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C3 Metals Inc (QB)

C3 Metals Inc (QB) (CUAUF)

Closed July 15 4:00PM

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About C3 Metals Inc (QB)

Miscellaneous Metal Ores,nec
Miscellaneous Metal Ores,nec
Toronto, Ontario, Can
C3 Metals Inc (QB) is listed in the Miscellaneous Metal Ores sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker CUAUF. The last closing price for C3 Metals (QB) was $0.18. Over the last year, C3 Metals (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.169 to $ 0.89336.

C3 Metals (QB) currently has 61,884,802 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of C3 Metals (QB) is $11.11 million. C3 Metals (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -16.67.

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CUAUF Discussion

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nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago
Awww man.....So hey - how're ya' doin' ?.....

This sure has done well (if one traces back)

A week ago or so I you tubed 'em (can't find it now) but there caught a glimpse of the jurisdiction they're in -

The video showed truckload after truckload (of their Big Copper Co neighbour) carrying concentrate (each truck load valued at around 400,000) down a highway headed for processing.......

And THAT'S why the SP has done so well here I suspect - KILLER jurisdiction AND experienced management (perhaps)

Hey wow - I see you haven't posted since November the 1st !

So, SOMETHING sure must be "up" LOOK at the "HELLO !" volume HERE and compare it with the chart above.....
Because CLEARLY that volume spike was an unbelievable "signal"
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago

Meanwhile :

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago
Hey good question - And to tell ya' the truth ? - I do not know (what the status of Highland Valley actually IS nowadays) !....
Apologies for writing that it's still a huge operation !
I've tried to research it in the past but gave up.

It's just ridiculous - One can't use Google anymore to research stuff - All one gets are magazine ads / articles / useless format

highland valley teck

Copper production in Q3 fell to 69,000 tonnes from 75,000 tonnes in Q3 2019 due to weaker performance at Highland Valley, British Columbia and Carmen de Andacollo, Chile.

The decrease in production at Carmen de Andacollo was due to lower ore grades, as expected in the mine plan as well as reduced mill throughput caused by longer than anticipated maintenance shutdowns. The decrease at Highland Valley Copper was primarily due to lower mill throughput as a result of processing harder than expected ores.

Perhaps interestingly -

Here on this page one can find a giant list (of 400) copper players (with their US symbols)

Anyways, this recent resource "Boom" as I was suggesting earlier ?

Is strongly (I believe) just US dollar-related.....

Just gotta continue monitoring the Aussie and Canadian (resource-based) currencies....

That plunge from the Aussie high is what generated tons of excitement - and now it looks poised to reverse.....

ZetaReticuli ZetaReticuli 4 years ago
If they have copper they will make money and that was a statement that I need to do the DD not you :)

The CEO was asked in two different interviews relating to the 10% stake from Teck Resources if they (Teck) would be helping with technical work/advisory since they have the experience and where they are located in relation to Kodiak's project. They provided financing and in return they got an automatic share price appreciation from their large stake and their big name but will get the ultimate return if they can shepherd Kodiak along with the project. They may also get paid directly on the books for advisory work.

Giga banked because the market believed there could be a deal with Tesla without knowing anything about capex or where they stood with the project and then people took a closer look after the hit job articles came out, the stock tanked and then took another dive after the lackluster PEA. The chart tells the story and I'd say the same for Kodiak in that there was an initial frenzy followed by a cooling period after folks study the company and where they are with the project.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago
Yeah yeah - That's right (formerly Dunedin, etc,, etc.) How by drilling deep made "all the difference", ha-ha).
Thanks for the dd reminder(s).
Don't understand what y'meant here however : "sounds like Teck Corp is getting paid for their copper big guns.";...For haven't they merely adopted a financing role ?

Something about that chart says the market knows something....?

Yeah like same thing with GIGA and LAC and other battery metals' pullback :

Which I suspect has something to do with this : (the topping of a commodities cycle as indicated by a surging US Dollar)

Y'see, 2 months ago copper poked out of this downtrend......which could be why coverage has become so bullish

10 sessions ago :

Since then $ has been climbing / Commodities pulling back

Nickel is almost a similar story : September 2nd :

Middle of last week :

GREEN ARROW UNLIKELY BECAUSE OF RECESSION !......ETC. ie. perhaps Politics / Covid-19

Whew - What a Drama - As evidenced by charts !

Above chart's from September 2nd

Election eve 2 sessions away !

October 22

Few days later - Hits low of 12.30 - Then rebounds by 10 %

Next day FALLS by 10 % (am)

ZetaReticuli ZetaReticuli 4 years ago
Nice to have the inside scoop from that beautiful part of the world.

Is that copper mine almost exhausted and are there other copper miners/explorers there?
ZetaReticuli ZetaReticuli 4 years ago
It looks they just changed their name from Dunnedin and took on this copper exploration relatively recently so maybe Teck Corp are providing a technical advisory role. Before the name change Chris Taylor (a technical guy) was the CEO and their focus was on diamonds. Claudia had a managerial role at Rio Tinto's diamond division and she came over as an advisor and assumed the CEO role recently and Chris Taylor is now Chairman. I'd say Teck Corp is getting paid for their copper big guns.

That property has been drilled before with poor results and they are claiming they went a little deeper and hit pay dirt. Something about that chart says the market knows something.

3C Metals - watched that one video with the CEO and it seems like they are in the early stages on the Peru mine and all the other vids out there he's with a different company. Need to do some more DD with all the shifting and rebranding to see what's really going on there.

C3 shows a $21 mil USD market cap trading on the grey market OTC (not sure why).

Kodiak shows $52 mil USD also trading on the grey market OTC.

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago

They've only drilled 6 holes (one of which was bonanza-grade).....

Teck Corp (the owner of Highland Valley Copper) purchased 10 % as soon as they learned of their drill results....

Besides being enamored with that CEO, she also sounded perfectly reasonable to me.

Not sure just yet what their market cap is (now)......That would play a role.

It WAS at 20 million in late, it's probably around 80 now ?

Anyways, this 3 C Metals is in Peru - on another prolific ? copper belt.

And its' management appears 1st class (which seems odd for it being such a small mkt cap)

ZetaReticuli ZetaReticuli 4 years ago
What a run and subsequent pullback. Chart looks like it wants that gap.

Don't know anything about copper miners but from that interview Crux was pretty generous. He's usually borderline jerk (although I like his interviews) and she couldn't clearly articulate her own mining background let alone her vision for the company.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago
Woo-hoo Baby !....Copper Central !

ZetaReticuli ZetaReticuli 4 years ago
Nice find. Copper supposed to be big for 2021.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 4 years ago
Welcome to 3 C Metals Inc.


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