PBS Holding Inc., (PBHG) New Shareholders Updates:


Dallas, TX -- June 2, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- PBS Holding, Inc. (OTC: "PBHG"), (the "Company"),


PBS Holding Inc. Is pleased to announce the follow up with its multi-phase business development and milestones for the 2020 Q3 roll out.


The Management successfully spun off and released the nonprofit wholly owned subsidiary PFAY. (to free up its preferred class of company's shares.) More details coming on the next releases.


The company is finalizing an acquisition, that would result in what management believes to become a "healthy" bonus for our current shareholders and investors.Shareholders and investors who on record date are holding positions in company's common stock will be issued matched shares. The company will be publishing a more detailed PR and business outline this month with closing details and record dates, as well as the calculation formula for the share distribution and amounts. 


The company is celebrating by getting "back from the shutdown" with a planned survey of the land for MJ harvesting as well as bringing to market several new products CBD based and with added products to promote wellness and support immune systems via "DeVieSun" brand and "Healthy Living" maintenance and management. The company will announce the date for the website launch and activation.


Recently, the management completed and announced the share reduction program. To refresh all the shareholders:


The company currently has 1,375,414,901 shares held at DTC (in the street name), and only 21,117,766 in the float with the AS reduced to 5,000,000,000 shares (see SOS WY).


Management is happy to announce the completion of yet another "phase" of planned business development and acquisition business plan.


The company secured a 20-acre deal in Oklahoma, for the purpose of developing and expanding its holdings in MJ industry and its related genres. The development will allow the planting, growth and harvesting of the Cannabis. The deal also includes all proper state licensing for growth, processing and distributing MJ and related products.


The management is excited with a potential for the revenues. The average is approximately 300 plants per acre, and at 4 pounds per plant, at approximate 1200 pounds per acre would average $ 300.00 US per pound wholesale, would yield an approximate average of $ 3.6 Million (US) per acre. This being calculated as a wholesale revenue projection has a potential of over $ 50 Million per year and is also very exciting for the company since the company has several financial interests and investments in other companies that specialize in distribution and dispensing of the MJ products which would add addition revenues and good will to all our investments


"We had renegotiated and retired debt and notes in order to give the "Holding Company" a greater chance and opportunity for success. By acquiring the companies with our preferred, and not doing "mergers" per se, this will protect us and help achieve our goals and company's plans without the fear of "notes" and reverse stock splits looming and/or being dictated by new management. We designed a "Three Phase" acquisition formula, so I can firmly commit that there will be no RS!" Exclaimed excited Edward Vakser, Chairman /CEO, PBS Holding Inc.


PBS Holding, Inc. (PBHG)

PBS Holding Inc., is a publicly trading company whose goal is to acquire, develop and secure companies and revenue producing projects in order to grow its portfolio. The company's growth is accomplished by strategic mergers and acquisitions.


PBS Holding Inc. Is currently updating and upgrading its "Enterprise Software Sales Portal" for its direct sales group and sales channel. www.starfestdirect.com


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