Software start-up LecereTM Corporation (Pink Sheets: LCRE) has announced a strategy in the FIRMSTM restaurant management software for dealing with Internet and electrical outages during normal hours of restaurant operation.

According to Jim Morris, Chairman and CEO, “In every sales situation we encounter, the question always arises as to how Lecere will handle an Internet or electrical outage during normal restaurant operating hours. The loss of Internet service or electrical service to a restaurant can result in loss not only of revenue, but also of customer goodwill.”

Lecere’s primary strategy is based on the availability of a local server and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that implements a two-tiered database. This provides the customer with the benefit of having data in the cloud for backup and for real-time, multi-site aggregation and analytics, yet also provides the safety net of continued local operations in the case of loss of either Internet service or electrical service. A secondary strategy would utilize the mobile (cellular) wireless network as a backup to Internet outages.

“We will give our customers a choice of a two-tiered database or a mobile wireless network or simply trusting that outages will be so rare they are not cause for alarm. There are tradeoffs associated with each of the first two solutions, but both solutions guarantee that every Lecere restaurant customer will have 24/7 access to the Internet. Loss of Internet service or electrical service, except in the most rare of instances imaginable, will not be an issue for Lecere’s customers.”

About LecereTM Corporation

Lecere Corporation (Pink Sheets: LCRE) of Portland, Oregon develops and markets Lecere FIRMSTM, an integrated, Web-based suite of interactive restaurant management software that runs on handheld wireless devices. FIRMS helps restaurants reduce their operational costs while enhancing their customers' experiences for increased revenues and profits.

Lecere FIRMS will debut at the NRA Show 2010, May 22-25, 2010 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill.

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