Branded Legacy, Inc. Files S-1
Company Signs New Distribution Partner
LONGWOOD, FL -- June 23, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTCQB: BLEG), a holding company focused on the commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid-infused beverages along with an array of CBD topicals and tinctures, is pleased to announce it has filed a Registration Statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register securities under the Securities Act of 1933 pursuant to an Equity Financing Agreement with GHS Investments, LLC (“GHS”) for a registered equity line. Although the Company is not required to sell shares under the Financing Agreement, it gives Branded Legacy, Inc. the option to sell to GHS up to $7,000,000 worth of the Company’s registered common stock over a twenty four month period, with certain limitations.

The S-1 Registration Statement is inclusive of two years of audited financial disclosures by an independent public accountant. This filing adds increased transparency by including information on the planned use of capital proceeds, detail of the current business model and competition, as well as provide a description of the offering.

The Company has plans to utilize funding for working capital, legal & accounting, marketing & advertising, inventory, payroll, acquisitions, partnerships and equipment. Having the right funding in place should allow Branded Legacy to grow without the restraints of cash flows and inventory that it has faced in previous years.

“This agreement with GHS could provide the capital we need to expand with sales and marketing as well as some strategic hires to break into our first seven figure year,” stated Branded Legacy, Inc.’s CEO, Ryan Medico.

Mr. Medico, stated, “We are excited about the direction the Company is heading. This filing is crucial to maintain transparency with investors and raise capital to continue growing in the hemp and CBD space.”

Elev8 Hemp, LLC, the wholly-owned subsidiary of BLEG, is pleased to announce it has signed a new distribution agreement with California High Beverages.  Mike Dub, the owner of California High Beverages, has been distributing hemp beverages for multiple suppliers since 2006. Mr. Dub has past experience as the National Sales Director for 420 Hemp Energy Drinks. He has transformed California High Beverages into a broker company for multiple beverage suppliers, bringing on distributors across the U.S.

Specializing in distributing hemp based beverages since 2018, California High Beverages has expanded from coast to coast in the following 15 states: Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), California (CA), Arizona (AZ), Nevada (NV), Texas (TX), New Mexico (NM), Colorado (CO), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), Indiana (IN), Illinois (IL), Wisconsin (WI), and Minnesota (MN).

"We are excited to distribute Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Teas," Dub said. “We have received a lot of positive feedback about the flavors and want to start promotions right away!"

Medico stated, “We have been in talks with Mike Dub for a few months now as they were expanding their territories. We are very excited to be working together and look forward to them receiving feedback from their first two pallets.”

About Branded Legacy: Branded Legacy, Inc. is a holding company that specializes in hemp and CBD. Its primary focus is the commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid-infused beverages along with an array of CBD topicals and tinctures with a secondary focus on acquiring manufacturing facilities/companies that can aid in the development of its product lines. Branded Legacy is made up of two subsidiaries, Elev8 Hemp, LLC and Zoe CBD, LLC.

About Elev8 Hemp: Elev8 Hemp’s mission is simple: craft the highest-quality, organic hemp products for consumers in search of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Everyone needs to get the proper amount of healthy proteins to keep them feeling better and more energetic. We source only the best organic hemp protein powders—naturally full of powerhouse amino acids and Omegas-3, 6, and 9—so we can infuse your daily coffee and tea with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.

About Zoe CBD: Zoe CBD focuses on the development and marketing of the highest quality CBD products. Currently, we offer CBD Tinctures, CBD Lotion, and a CBD Salve. Our hope is that any product you choose will help you lead a healthier, happier life.

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