ATWEC Technologies (OTC Pink: ATWT) Acquires Manufacturer in $2.6 Million Deal


Miami, FL-- InvestorsHub NewsWire – November 11, 2020 –, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: ATWT).


  • Acquires Manufacturer Acquires Assembled Products, Inc. in $2.6 million cash / equity deal


  • $1 Million in Sales Gross 2019 sales of Assembled Products was approximately $1 million


  • Increased Margins Acquisition increases margin / decreases expenses by 75%;



ATWT may not be at these levels much longer.


See the Press Release and more on ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: ATWT) at



ATWEC Technologies, Inc. is a 40+ year old company in the safety / sterilization space that could prove to be very valuable at these levels, and they just announced a multi-million-dollar acquisition that will save them approximately 75% on production cost.


The acquisition could also bring them an additional $1 million in top line sales and increase their margins by approximately 75% as well. (based on 2019 sales)


The company being acquired is Assembled Products, Inc.  Assembled Products is currently housed in a 33,000-square-foot building in Rogersville, AL. The company has zero liabilities and hundreds of thousands in assets. Gross sales in 2019 were approximately $1 million dollars.


Assembled Products was founded in 1983 and has worked with major companies, including Halliburton, the U.S. Air Force, FedEx (NYSE: FDX), and AutoZone (NYSE: AZO).


Assembled Products has also designed, manufactured and marketed products, that make life better for people around the world.  Some of their more popular brands are Mart Cart, Jotto Desk, and Spray Master Technologies.  


"Bringing the manufacturing of our transportation safety devices in-house better enables us to respond to the growing market demand for solutions to keep bus and vehicle passengers safe," said Darnell Stitts, President and CEO at ATWEC Technologies. "Acquiring Assembled Products allows us to keep costs down and scale more quickly. Plus, by expanding into manufacturing, we can diversify the range of our offerings."


Following the acquisition, all aspects of manufacturing and production will now be controlled by the ATWEC board.  ATWEC will also keep all Assembled Products' full-time employees on staff, including Glen Stevens who has been with Assembled Products for over 34 years.


"An exclusive partnership between ATWEC Technologies and the resources of Assembled Products will fast-track next-generation product development and bring a long-overdue higher level of safety to the transportation industry, "said Glen Stevens, Operations Director at Assembled Products.



This could be the biggest play in Child and Personal Safety space in a lonog time.

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ATWT may not be at these levels much longer.


See the Press Release and more on ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: ATWT) at



About ATWEC Technologies

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. is a 40+ year old company in the safety / sterilization space that could prove to be very valuable at these levels, and they just announced the launch of a new sterilization system for buses, commercial vehicles and other public transportation. 


Found in 1979, ATWEC Technologies, Inc. is a child safety and security technology company headquartered in Memphis TN. 


With a market cap of only $7 million according to OTC Markets, ATWEC Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique, highly effective suite of safety applications under the name trademark Kiddie Voice for the vast, underserved population looking for and using safety devices related to children and education. 


Children left on day care and school busses, is a recuring and potentially deadly situation that occurs across our country every month.  In addition, in a COVID-19 era, viruses on busses provide an even more dangerous environment not only for our children, but those our children come home to.  ATWEC Technologies, designs, manufactures and sells products specifically with these issues in mind.


ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC: ATWT)'s product suite includes the KV Child Reminder System, the new KV-X Sterilization System, and the Commercial Backup System.


Its newest addition, the KV-X Sterilization System (KVX) is a new automated, two-stage sterilization system for school buses, daycare vans, and other commercial vehicles that kills germs, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on vehicle surfaces quickly, safely, and effectively. The KVX utilizes a UVC module to disinfect the air inside a vehicle.  It does this by isolating the UVC light behind a HEPA (high-efficacy particulate air) filter.  The KVX is programmed to operate after a vehicle is shut down and no further movement is detected.  If movement is detected, the KVX will stop automatically and can be programmed to re-start. 


ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC: ATWT)'s current and ever expanding product line is the KV Child Reminder System available with a choice of RFID technology, or key switch deactivation. This system is designed to encourage the transportation drivers to actively check their vehicles for children and seniors who may not have gotten out of the vehicle.  It does this by providing a patented voice prompt when the vehicle is shut off. The driver must then walk to the back of the vehicle to reset the system with a mechanical key (or RFID) within a programmed amount of time or the system will set off an external siren and, if equipped a strobe light.  This is accomplished with a sophisticated computer system and proprietary software that includes an anti-copy subroutine to protect against third party thieves.


Children are left on school and daycare busses to deal with extreme heat and severe freezing temperatures monthly in the US. This is a solution to that problem.


These issues can be avoided for as little as a few hundred dollars per bus. 

Education technology expenditure is expected to reach $341B worldwide by 2025, evidenced by the aggressive acceleration in venture capital invested through 2019, which reached a record $8B.  The Company plans to launch an aggressive sales and marketing campaign to capitalize on this increased demand, fueled by concerned parents and administrators.


Have a look at ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC: ATWT).  There could be some real value here.

Shareholders and other investors can find the disclosure related to ATWEC's acquisition of Assembled Products and moving up to the OTCQB in the 4th quarter statements on the OTC Markets website.


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Have a look at ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: ATWT).  Speaking of safety, this company just acquired its manufacturer in a $2.6 million deal.


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Have a look at ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: ATWT).  The company has a $6 million market and just acquired $1mm in sales, a 75% reduction in costs, which came with zero debt. 


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Have a look at ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: ATWT).  The stock seems to have formed a base here and after the announcement of this acquisition, the stock could make an about face move.  If it does you won't want to miss it.


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