to grow organically as much as possible. While it is a much harder road to keep a company lean and mean, it insures the company has the least dilution of its shareholder base and is economically sound.”

He continued, “Many people have long been involved in the dream of having a successful investment in Pennexx. Some have been involved since its meat packing days. They have told me that they have confidence in me, the idea and in those involved. I appreciate that confidence greatly and hope this first step into revenue shows my commitment to this strategy.”

Mature companies in this space include;,, Rakuten, Inc. 

According to ( ) in 2021 there will be 145 million users using digital coupons in the United States. 

Vincent said, “I believe virtually none of these estimated 140 million digital coupons are being shared on social media. We have a tremendous opportunity to do something for merchants and consumers that hasn’t been done before. ‘Redefine the distribution of coupons into social media offers shared between friends and families.’”

Pennexx also has value outside of its wholly owned subsidiary Your Social Offers ( ). Its other technologies such as its Cyber Security Dashboard, Zicix’s  Smartphone Coupon app, Fintech Pre-Paid debit card app and Your Social Influencers program can have independent valuations, but have tremendous cross selling opportunity.

Pennexx believes its ability to ‘cross sell’ to its users offers from multiple merchants for a low cost is what distinguishes the value of its users from the typical ‘digital coupon’ or ‘digital reward or rebate’ company put valuations into accordance with the Forbes figures.

Vincent Risalvato said, “I believe Pennexx will see a tremendous growth in its user base and from this Forbes data that it can translate into the success many companies have achieved. Because of the startup stage of our company, investors getting involved today are really at the ground floor.”

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