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Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. (PHBI) continues to hover at its $0.027 200 Day Moving Average (MA) on the verge of a breakout.  As PHBI’s proprietary tissue culture technology gains more presence in the market place, a breakout opportunity gets that much closer.

PHBI published news today on the company’s development of tissue cultures for the cannabis market in California:

Pharmagreen Prepares for Entry Into the Multi-Billion Dollar California Cannabis Industry

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First Update:

PHBI Volume Alert – Proprietary Tissue Culture Is Future Of Commercial Cannabis Industry

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. (PHBI) trading volume has more than double since the original Breakout Alert earlier today – see original Breakout Alert below.

PHBI’s proprietary tissue culture has massive industry potential as regulations for legal cannabis cultivation expand and evolve requiring higher and higher standards for clean plants with consistent genetic strains, not to mention maintaining consistent competitive quality differentiation.

From Plant Cell Technology – The Future Of Cannabis Cloning – Tissue Culture:

“Researchers are making monumental advancements in cannabis studies and research. One significant area is the cultivation of cannabis. In order for cannabis to be cultivated on a commercial level, there are a plethora of parameters to observe - and that doesn’t even include the legal parameters, which are different for each state. Commercial cannabis should be free of harmful compounds and chemicals and oftentimes require specific genetics. Tissue culture offers growers the chance to cultivate high yielding, quality, and gene-specific, uniform plants.” (Learn More)

Original Alert:

PHBI On Verge Of Tech Breakout – Potential Triple From $0.027

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. (PHBI) is on the verge of becoming the next big name in the cannabis sector.  The company has proprietary tissue culture technology it is applying to the cannabis sector to provide best in class marijuana and hemp plants to growers looking for consistent genetic quality.

The company is investing in its public platform in addition to its proprietary technology founded operation.  PHBI just announced its OTCBB application.

PHBI’s presence in the cannabis sector is growing and the company is on the verge of a technical breakout.  The PPS is hovering just around its $0.027 200 day moving average (MA) already above its 50 day moving average and the recent trading has just produced an MACD cross.  Volume is building.

The 52-week high is $0.09 with under 300 million shares in the float.  News could trigger momentum that drives the PPS from the current $0.027 back to $0.09 for a 3 X ROI.

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Other stocks on the move include INND, LIGA, and OZSC.

SOURCE: pennymillions

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