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121.002.555.900.654.2250.000.00 %053- %11147/12/2024
123.000.404.302.532.351.33110.83 %2437/12/2024
124.000.351.501.250.9250.4862.34 %3177/12/2024 %0786- %067- %7187/12/2024 %04- %00-
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Smartypants2 Smartypants2 2 minutes ago
The Auctus loan contract has not YET been declared illegal, but that's what Basile's appeal intends to establish in appellate court! They contend that there is clear precedent of similar convertible notes being declared null and void due to the fact that the toxic lender was acting as an unregistere
WolfofMia WolfofMia 2 minutes ago
It doesn't work on you because you sold on this irrational move up correct?
IRisky IRisky 3 minutes ago
Bruce.... I am more than elated that you are seeing some possible light at the end of this tunnel.
Thank you for your favorable response. I agree 1000% with you.
I am praying this is the answer to our prayers.

But I have a question for "anybody" that would have a com
learningcurve2020 learningcurve2020 3 minutes ago
Regulators could dismiss the ECA all together and just weight the evidence based on a single arm trial result. The problem, as I see it, is the extreme criteria selection meant for PFS and somewhat nebulous crossover. We'll see. But then there's the reimbursement issue. For whatever reason LP see
exploremore exploremore 3 minutes ago
I believe that rumor was circulated in 2018 or 2019, I remain skeptical it happened.
pual pual 3 minutes ago
There you go with your split again.

1- 'debt talks about $4.4 million and 2.6 million in "friendly" debt expected to be converted to equity at some point soon.
2- Now we can add in the management fees that he claims that he is owed.

I do not know but could it b
midas716 midas716 4 minutes ago
And a much bigger funding deal they will find on the EM market as opposed to the pink market or even QB by auditing that 10K? Good grief. Your post makes 0 sense.
Easy peasy to stay on pink if they needed to dilute/fund activities longer; especially when they got the goods. Logically they are
Imindog Imindog 4 minutes ago
My guess is that q2 financials weren’t that stellar at all that’s why they are having to postpone the Lynk equation which in my opinion is a terrible aquisition anyway!! The option has not been exercised yet which they are 100% dependent on to make the aquisition as once again iqst is broke and has
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 4 minutes ago
Dems have been fed up with Trump for years without violence.

It was a fed up registered Repuke that shot him.

What does that tell you?
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 5 minutes ago
WOW! You show your colors, you’re on the level as the shooter. you probably live a miserable life🧑🏿‍🦼
gorbec1 gorbec1 5 minutes ago
Good morning
uranium-pinto-beans uranium-pinto-beans 6 minutes ago

Qualcomm price target raised to $200 from $170 at Citi
Citi analyst Christopher Danely raised the firm's price target on Qualcomm (QCOM) to $200 from $170 and keeps a Neutral rating on the shares. The analyst expects the Q2 earnings season to be a positive catalyst for t
LA4321 LA4321 6 minutes ago
well.......i guess it is a BIT of clarification----a unit at a golf course in Az-----is this the 1st "sale" ? is this a leased unit ?----either one is a positive-----if only these guys had someone for shareholder relations------they CONTINUE to rely on nebulous TWEETS from the most inept poster-----
Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 8 minutes ago
Hoskuld Hoskuld 8 minutes ago
"It’s clear that Anavex hasn’t given up on Rett but the focus now is getting the Alzheimer’s data ready for the EMA."

Different people are involved in these activities. They can walk and chew gum at the same time, as a company.
chipboarder chipboarder 9 minutes ago
We all know that Movano uses RF technology to gather biometric information and that the rest of the world uses infrared to gather the same information. We also know that RF is unaffected by skin pigmentation…an advantage.

The real question is whether the quality of the raw data is be
Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 10 minutes ago
SEV123 SEV123 12 minutes ago
LOL, just like Pavlov's dog, I whistle and they run to post. LOL!!!!!!
uranium-pinto-beans uranium-pinto-beans 12 minutes ago
esla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Saturday slammed climate activists who vandalized a Cybertruck on display at a Tesla Center in Hamburg, Germany.
What Happened: A video circulated on social media platform X shows two individuals vandalizing a Cybertruck on display with orange paint. Th
uranium-pinto-beans uranium-pinto-beans 12 minutes ago
esla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Saturday slammed climate activists who vandalized a Cybertruck on display at a Tesla Center in Hamburg, Germany.
What Happened: A video circulated on social media platform X shows two individuals vandalizing a Cybertruck on display with orange paint. Th
ChannelTrader ChannelTrader 12 minutes ago
Seems many wanted him taken out, scary times.
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 12 minutes ago
Donald Trump is Braveheart💜 🤕👍🤑🇺🇸
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 13 minutes ago
Maybe karma does exist ?
pual pual 13 minutes ago
Kind of curious you do not mention where we effectively start from from here ...

-Annual revenue: $6,000,000
-Market cap: + or - $2,000,000 (pps at ,0005)
-Multiplier: 0.33

I do not know why but, I somehow am not yet very preoccupied by your extended repet
ruskie1 ruskie1 15 minutes ago
I love the PR’s week after week and it sounds like they’re making great progress… all of this news being what it is, when gods green earth, is he ever going to announce he has sold some thing and is bringing money into the company. Something just is not right here in my opinion.

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