Software start-up Lecere™ Corporation (Pink Sheets:LCRE) ( has announced that it will begin a pilot project on May 3 to evaluate its initial SaaS Point of Sales offering at Nepo 42 ( in Portland, Oregon.

According to Jim Morris, Chairman and CEO of Lecere, "We are gearing up for the initial release of our software. We have initiated a pilot project at our first restaurant customer, Nepo 42, in Portland, Oregon. Nepo 42 will use the Apple iPod Touch and the new Apple iPad device. The use of these two devices has lowered the startup hardware cost for Nepo 42 to under $2,000. There is no initial cost for Lecere's FIRMS software, so the cost of a few Apple products at under $2,000 represents the full amount of the cost to get a modern POS system up and running at Nepo 42. Contrast this with an upfront cost of about $20,000 to install a traditional, on-premises POS system with its heavy, non-movable POS terminals, printers, and back-office servers."

Nepo 42 is a new pub located in Northeast Portland's Concordia neighborhood. The Concordia neighborhood includes most of the Alberta Street Arts District and Concordia University, a private, Lutheran, liberal arts institution in the Concordia University System.

Matt Firosz, general manager of Nepo 42, had this to say about Lecere's FIRMS Software and the soon to be initiated FIRMS pilot project at Nepo 42, "We are very excited to finally have our needs and dreams met with a Point of Sale system that will increase the speed of our service while not over burdening us with expense. In the last year, we have looked at all the options for Point of Sale solutions without any of them hitting all the correct needs and ease of use.

"FIRMS offers us just the right tool to get our guests the experience they expect with the performance and reliability of a standard system. Using the iPad and iPod touch will enhance our sales and productivity and allow us to collect the data in a real-time way. This will give us the opportunity to make on-the-fly decisions without having to use cumbersome, outdated methodology to gather the information we need.

"My staff and I cannot wait to get this in the restaurant. Every day they are chomping at the bit to use this new tool."

Said Morris, "We completed our initial software release on time on April 30, as promised. We are excited about our initial pilot project at Nepo 42, and we intend to make Nepo 42 the first of many successful customers. We have at least a dozen restaurants interested in using our software after the pilot project is complete, but we want to focus all of our initial efforts on making Nepo 42 successful before we make the software available at more restaurants. Most of these dozen restaurants contacted us directly after we posted the YouTube video ( We are seeing big demand for our product, but we must walk before we can run."

The caveat emptor (CE) flag recently placed on Lecere's stock by was the result of a misunderstanding. The CE flag will be removed within a week.

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Lecere Corporation (Pink Sheets:LCRE) of Portland, Oregon develops and markets Lecere FIRMS™, an integrated, Web-based suite of interactive restaurant management software that runs on handheld wireless devices. FIRMS helps restaurants reduce their operational costs while enhancing their customers' experiences for increased revenues and profits.

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