OTC:ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Acquires Bright Concepts Detection & Protection LLC, a Specialist Fire & Security Systems Integrator Which Currently Operates Out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates


NEW YORK, NY -- April 13, 2021 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- ILUS International(OTC: ILUS) is a M&A company focused on acquiring and developing technology companies.

Founded in 2014, Bright Concepts Detection & Protection LLC (BCD), is a profitable Fire Systems Integrator which employs approximately 40 staff for the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Fighting Systems and Pumps for major infrastructure projects. BCD currently operates from its own warehouse and maintenance facility located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is currently working on 3 large projects for major hotel groups including the new Five Hotel & Resort, Rove Hotel and a new 60-floor tower hotel in Dubai. BCD currently has a healthy sales pipeline including the imminent award of 2 more large projects totaling $3 million over 2 years.  The company has an exceptionally strong in-house engineering team with combined experience of more than 50 years and crucially, holds the relevant operating licenses for the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Systems. BCD has built a credible reputation of delivering projects for major contractors in the United Arab Emirates, such as Nakheel, Emaar and Meraas. ILUS CEO Nicolas Link has been a close ally of retiring BCD CEO, Mr. Narinder Chadha, for more than 15 years, dating back to previous businesses which they both headed up.  ILUS has acquired BCD for an undisclosed sum which was paid for mostly with cash and some restricted shares.

FireBug, a wholly owned subsidiary of ILUS, and BCD have been aligning and structuring a take-over for 2 years with the goal of providing ILUS with the most effective route to market for its Fixed Fire Fighting Systems. This also includes its new Kitchen Fire Suppression System which is undergoing testing and is due to be released to the market in the third and fourth Quarter of 2021. 

ILUS already has a range of technology patents with more products currently in development to be tested, certified and patented over the coming months. The technology is largely focused on delivering a highly efficient low pressure water mist to extinguish fires. ILUS’ technology uses science to fight the fire. *A basic explanation of the science involved is that any fuel decomposes with heat and this gives off a micro layer of gas which reacts with oxygen to ignite and combust in a process called Pyrolysis. It is therefore this layer of burning gas that the technology developed by ILUS tackles. It works by injecting small droplets of water at a low pressure which covers a larger surface area than water itself and is most effective in cooling the fuel, diluting the gas and reducing the oxygen, thus tackling all sides of the fire triangle simultaneously and not relying on wetting the surface to extinguish the fire as with conventional technology. ILUS’ low-pressure water mist technology is capable of extinguishing fires which can usually not be extinguished with water only, such as liquid fires including cooking oil fires. The technology typically uses 63% less water than conventional technology for effective firefighting.

ILUS’ technology was initially rolled out for the Emergency Services in the form of Fire & Rescue products such as hand-held Nozzles and portable Pumps, and the second part of the roll out is the same low-pressure water mist technology being used in fixed fire suppression systems such as in the automatic detection and extinguishing systems required for commercial kitchens, conveyor belts, robotic manufacturing, power generation, mining, transportation, marine and oil and gas sectors to name a few. The company has installed several prototype systems as part of the first round of testing but has primarily been focused on the development of its commercial kitchen fire suppression system at this stage. 

ILUS has developed a revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System which uses its fine low-pressure water mist droplets for extinguishing commercial kitchen fires quicker, safer and more cost effectively than with conventional systems. The technology also minimizes property damage when compared to high pressure and foam extinguishing systems – it is important to note that a commercial kitchen could be put out of business for days in the event of a small fire or false alarm if a conventional fire suppression system is used, whereas with ILUS technology, it could be operational within hours. Commercial kitchens also experience many false alarms which with conventional technology, can cause significant down time due to contamination caused by the system discharge. ILUS’ technology alleviates this problem.

The ILUS team will begin the certification process for the Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System by the end of the second quarter and aims to begin sales and installations towards the end of the third quarter and into the fourth quarter of 2021. The system will be sold through integrators and installers globally and there are already trials underway with well-known brands in the Middle East and Europe.  

ILUS is also involved with the development of Virtual Reality (VR) Fire Training Software which will be rolled out in the Middle East through the BCD acquisition. 

ILUS CEO, Nick Link, said, “The BCD acquisition will allow ILUS to carry out direct installation and maintenance of the ILUS Fixed Fire Suppression Systems in the Middle East. This will enable ILUS to keep a larger share of profit margins and position other ILUS group products such as those from FireBug and TVC, to be sold to the BCD customers. We believe that the synergy between all companies within the ILUS group will increase the annual revenue per customer and lower the cost of acquiring new customers in the region.”

ILUS will now place a large focus on growing the BCD Fire Equipment Maintenance business which will generate recurring revenue for ILUS. Linked to this, the company is also looking to increase the leasing of equipment and the rollout of the VR fire training modules in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) contracts, both of which will increase recurring revenue for the company. 

BCD has traditionally always been a project driven business with a steady flow of projects that have often exceeded their capacity. Their reputation has been the key driving factor behind their ability to secure contracts and they have therefore not required a substantial web or social media presence. The expanding ILUS marketing team have set up a basic level of web presence in a short period of time and will be expanding the social media presence to share some of BCD’s past and present projects whilst also updating and expanding both FireBug and TVC’s online marketing presence. 

Nick Link, ILUS’ CEO, gave his thoughts on the overall progress, saying, “The business units and the overall plan is coming together beautifully. We have a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes and still to do over the coming weeks and months. We are expanding our team in order to deliver our strategy as quickly as possible. Everyone onboard is incredibly excited about the future of ILUS and we look forward to updating shareholders about the progress of the current business units and the imminent additional future acquisitions.”

For further information on the ILUS group of companies, please see their respective communication channels. 

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*The Fire Science explanation is a very simplistic explanation for readers to grasp the fire concept and the concept behind the ILUS technology and is not intended to explain exact fire science in detail and therefore wording and descriptions have also been simplified for easier understanding by the reader. 

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