Boston, MA -- June 29, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Human Unitec International, Inc., (OTC PINK: HMNU), is a Project Finance, development and assets management Corporation focused in sustainability, medical & wellness and green energy.  

In June 2016, the Company acquired the intellectual property for the GRONE renewable energy technology. The Grone is a versatile waste sorting center that acts not only as a recycling center, but also as power plant aimed at eliminating the need for landfills. 

The Human Unitec International, Inc.'s GRONE development team has recently completed the development and is now finalizing the sale and deployment of several small GRONE plants. These GRONE plants are utilized for the recycling and management of solid waste, plastic, used tires and exhausted oils.  

A prototype of a 10-ton capacity for tires recycling plant has been constructed and is in operation in the Milano area of Italy. This plant is under the direct supervision of Human Unitec International, Inc.'s GRONE technicians. The investment cost of this plant is budgeted at approximately $2,000,000 USD and the plant shall generate an average annual net income of approximately $1,800,000 USD. 

On May 11, 2020, the Company entered in to a binding purchase agreement with Palladium Investments SA, a Swiss subsidiary of ILDA INVESTMENTS SA, for the sale of the first of six GRONE plants for the recycling of solid waste management for $43.000.000. ( 

On 24th of June, 2020, a status meeting was held where the directors of Human Unitec International Inc. and Palladium Investments agreed to the appointment of Mr. Claudio Pezzella CPA to head the financial and accounting management of this project;  Attorney Walter Zandrini, Lugano Switzerland, as Trust Agent. It was confirmed at the meeting that the preliminary phases of the contract had now been completed and approved by both parties and it was have agreed to the terms and to its issuance of  the $10,000,000 USD payment with  $3,000,000 revolving guarantee in Trust with the Walter Zandrini Law Office to begin the construction of the GRONE. 

Yilmaz Erbagan, CEO of Palladium Investments and now also Director and Treasurer of Human Unitec International Inc., stated: "I am glad to confirm that Palladium Investments and HMNU are closely cooperating with success; we are convinced that this GRONE contract is just the first step for the gradual introduction of our Group in a long term financial investment program with Human Unitec International Inc.. We are very satisfied with this joint venture and excited with level of cooperation, transparency and synergy that we have developed in this relative short period of time."  

Sumaya Alay Faysal, Executive Vice President and International relations coordinator of HMNU stated: "The initial GRONE contract  provides our Company the path and essential progress of our development to meet our mission to become a global leader in innovative affordable recycling plants. We believe the deployment of the GRONE plants will eliminate the necessity of landfills and at the same time produce the operator significant revenues and provide the community with clean natural energy.
initial purchase of the GRONE for Waste Management less than one month ago has initiated a significant and positive attention to our technology and our Company. Over the past month, and in spite of the global pandemic, we are experiencing an high volume of requests for similar GRONE projects as well as a number of pending agreements for the small, e.g. 10 tons Plastic and Tires Recycling, GRONES.
We are extremely competitive on the global market, not just in terms of cost/ price but also on terms of tested technology. We are now developing an important project to finance the realization and management of the small GRONE also in franchising and or in partnership with qualified operators.".

About the GRONE:

The Grone is a versatile waste sorting center that acts not only as a recycling center, but also a power plant aimed at eliminating the need for landfills. The modern landfill is a gross use of space and increasingly becoming a threat to the environment. The primary purpose of the Grone is to sort Municipal Solid Waste (metals, glass, plastic, textiles, paper, and bulky waste). The Grone separates each resource and allocates it to the proper recycling zone through an assembly line consisting of a 4-stage process. The waste is then used as fuel to maintain its perpetual power system. The power generated from the system can be used to power water desalination plants that offer fresh water to the respective community and revenue to the entities. Since 2016, the Company has been working with Health Target in completing the GRONE technology for commercial deployment.  

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