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Item 8.01 Other Events

On July 8, 2020, FingerMotion, Inc. (the “Company” or “FingerMotion”) issued a news release announcing the launch of Sapientus (www.sapientus.com), the Company’s Big Data Insight arm, built to deliver data-driven solutions and insights for businesses within the insurance and financial services industries.


Sapientus is the third and most compelling component of the Company’s overall business model, empowering a suite of products and services in the Insurtech space. Specifically, the Sapientus suite of products and services will provide insurance industry partners with a breadth and depth of competitive advantages and capabilities such as:


  1. Behavioral insights and scoring derived from a time series of live telco data, along with an expansive set of auxiliary data, enabling deeper contextual understanding of a customer’s behavior propensity and risk inclination for more granular segmentation;


  1. Transactional integration giving real-time feedback enriched with risk and behavior insights on current and prospective customers, thereby further promoting digital transformations in the industry, in areas such as online underwriting, claims processing and fraud detection;


  1. Insight-driven data analytic services, sufficiently adaptive to incorporate new information such as emerging claim and marketing data, and synchronizing such with our partners’ operating and risk assessment philosophy via continual learning and refinement; and


  1. Our strategic partnerships with the two largest Chinese telecommunication giants provides us access to comprehensive and unbiased telco data on a real-time, unimpeded basis. By transforming and integrating telco signals with our own proprietary auxiliary data and identifiable public information, we are able to build a ground-up, flexible data structure and model to extract behavioral insights in an unprecedented manner.


Our mission is to deliver the next generation of data-driven insurance solutions that result in more accurate risk assessments, more efficient processes, and a more enjoyable customer experience.


“Our Sapientus platform enables us to transform and integrate the continuous stream of data from our strategic telecommunications partners, allowing our insurance industry partners to identify and select “preferred risk” customers and offering real-time transactional proposals,” stated CEO, Martin Shen. “With the launch of Sapientus, we anticipate commercializing and monetizing our Big Data Insights & Analytics platforms beginning in the first quarter of 2021, starting with our insurance industry partners.”


A copy of the news release is attached as Exhibit 99.1 hereto.

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99.1 News Release dated July 8, 2020


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DATE:  July 13, 2020 By: /s/ Martin J. Shen
Martin J. Shen
CEO, CFO and Director

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