Software start-up Lecere Corporation's (Pink Sheets:LCRE) ( CEO, Jim Morris, provides answers to some FAQs from shareholders and others.

1. Does Lecere have any prospects for more customers?

We are still on track to bring five new customers online by the end of July.

We have chosen our early customers very carefully. Early customers understand that FIRMS is new software. They are willing to work with a new software system. They use an awkward methodology for creating menus, while we diligently work to complete our "Easy as 1-2-3" software. They are willing to report any issues and suggestions for improvements to us. They typically will have a small or new operation which can be beneficial when incorporating a new software application, such as ours, into their business operations.

2. Why are you not bringing on new customers more rapidly?

The "Easy as 1-2-3" technology discussed in the PR of June 23 is extremely important to us. The reason we are adding only five new restaurants by the end of July is because the "Easy as 1-2-3" software has not reached its final stage of completion. We fully expect to have it completed by August 31. Once this new feature is completed and tested thoroughly with a few beta-site pilot customers, the number of new restaurants we could bring online in any given week is almost limitless. We are currently implementing a strategy to aggressively market this product.

3. Why were the details on the DOD announcement so vague?

Shareholders should note that the DOD is the largest restaurant chain in the world. They have a big inventory control problem in food services. This is precisely what Lecere focuses on. We could start with solving food services logistics for the DOD and then perhaps solve other logistics problems for them as well. The DOD doesn't understand cloud computing technology very well, and it will be hard for the DOD to hire the kind of Ruby on Rails and web applications development expertise they will need to implement the enterprise systems needed for effective cloud computing. This presents an enormous opportunity for Lecere. Lecere's development team are Ruby on Rails and web-application development experts. We think DOD will be interested in using our current technology, which is as advanced as it gets today in the world of cloud computing technology.

4. What is the status of Nepo 42?

Nepo 42 is using FIRMS and we are learning a lot about how FIRMS can be improved. This is typical of rolling out new software. We are learning from our first few customers how to make improvements to our product. Again, this is why we have selected our first customers very carefully.

5. Why are you using a stock awareness program?

The (only) goal of our current stock awareness campaign, which began on June 23, is to bring LCRE to the attention of new investors. We have certainly achieved that goal already. It is not our goal in this campaign to directly affect the price of our stock. Our plan for the next few months can be summed up as follows:

  1. Execute our business plan, and let the stock price take care of itself.  
  2. Bring on significant customers and revenue (after we roll out our "Easy as 1-2-3" plan, as outlined in the PR of June 23), and let the stock price take care of itself.  
  3. Increase the number of investors who follow us and believe in us, and let the stock price take care of itself.

I refuse to manage Lecere to satisfy the investment needs of day-traders and others looking to make incremental amounts of money from flipping Lecere's stock every few days. Lecere is being managed to satisfy the investment needs of those who recognize the enormous potential and opportunities this company has with its current, developmental, cutting-edge software in the cloud computing industry.

About LecereTM Corporation

Lecere Corporation (Pink Sheets:LCRE) of Portland, Oregon develops and markets Lecere FIRMSTM, an integrated, Web-based suite of interactive restaurant management software that runs on handheld wireless devices. FIRMS helps restaurants reduce their operational costs while enhancing their customers' experiences for increased revenues and profits.

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